Sunday, September 03, 2006

Dogs And Kids

As promised, here are our "dog and kid" photos. If yours is one of the first nine, please send your mailing address to ninjapoodlesATgmailDOTcom, so I can send you your copy of Duke's first book!

First, we have baby Oliver with his buddy Penguin the Clumber Spaniel. This submission from Kim of Three Dogs And A Baby, with additional photos on this flickr set.

Next is the submission from Amie, at A Boy Story, a fellow Ergo enthusiast (see my previously posted pics of Alex and Bella lawn-mowing), featuring 4-year-old Elijah and his beagle puppy, Mary Jane.
From Theresa in Indiana, it's her two kids, her miniature poodle Phantom, and a bonus cat-in-a-chair!
Kathleen sends us this great shot of the well-known poodle trait of hypnotizing a child into giving up a sweet treat: "You do not want that popsicle. You want to give that popsicle to the poodle..."
Reader Kim makes my back teeth hurt from the sweetness, with this shot of dog Homer giving a kiss to little Ruby Isabel!
The ONLY thing that could be better than Nicole's adorable capture of baby Paige and Great Dane Abby napping together would be if there was a SECOND Dane to accompany little Paige's twin sister!
OK, at this point, I know you're thinking I slanted the results toward poodles, but I SWEAR I'm doing these in the exact order they hit my in-box. This cutie couple is reader Vilma's sweet Carlin Rae, with pet poodle Tanner. Cute!
I am a longtime admirer of Kim's photography, and she has SO many wonderful pictures of children and dogs...and she sent me more than one, FORCING ME TO CHOOSE, for which I could strangle her, so I'm posting this first one, of her standard poodle Jasmine as a puppy, and Kim's adorable neice, Bailey. I mean, COME ON. So I will just send you to see more of Kim's pictures!
And lucky number 9 is Myra, who does not identify kid OR dog by name, but they're BOTH adorable! Thanks, Myra!
Runners up, who will step in should any of the first nine be unable to fulfill their duties (or if they don't send me their mailing address to receive their "Duke's Tail" book), include Tiffany Lane with this "Self-Portrait With Dog," taken by her beautiful daughter,...and longtime "poodle pal" and dear friend Judy (who, by the way, happens to be able to get dogs to obey apparently using only THE POWER OF HER MIND), who sent along this precious shot of granddaughter Emily with miniature poodle Boomer.
And...what? You thought I'd get through this without tossing in some of my OWN? What are you, delusional? I'm sure you can figure out that the "kid" is Bella, and the dogs are, in the order they're shown, our Champion "Reggie," the lovely Daisy, proving that yes, she was a winning showdog as a pup, before she went to join the fabulous 7-child (!!!!!!!) family of Gretchen the super-mom, the lovely "Spy," who, despite photographic evidence suggesting otherwise, was not in fact strangled as a pup, but went on to become a show Champion and is now competing in obedience, Reggie again, training Bella to be a Junior Handler someday, and finally the up-and-coming star "Ryder," who is about to find out what "cold" REALLY means, as he embarks (get it? "emBARKS?" HAHA!) upon his own journey to achieving a Championship title, under the capable care of Erin and Ian in Alaska. Consider yourselves lucky that I got sleepy from the pain meds at this point, because I have SO MANY MORE OF THESE.Kids and dogs. They just plain go together, don't they?


  1. Wow, such cute photos!! I love the Great Dane and the baby. Our Great Danes were so good with children and treated them gently.

  2. Great photos, and YES, kids and dogs go well together! I can't imagine having kid(s) without dogs. I mean, who would clean all the food up off of the floor?!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! Actually, I'll pass it on to the kiddo - she'll be excited!

    Kids and dogs are awesome.

  4. Kim, the Dane one slayed me, too. I adore the breed. And your pictures were too dang hard to choose from, but I have always LOVED that one of the two "babes" in the playpen. Good heavens, that's cute!

    cece--I know. I'm appalled at how many times, while cooking, I'll drop something and just call a dog rather than bend over and pick it up.

    Tigger--anything for a fellow Arkansan! And I fixed your link--for some reason it wasn't "live."

  5. What neat pictures. I love the picture of Reggie with Bella as a baby, and of course,the one of her and Ryder. This set made me smile!

  6. I'm going to take the teensiest bit of credit for the Dane phote. Nicole works with me and I introduced her to Ninja Poodles, suggesting she send in one her many photos of Abby with the twins. Abby is so good with them (and a damn fine show dog too!).

  7. As much as I love the photos of poodles with kids, the photos that got me the most is the boy with his beagle.

    Kids and beagles are just a great combination.

    Just make certain that gate is always locked!!!

  8. Awwwww...I'm about to pass out from all the cutenosity.

  9. Where is the warning label that CUTENESS ABOUNDS HERE? Huh? I'd like to know. It almost pulled my tummy through my belly button to see the pic of you and Bella because you are. so. cute.

    Cute. Totally.

    Miss you... miss me?

  10. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!
    SO ADORABLE!! can i add some of mine??? great blog!