Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Bit of Poodley Goodness

We had a brief scare, followed by the sweet relief of good news, this week with dear, dear Mason, sire of our 2005 litter of three (out of our CH Hope), CH "Spy," our own J.T., and the youngest of blogger M'liss's personal miniature poodle wrecking crew, "Dani." Mason, a show champion who's also earned several performance titles, is still actively competing in agility at age 10, and is shown here going strong at a trial just a few weeks ago. We're glad you're OK, Good Boy.


  1. Wow - is that YOUR dog? Agility at age 10? That's AWESOME! I love dogs - they become a member of the family...your dog is so pretty.:-)

  2. I looked at Sitemeter this afternoon and saw all of these hits to my unknown blog. I assumed it was from the start date of the "Dishcloth Knit A Long!"

    And how many links can you get in a paragraph, Belinda?

    I think Mason had the power of prayer going all over the US and Canada.

    And yes....he is still doing agility (regular classes) at age ten. That picture was taken 2 weeks before b'day #10, in fact. And his mom can't keep up with him.

  3. I'm glad that Mason is okay. Tumors on the gums are scary things. Overgrowth is much easrier to deal with.

  4. WHOA! That is definately a Ninja Poodle!

  5. All four feet off the ground -- wow! I have a little Lhasa apso.

  6. I had a poodle. Standard. His name was Snuffy. Love of my life. Passed away at the ripe old age of 16. He was an amazing dog with incredible zest and zeal right up until he died.

    I miss him. Your picture reminded me of him.