Sunday, September 03, 2006

File Under "Things I Never Thought I'd Do," And Also? LUCINDA KNOWS FOOD.

It'd be a pretty big file, and this would be a minor entry, but still...OH MY GOSH I AM SUCH A GROWNUP.Yes, I am sending in receipts and UPC codes from cereal boxes for a MAIL-IN REBATE! I have never done this before in my life. I guess it "wasn't worth my time," or some stupid thing. But now? This is FREE MONEY, people, and I intend to HAVE it. I've also been keeping track of my Walgreens purchases in order to get every rebate I have coming from them.

Along these same lines, here is the result of my third attempt at reaching my elusive goal of 65% savings on grocery purchases:Obviously, I'm still 11% short, but I know exactly what got in my way on this trip: Two packages of chicken and a three-pack of Kleenex. I actually had coupons for both, but they were expensive items, and so threw off my percentages. But I was still way psyched to come home with more stuff that I DIDN'T pay for than stuff that I DID. After this trip, I asked Alex, "Do you know what $108 would have bought us a couple of months ago? Maybe five days' worth of food." And he answered, "Yeah, and after a couple of days, we'd have been slamming cabinets open and shut in the kitchen, wondering why we didn't seem to have anything to eat!" And he's exactly right.

And just to illustrate the quality of our newfound frugal bounty, let me just give you a glimpse of what I was served for DINNER IN BED tonight:These, recipe courtesy of the beautiful and multi-talented Lindsay (aka "Lucinda") of Suburban Turmoil, from her Chef Mom blog, are what she calls "Boy Scout Burgers," but after one look at the recipe, Alex and I both said, "Hey, meatloaf burgers!" We followed Lindsay's suggestion of topping the burgers with smoked Gouda, and we tried with all our might to find King's Hawaiian buns upon which to lovingly rest these hunks of burger heaven, but all we could find (even searching multiple stores) were small dinner rolls and the big round K.H. loaves. No burger buns. But we made do, and even without the sweet bread, boy-howdy, are these things good. If we were to add our input to this recipe, we would add a bit of garlic salt and some maple-smoked bacon. You know, to make the dish even healthier than it already is.

Alex found the recipe, gathered the ingredients, and did all the cooking, while I just propped myself up in my pitiful little bed/cocoon, talking about how I wasn't really "up to" a big meal, and then after that first bite, ate like an escaped convict until every last scrap was gone. As a matter of fact, it was ALEX who discovered Lindsay's Chef Mom blog, because even though I was already reading her at three different places (she's really that good, in case you didn't know), I hadn't managed to stumble into that one yet. Come to think of it, Alex knew that Lindsay has won an Emmy (AN EMMY, PEOPLE--how cool is that? I mean, have YOU won an Emmy?) when I didn't...should I be concerned about his interest in this admittedly beautiful, younger-than-me, and talented woman? Nah. She's already knocked up again, and that should keep her busy for now.

Besides, he's been being so wonderfully good to me lately (aside from the middle-of-the-night uproariously UNfunny parakeet joke), that I'm feeling all warm-fuzzy about him right now. He may even look at pretty girls and admire their writing and their cooking--ESPECIALLY if he is then cooking their recipes FOR me.


  1. That meal looks delicious. I checked out her chef blog and will have to try some of those recipes.

  2. Oh man, I love those King's Hawaiian buns. Sorry you couldn't find any...

  3. Next thing you know, Belinda's going to be a Fly Lady!

  4. Kim--I have a really hard time believing that Lindsay actually EATS the food on her Chef Mom blog. Have you seen her? I think she just wants the rest of us to weigh 400 pounds so that she will be The Hottest Woman On The Planet. But man, there's some yummy-looking stuff there.

    Mr. Fab--I KNOW. My suggestion was to buy the rolls and make little mini-burgers. Wouldn't that be awesome?

    M'liss: I tried once. Really hard. I even bought the feather duster and the timer, no lie. But you know...I just couldn't keep my shoes on. Oh, well. At least I know the value of a shiny sink.

  5. Ha ha! You just made my day, woman!

    I really need to update my recipe blog more often. I LOVE to cook and I've always sent out my recipes to friends and family, whether they wanted them or not, so the recipe blog was a natural fit. I will swear by every recipe I put on it- Only the best make it onto Chef Mom!

    Garlic salt is a great addition- I use that stuff on just about everything. Have you tried it in scrambled eggs? Yum.

    Glad you liked the Boyscout Burgers! :)

  6. I have a good and EASY recipe for Hawaiian Rolls if you want it. It's a bread machine recipe, and it takes literally 5 minutes to prepare and dump into the machine. Do you have one?

  7. I saved 38% at the grocery store yesterday! This coupon thing is fun, and rather addictive. I'll have to check out Chef Mom for recipes - we're always looking for new ones.

  8. Have you checked out yet? I have heard some people talking about it lately, so I'm about to check it out.

  9. You have started a I'm cutting coupons and looking for deals. I feel so smart when I get something for way cheap : )

  10. Did you say dinner in bed? Fun!
    I clip coupons too, but most of the time forget to take them with me to the market. I've got to get on that.