Sunday, August 27, 2006

Walgreen's Rebate Program Users

PLEASE email me if you use this. We spend such an incredible amount of money per month on prescriptions, and apparently you CAN apply your Walgreen's rebates that you put on gift cards toward your prescriptions. But I have been over and over their website, and the "program" just isn't clear enough for me. I swear, there seems to be Algebra involved.

So, anyhow, if you understand, and better yet, are manipulating the heck out of this rebate/gift card system, PLEASE email me. Thanks!


  1. Belinda - I know your husband is Bi-polar like mine was (he still is he i just dont claim him anymore) Anyhow there is a program in Tx and I am sure in any state that those meds are free. Here it is called MHMR for Mental Health and Mental Resources. It might be looking into for you , also alot of Med companies offer their meds to you for free if you qualify. Good Luck!

  2. CC: Thanks--we wouldn't qualify, because we do have good insurance through our wonderful employer. BUT, since almost all of Alex's (many) meds are new ones, for which generics are not available, they are in the "third tier" of coverage, meaning that the copays are $50 each. Most of mine (mainly painkillers) are the low, $10 co-pay, and each of us do have some of the $30 co-pays. Fortunately, the only thing Bella ever needs a prescription for is allergies, and that only rarely. But Alex's meds average about $300/month in co-pays alone, so the whole Walgreen's rebate program, in which you can choose to take your rebates in the form of Walgreen's gift cards (and earn 10% MORE on the value of your rebate), looks GOOD to us. A month ago, I wouldn't have believed that HALF of my groceries could be had for free; now I'm thinking how wonderful it would be if, simply by buying things that we'd be buying anyway, and then applying for rebates, we could wind up getting a good portion of our meds for free, as well!

    Another tip, in addition to your excellent one, for psych meds, is simply to appeal to your pdoc, if you have no insurance or can't afford it for any reason--they are often only TOO happy to supply you with the free samples that the drug reps leave them. We've gone home with sacksful of those sample boxes on occasion.

  3. I don't know, but we use Walgreens for everything, so if this works, you have to let all of us know!

  4. Dan--it looks foolproof, really. Especially if you already shop there. Go to, and look at their "rebate catalog" and the program "overview." You actually have the sort of analytical mind that I'm imagining is required to figure this all out! What it looks like is, you have a month, a set month (right now it's today through the end of September), to buy products from their sales catalog (which I THINK includes the weekly fliers). It LOOKS like, with sale items, you can also use manufacturer's coupons, but we're not sure about that. ANYWAY, on these select items that are in their .pdf file rebate catalog, you buy the stuff, save all your receipts, and record the "item sale number" or something like that. Then at the end of the month, though you can always do it sooner, you have like a week to get all your receipts and stuff bundled together and sent in to Walgreen's for your rebates. Honestly, lots of things turn out to be FREE after rebate. But even better, to me, is that if you choose to take your rebate in the form of a Walgreen's gift card, they will ADD an additional 10% on to your rebate!

    So, one example I noticed (and I'm sorry, but this was just on the first page that I looked at--I know you don't need it, but neither will I after next month), was a deal where you buy $10 worth of Kotex products. Send in your receipt and item number by the proscribed date, and Walgreens sends you back a rebate of $10, in check form, or $11, in gift-card form!

    I HAVE heard from people, read comments on other sites, who are really working this system. I just would like to talk to some of them! Walgreen's does have a customer support line dedicated to this program, and I may have to resort to using that, but I'm not sure I really have the right questions formed in my mind, even.

    So check it out, Dan my man!

  5. Check out under the walgreens forum for great tips on how to best maximize the walgreens easysaver program using manufacture coupons makes it even sweeter!

  6. You can also "maniuplate" all the script dealers in your area by transfering them from one to the other and earning gift cards (you usually need a coupon to go with it, say 25.00 for transfering from one pharmacy CVS to another say Riteaid. While you can not use the gift card you immediately get on the script, you can save it for use on the next one. KWIM?