Thursday, August 31, 2006

She Got Me Again

Channelling my father, once more, Isabella knocked me out yet again. There is just NO place that she could have picked this up except through some subconscious memory of Zane. That's all I can figure.

She fell down, cried for just the briefest seconds, then came running into our bedroom and announced loudly, "HEY! I busted my lip!"

First of all, that phrase, in a Southern accent, is just funny. "Bustin'" anything just sounds funny, when you say it out loud. Secondly, hearing it coming out of such a wee tot is kind of hysterical. And since she hadn't heard that phrase from US, both Alex and I, in unison, asked her, "Busted your lip, huh? Where'd you get that?"

Have you guessed it already, her immediate answer?

Imagine the sassiest voice you EVER heard on an almost-four-year-old, coming out of a positively smirking mouth, as she replied, "I got it at the 'busted my lip' store!"

Seriously. Who IS this kid?Smirky McSmartypants, at your service.


  1. Man, the things that Bella comes up with! She might be a McSmartypants, but she is a pretty McSmartypants! That dress is gorgeous!

  2. Nice.

    You know what? One afternoon, you're gonna find her watching the Three Stooges and taking notes.

    Seriously ...

  3. OMG! What 4-year old has that kind of quick wit? Yow - you're going to be in trouble when she's 13... :)

  4. I think you have more right than most parents to expect your child to do great things with a mind and personality like that! And speaking of kids channelling their older relatives, I watched The Grapes of Wrath (for the first time ever -- shocking, isn't it?) last night and was totally spooked by how much a young Henry Fonda was duplicated in his daughter. She looks/ed like him, she sounds/ed like him. Put a Barbarella wig on him and they'd be twins! I have heard that she also channels his personality, and that their relationship in On Golden Pond is eerily close to the truth.

  5. Ha! You are truly blessed to be living with a stand-up comic of such talent.

  6. This sounds DANGEROUSLY like a Britt Carter pre teen era answer.

  7. This cracks me up!!
    Imagine, she probably has years before she fulfills her full Smirky McSmartypants potential...

  8. Too funny, I love what they come up with.

  9. Belinda, when you post stuff like this, it almost makes me want one . . . almost.

  10. Hey, I didn't see 'no busted lip' in that photo. :o))

  11. Judy--she didn't EVEN bus' no lip!

    Claire--the fact that you always respond that way after the smart-aleck stories tells me something about you... ;-)

    Kim: it's almost as good as being a chrysanthemum!

    miranda: Why do people keep saying things like that?

    britt: but preschooler Britt Carter EERILY polite.

    karl--you'd think so, wouldn'tcha?

    Mr. Fab: She loves you, but only because she thinks you're a tiger.

    andrea: Great things or SCARY things. We're holding our breath.


    cece: Um, hi. Have we met? CRAZY FAMILY.

    maidink: I laugh to think of Bella and Dinks together.

    melissa: I remember another blue-eyed little toot very similar...

    elizabeth: That is a Grandmother-chosen dress, obviously. And she thanks you. Please to note the "I am wearing a pretty dress" foot-tilt that she performs for every photo.

  12. oh man, that's RICH.

    similarly, mina today -- whilst asking me about where I went to college -- interrupted me to say "HEY! i got a funny one? know where you went to college? TO POOPY COLLEGE! WHERE YOU EAT POOOPIES!" [insert peels of uncontrollable laughter]

    preschooler humor. gotta love it.

  13. Smirky McSmartypants is mighty cute!!

  14. sweetney: I think I did a semester at POOPY COLLEGE. There was too much Algebra.

    songbird: I think that's part of God's great plan to keep them alive through the tantruming phase!