Monday, September 18, 2006

How Ya Like Me NOW?

Yeah. Take a minute, look around. Nice, huh? You see the touch of the master, no? She rocks, does Karen. AND, she informs me, I am now OFFICIALLY "a pain in (her) Canadian a**." YES! That is more than I've accomplished all month, frankly. (Alex will, of course, chime in at this point to say something to the effect of how I accomplish that goal with him on a daily basis with little to NO effort, but ignore him. I am a freaking deLIGHT to live with, day in and day OUT. And besides, it's WAY harder to annoy a Canadian, since, as we all know, they are an innately delightful and even-tempered people.)

Anyhow, there may be kinks, such as the fact that I have not "categorized" my posts for the "categories" menu yet--ha HA--but they'll work themselves out. And by "work themselves out," I mean that Karen will likely be aggravated, by me, into fixing a million tiny little if you notice something amiss, then BY ALL MEANS, point it out! She loves that! Hee, hee.

That's all for now. I have LOTS to say, lots going on, and even several things lined up for the blog over at the Times. But for now, I have a LOT of work to do in actual real life in my actual own home, which I am trying to accomplish in 15-minutes bursts, so that we can be finished with all of this house-selling, new-house-refinancing, appliance-shuffling, cleaning and painting, BLAHBLAHBLAHness in time for my funfun OPERATION! Yaaaaay! So just stay tuned.


  1. It's sooo on it's way to being awesome.

  2. ok, so Belinda's making me comment on the quirks..

    Some of the sidebar stuff runs over the main blog part... maybe something to do with my screen resolution? Which is something I have no idea how to fix.. the other thing is the rust colour font doesn't show so well on the black. But it looks beautiful!

  3. What a different look (of course I was one of those that liked the white on black background).

    I'm also having problems with the info on the left side bleeding over into your text making parts impossible to read. Also the scroll bar on the Blog Roll is covering a section of your entries.

    Having some problems too reading the text that is printed in red/rust on the black background.

    But hey, other than that, :o)) it looks good.

  4. LOVING IT SO FAR, and not leaving my name so Karen won't track me down and beat me.

    I'm not having the resolution(??) issues of stuff not fitting properly on the screen. Looks OK to me in IE and FF.

    And yes, the red is difficult, not only against the black but also the white.

    But my biggest complaint is with the new font. Is it Times New Roman? The spacing is odd, and it's hard for the eye to follow. There is too much space between letters or something. I think before, you had a plain Arial font, much easier to read.

    The scrolling blogrolls and categories, archives, etc. are fantastic. Karen is awesome.

  5. I love it! Karen did an amazing job, as always.

    The sidebars look fine to me, they don't run over the content. I'm using firefox and I have a fairly big screen, though, so maybe that's it.

  6. Sweetie, the site is going to be awesome when you make some changes. There have been other comments, so I'll just tell you that you have to set the size of your sidebars so that the badges don't run over onto the text body. There's a rogue scroll bar hanging out on the text body as well. But those are fairly easy glitches to fix.

    I do like the 3 columns a lot. I think it's much easier to keep the ads on the right (hmmmm, looks familiar) and your other badges on the left. Great work!

  7. I envy your three column display. And how are you getting your categories? My inner librarian is *dying* because of the lack of category tagging available to me (I need subject headings, daggnabbit! You wouldn't go on a library catalog and be expected to look through a list of books by date entered! ARGH!).

    Looks good, Lady!

  8. Cool re-design and I like that it is still in Blogger. I like the colors and don't seem to have a problem seeing the red.

    The left column lloks fine, no bleeding over, but your right column is at the bottom, below all your posts.

  9. Ahhh. I love it. It's way easier to read you. I went from white on black to black on white, too and my eyes thanked me for it. :)

  10. I can relate to driving a designer crazy LOL

    Looks great!

  11. Like Kim said, the ads are waaaay at the bottom under the main body text. The left column is fine though. The text is definitely easier to read, but will take some getting used to for me just cause I don't like change. Thats just my own weirdy-ness though.

  12. I like the new look, once I scroll down (very far) to be able to read your latest entry. I liked it much better when I clicked on your link and the heading of your latest blog was there waiting for me (just my opinion, of course!). I think that the three column layout is great, if they can only figure out how to show your entry right at the beginning.

    Until then, I'll keep scrolling down! :)

  13. I'm pretty sure Belinda has the best readers in the blog-world. You all are so polite and wonderful. Thank you for the feedback, as I am working away on some of the quirks.

    The limitations of Blogger (as Lindsay - Suburban Turmoil) knows, is that 3 column templates don't always render properly in 800 x 600. If you aren't using that resolution and are still seeing columns falling to the bottom, please let me know. I'll be back later!

    Have a wonderful morning everyone!

  14. I like it. It's clean and simple.

    I like clean and simple.

  15. Wow Anonymous - why are you anonymous anyway? Well can you at least tell me your screen resolution?

    I'll be back later - my oldest had a severe allergic reaction and I have to put him first.

    And thank you Dan.

  16. Well I personally like it! And ummm "very difficult to read"...maybe get glasses or somethin'. Personally if I don't like someone's blog, I just move on. Why be rude? I don't get people like that, especially when they hide behind "anonymous". Anyway Belinda, I think it's a very cute blog and Karen rocks! Sassy xo

  17. Karen & Belinda,

    I checked my resolution and it is 1024 x 768.

    I really like the neatness of the left side, so nice and orderly. I want to get redesign of my blog one day, but too much stuff going on right now. I think it will work out nice for you.

  18. Karen,
    That's probably it. My resolution is 800 x 600. Anything else is too small for me!


  19. OK, I'm using Firefox at 1024 x 768 and some of the sidebar graphics (and scrollable blogrolls) overlap the middle white text area, even when I maximize my browser window. I usually never maximize any windows, though, so I prefer when sites are layed out with narrow sidebars and wider columns for the actual posts.

    At any rate, the black text on white looks great. Seems like you and Karen are still working on it, so I'll reserve my judgment till you say it's done.

  20. Hey Belinda,
    I just found this blog through your Ark. Times blog -- just wanted to tell you that it's fantastic. You're a great writer. I've been laughing and choking back tears for about an hour now going through some old posts. I especially liked the one about pain -- replace "endometriosis" with "disintegrating spinal column" and you've got my life, including the "I've never seen anything like this" reaction from doctors. NOT the way I hoped to make my mark on the world. Anyway, good luck with your surgery next week, and add me to the list of regular readers.

  21. Thanks, guys. It should be working well for everyone now, and I am officially 100% pleased. I sent Karen ONE "bulleted list" of changes last night just before I went to bed, and by the time I WOKE UP this morning, *bingo*, DONE!

    And I am pleased as punch. That GOOD kind, with the sherbet in it.

  22. You should be very pleased! I think it's terrific!

  23. I just checked and I also have the 800X600 resolution. I'm using FF and the right column is fine (always has been) but still have the left scroll bars on top of the middle section text.

    The side margins are plenty large, wonder if just moving the left column over a tad would fix the problem? As you can tell, a tech I am not.

    Good job on changing most of the red/rust text color as it's easily read now.

    OH, just as an experiment, I loaded your blog on IE (I always use FF) and the left side is perfect but the right side (ads) are all at the bottom right side of the page, same as someone else noted.

    Very strange.

  24. It looks awesome! Karen always does a great job (although I, of course, am biased). :)

  25. amanda, I liked your site, too, and it is REALLY unique. That's a talent that Karen has that I don't think I could do even if I had the technical capability for the job...she gives each site she does its very own, totally unique look. You can't just spot one of her sites right off the bat, except to notice that one looks sharp and clean, and then check the credits--and I think that's a real accomplishment. If *I* did this as a living, for example, there would be, like, 4 different "looks," and everyone would have to just pick one!

  26. FYI, some of the links on either side are broken! :-)

  27. It looks fine to me in Firefox. But as long as your making changes, could you do me a favor? In the blogroll, could you change my URL to Thanks ever so much.

  28. GAH!
    I can't find any links that are me!

  29. Usually I read you late and night. The black on white really wakes me up. Is that good? I don't know.
    I remain a fan...alert or not. xogeezette