Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My Favorite Canadork And More

O Canada! In A Box!
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How do I love her? I can't even count the ways. But I find it remarkable that someone who I know is having not-such-an-easy-time-of-things herself right now, always, ALWAYS, finds it in her heart to reach out to others.

Whether it's a well-timed IM session or phone call, during which, lately, I invariably whine and gripe and moan and cry (VERY uplifting for someone dealing with her own depression, Belinda--way to go!), or a well-timed surprise package full of Canadian goodness, she just never, EVER fails to make me feel SO much better. That's a skill, folks, and the blogger-hating that's going around right now...all I have to say to you people participating in that, is that you are seriously missing out on the beauty of community and love that is just here for the asking.


And it doesn't end there for me right now. Weeks ago, I got a beautiful "Get Well" card from a dear, dear friend from my "we all had our babies in the same month" email list, that for some reason got buried in a stack of mail but then touched me so much that I cried when I finally found and read it. This is the same friend who organized, among the wonderful women of that wonderful group, a gift to my church's building fund in my father's name when he died, because that was a driving cause of his.

A couple of weeks ago, I was just kind of randomly blathering about the dress code at Bella's new preschool, and how most of her clothes were not going to be appropriate (dresses have to fall to the knee or below, etc.), and seemingly without even thinking about it, Carmen sent "a screaming mass of adorable dresses" our way! Wow!

Erin S. and Ian sent us the first-ever dog-show prizes won by Ryder, the show pup they bought from us. I cried. (This is becoming less and less unusual.)

Both Erin and Mr. Fab mailed hard copies of the "Floridian" section of the St. Petersburg Times that contains my "Barnyard" post that they printed.

And just tonight, as I poked around looking at backlinks, I found two that just made me so happy, I couldn't stop laughing, smiling, and then getting all choked up, but in a good way. First Lauren, who NEVER answers comments on her Epistolary Blog, honored me with my VERY OWN EPISTLE which addressed some burning questions I'd left in her comments. This made my day in a way I can't even describe, and I laughed and laughed, and even let her address me as "Belinda Arkansas." And then I discovered, upon seeing a couple dozen links coming from Miss Zoot, that Margalit had guest-posted on that site, about me. Wow.

And there has been more, over the last few days, but I've just become overwhelmed. Thank you, everyone. Embrace this wonderful community that we have created, and enjoy the support that it has to offer. Don't WASTE your time on sites that you don't ADORE. Life is too short. I will never understand why anyone would waste a single minute reading, much less taking time to complain about, a site that they don't appreciate. I REALLY DON'T. If you're one of the people doing this, stop it. (Although I seriously doubt that any of my readers are among this odd crowd.) Read things that edify you, that support you, that embolden you, that empower you, that please you, that touch you. If something's really great, let that writer know. Otherwise...why bother? Really? There is just so much love and friendship here.

Don't be a dumbbutt.


  1. i seriously love you. i am near weeping right now.

    much love to all of you tonight.


  2. So where do we go to pick up our "Ninja Poodles" t-shirts with "Don't be a Dumbbutt" on the back (because where else would it be?)?

  3. I just realized the red T-shirt says blog! How cool! I'm glad there are good people in your life to pick you up when you're down...

  4. You continually remind me why you were on my Ten Bloggers Who Have Influenced Me list on Chronic Listaholic. Seriously, you're just the best, Belinda.

    I heart you and your wackilicious family.

    PERFECT post for Blog Appreciation Day!

  5. Another post about why I enjoy your blog so much. You also are the reason that I started blogging and have met new people from around the world. Thank you.

  6. You'll be getting a package from me too, soon. I'm just hoping that Jen didn't send you any Ketchup chips!

  7. I think your writing is really great and, taking your advice, I thought I'd let you know. I wholeheartedly enjoy reading about you, your passions, and your family. I aspire to someday be a blogger that takes on real topics that people are interested in, but right now I'm just trying to get my footing in all this.

    Thanks for taking the time to blog, it's obvious it reaches out and touches more people than you realize.

  8. found you via Zoot - loved this post and the sentiment behind it.

  9. Wow, I can't believe that people actually take the time out to send Heather all that hate mail. Geez, people, get a LIFE.

    I'm glad that you have such a great support system across the globe! How cool is that?! Thank God for the internet!

    <3 You!

  10. You remain one of my very favorite bloggers.

    I'm pretty sure I would take a bullet for you.

    Maybe an arrow.

  11. I'm also getting together a package for you. It might take a bit, but it will come. And when it does....well let us just say that some folks in your family are going to be VERY happy campers.

  12. OH! I'm so glad that they all fit her. And wasn't that shirt the coolest?

  13. Carmen, yeah, they really do! A couple are borderline too short, but I may still let her her wear them once and get sent home with a note! ;-) Besides, she can wear them to church, AND she prefers to wear dresses AROUND THE HOUSE and anywhere she goes, so she can't exactly have too many. You know the one with the bunnies, and the underskirt, that snaps up the back, from Gymbo? She has decided that it is a "nightgown" because the bunnies appear to be wearing nightgowns, to her eye, so she has slept in it two nights. She kinda cracks me up. And again, you are AMAZING to do something like that when our life is busy enough for 5 people! Thank you so much.


  14. cow camp--Yayy!

    Mr. Fab: I would never put you in that position, I promise.

    margalit: YOU'RE BAKING FOR MY HUSBAND, AREN'T YOU? Well, he's hoping so, anyway. Dangit. Spoiling my family so they'll come to expect it. Go ahead and send The Boy, I have LOTS of work for him! He'll be BEGGING to go back home to his sweet mother!

    Melissa, I know--the closest thing I ever had to a troll or a hater was that crazy guy on the Barnyard posts. I'm either lucky, or just not very popular!

    lindsayc: thank you so much. I just freakin' LOVE the Internets. Love 'em.

    miranda: thanks for the feedback. It's good to know when something "hits" or "misses." I do this primarily for Bella to have when she's older, but once you have readers, it changes and is kinda weird, you know?

    cece--I'm still just in wonder over the concept of "ketchup chips." Do they taste like french fries with ketchup?

    Kim: AWWWW! You are such an interesting person, and take those amazing pictures, you should be blogging. It would be a loss to us if you weren't. You should go pro on those photos, Babe.

    SJ, that was one of the things I was thinking of, that post of yours that made me SOB. You are one of the sweetest, just absolutely sweetest, people I have encountered through blogging. I love both your blogs. And you.

    theresa: If you go to the flickr set (click on the pic), it explains what all the items are. They're all really pretty neat, and some of them are handmade by Jen and her family! And what's funny is that those are the specific items that I LOVED the best, before I even knew that!

    CL: You are SO right. I do have new shirts coming, but I'm still waiting on some graphics, but that is a great idea.

    Leslie: You exemplified, to me, always, the heart and soul of that "Oct 02" list. Seriously. I think it would have fallen apart MANY times, and long ago, if not for you. You are a truly special, amazing person.

    And of course, my darling JenB: I LIVE TO MAKE YOU CRY. Lord, I cry EVERY time I talk to you on the phone lately, so I owe you a good bawl.

  15. you're perfect and lovely and beautiful!

  16. that BLOG t-shirt is THE BOMB.

  17. Finally catching up here (my own blog has been seriously neglected for weeks) and I love this post!! Whenever I feel like a blog geek I just remember the amazingly supportive community I belong to and thank the cyber stars for getting me hooked! (I looked carefully at all that Canadiana you got from JenB on Flickr and I'm so glad that you weren't offended by a Canadian institution: Rick Mercer!) Now I really gotta check out your latest coupons post... :)