Monday, September 11, 2006

The 2,996

I'm postponing what I had up next in the lineup for this great cause. It seemed, in the beginning, like an impossible goal, first imagined by blogger and aspiring writer D.C. Roe: That to honor the fallen of September 11, 2001, there would be 2,996 individual tributes on each of 2,996 individual blogs. The response was overwhelming, and the results are...humbling. Here is a list of over 3,000 participating blogs, along with the names of those who are being honored and memorialized on their blogs. Most bloggers wound up writing memorials for people they'd never known, but such heart and effort has been put into each one, I defy anyone to get through very many of these memorials tissue-free.

The "blogosphere" is truly powerful, especially when united for a common cause. The politics of the bloggers participating in the "2996" project run the gamut from "right" to "left" to everything in between, believe me. All of that is put aside, just for a it was then, just for a little while.

If you are one of the participants of this project (like C.P., Elizabeth, and Margalit), please leave a comment here with a link directly to your tribute--I know I won't get through 3,000 posts, but I want to make sure to read the ones written by the folks in my own personal blogiverse. Thanks.


  1. I was trying to look at the list, but I think her site was overwhelmed and it isn't available.

  2. takes FOREVER to load. I mean, even with my super-zippy connection AND running FasterFox, I think it took close to two minutes for anything to show up. You just have to open it, then go do something else (or open another FF or IE window) for a couple minutes!

    Just another reason I'm hoping people will post some of their own tributes here to link to.

  3. Not available.
    "The Requested Domain Has Been temprarly Suspended.
    Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible."

    I'm guessing she went over her limit.

    Though I did not participate in her project, I paid tribute on my blog to James Patrick Leahy...the cousin of an old friend.


    I too was a part of the 2,996 who paid tribute to those who lost their lives 5 yrs ago today.

  5. Ask and ye shall receive. Thanks for posting about this.

    Lt. Geoffrey E. Guja

  6. I'm a lurker here and really quite new to blogging in general but I did participate in this memorial.

    And I am so glad I did.

  7. I was honored to memorialize William R. Johnston, a FDNY firefighter who died at the North Tower. Hopefully the 2,996 site will get some help from the hosting company and get back up and running soon. It's a sad day today, hug your loved ones a little tighter.

  8. Thanks for the mention. I hope people do read my tribute to Major Clifford L Patterson, who died at the Pentagon on 9/11. We will always remember him, and all the other people who died such a senseless death that day.

  9. This is really great of you to do... I honored Michael David Diehl, Vice President of Fiduciary Trust International, 90th floor, South Tower, WTC.

  10. Another reader delurking to say I also participated in the 2996 project:

    I was proud to write about Steven Chucknick who died in Tower 1 after helping to evacuate over 200 co-workers.

  11. I have been reading all the tributes done by the people on my blogroll. It has certainly been an emotional exercise.

  12. Thank you for promoting this!

    I am honored to have written a tribute to Stuart Todd Meltzer who worked for Cantor Fitzgerald. I also have links at the end of the tribute to four other bloggers who wrote tributes.

    The sites have been next to impossible to link to today due to overload at DC Roe's site. I believe it is possible to get there now. Also the Cantor Fitzgeral memorial web site has been jammed today.

    Don't give up! Continue to visit the tributes! There will be permanent links set up over the next couple of weeks so they can be accessed at any time.

    Thanks Belinda.

    I'm a huge admirer of your space!


  13. Thanks for offering the chance to promote my tribute. I was honored with the opportunity to pay tribute to

    Lillian Caceres.

  14. Belinda, I did my part - we had a family connection, so it was something I felt I HAD to do.

  15. I wrote a tribute today to David Rivers, someone I never met, but will now never forget.

  16. I wrote a tribute today on my blog.

  17. There have been problems with the main site - something to do with "bandwidth" - can't imagine why. has been set up as a temporary site to get us through this crunch time - a more permanent solution will be coming later.
    There is a blogroll on my page as well - not a complete list by any means.

  18. I know it's the "day after" but I'd like to still leave my link. I honored Firefughter Alan D. Feinberg, who died at the Wolrd Trade Center. Thanks, Belinda.

  19. I also seem to be spelling-challenged *embarassed face*.

  20. Hey Belinda,
    visit me at to see my tribute to Susan A. MacKay.

  21. belinda
    see for my'll have to scroll down a few posts but it's there.

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