Monday, August 07, 2006

My First Reprint!

Well, kind of. It loses a bit to abridgement, but I ain't complaining. One of my posts was picked up by reporter Colette Bancroft of the Florida newspaper, The St. Petersburg Times, and run in their "Word For Word" feature on August 4th. Much good karma is in store for any Floridian who can come up with a hard copy of this paper for me!

Oh, and do I have any idea how I got the name "Belinda Arkansas" for this piece? Nope. But does it tickle me? Yep.


  1. *claps!*
    (In that silly over-excited-little-girl way)

    You're famous! Next, it will be picked up by CNN and your post will run across the news ticker at the bottom of the TV screen - and for once, it will be ACCURATE and PROPERLY SPELLED information on the CNN news ticker, and I will say, "You know, I knew that Belinda Arkansas chick wayyyy before she was famous, and I just knew she'd be famous some day..."

  2. I have emailed my "connection" in St. Pete. We'll see what he comes up with.

  3. Wow, I know someone famous!!!

  4. They got Belinda Arkansas from the About Me link at the top of the page. Belinda Arkansas, United States!

  5. Oh cool, your famous!! I will have to pick up a newspaper and look for the article.

    I like "Belinda Arkansa", for your incognito name:o)

  6. Has there been a demise of fact-checking in the newspaper business? Could no one take a few minutes to email you and ask what your last name was? Surely they didn't really think it was Arkansas!

    Congratulations on the reprint, you famous lady you!

  7. Look at YOU!! All famous, 'n stuff!

    Congrats, that is tres cool!

    (and I still can't watch those previews w/o cringing.)

  8. I'm in Florida right now. And working on it.

  9. VERY cool!

    What the hell is Oedekerk's comment supposed to mean anyway?

  10. Yay yay yay! So good to see you getting the attention you deserve. Off to read your piece now! :)

    Oh and I know how hard it is to see your work edited after the luxury of having your own blog- I've had to struggle with that myself. :) Although every great writer has an editor that makes changes...

  11. Cool Belinda! And I loved the piece they picked up!


  13. Erin, isn't it funny, that of all the angst-filled, serious and dramatic things we all discuss, that what gets attention is some transgendered animated cattle?

    Shannon, thanks!

    Mr. Fab--you are a peach. Or an orange, or whatever luscious fruit carries the most currency in Florida.

    jason, thanks!


    theresa--I think you are absolutely right! If you're not used to reading/looking at blogs, that "about me" section might be confusing. BUT--notice in the article, that she did, in fact, know my real name, having asked me for it when she asked permission to do the reprint. I think you're absolutely right, though, and that the header thing looked like it said "belinda arkansas!"

    Kim--I'd use it, but one of the other "Community Bloggers" for the Ark. Times (a feature that has not yet begun) uses the pseudonym "Girl Arkansas!"

    Elizabeth--she was really very, very nice about it, and she DID get my real name (and used it in her article)...but I think theresa hit it right on the head in her comment above about "Belinda Arkansas."

    adena--you've seen my pictures; is there enough red in my auburn to qualify as a crazy redhead yet? I wanna be cool like you!

    QueenofS&K--the fact that you can pull off this stunt--in a matter of hours--from the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE COUNTRY--is just a testament to your awesomeness. You rock. I will be sending you my mailing address ASAP!!

    kapgar--thanks. And if you read the two followup posts (yes, the ridiculous "Barnyard" post spawned not one but TWO followups), you will see just what a nut we were dealing with in "Bogus Steve." He was just a troll, first pretending to be Steve Oedekerk, then pretending to be S.O.'s stalker, then pretending to have Down Syndrome, finally pretending to be his own mother, and I deleted his final comment, which made the least sense of all, and closed comments. MY FIRST TROLL--I have really ARRIVED!

    mike and karl and leslie--thankya, thankya, thankya! I wish I'd known in advance when it would run, instead of finding out two days later!

    ST--yes. All it took was some transgendered cattle. *sigh* At least I knew better, thanks to you, than to write about LIBRARY BOOKS!

    MommyWA--And *I* feel like your "mommy wars" piece should have been picked up by the NYT...THAT would have made sense! On that note...have you considered "Rolling Stone?" I'm not kidding. It is an excellent piece of writing, that piece of yours (as is most of your stuff).

  14. You know this is going to get bigger. Pretty soon CNN will pick it up. Then the international media will pick it up. And when I'm sitting around in my livingroom in Germany and this story comes on my evening newscast, I'm going to shout loud and proud "I KNOW BELINDA!!!".

  15. Yeah. Yeah. Just remember. Someday, long from now...when I come knocking on your door to claim a puppy...well, make sure the little furball has her bags packed.


    A girl can dream, can't she?

  16. *hopes and prays Belinda Arkansas remembers little old me as she's hitting it big time...

  17. What do you mean "At least I knew better, thanks to you, than to write about LIBRARY BOOKS?"

    *Insert indignant and irrational sputtering here*

    Congrats Belinda!

  18. Nice! Or, as Boy 1 would say, Sic! (Sick? Sik?) Too bad they didn't include the comments from Unreal Steve... that would have provide many more columns worth of entertainment.

  19. Can I have your autograph, Ms. Arkansas?