Friday, August 04, 2006

In. Our. FACES.

Well, folks...we may not have been dealing with the actual Steve Oedekerk (commentor of the erroneous information about mules and ligers), but we apparently may have been dealing with his stalker. I can't even begin to describe Bogus Steve's latest lunatic ramblings, but if you'd like to try, check out his comment (#20, I believe) on the previous post, because BOY, did he ever tell US! Hee.

Bonus educational note to Bogus Steve: You don't change your name through the Social Security Administration, as you stated your intent to do. A legal name change is quite a bit more complicated than that, and involves a petition to the court, court order, and hearing. You seem to have an inherent dislike of using the internet to search for accurate information, so let me just give you a head-start on legal name-change information here. Please pay special attention to the fact that it is illegal to change your name to that of a famous person...such as the ACTUAL Steve Oedekerk. Happy reading!

Hey, if this keeps up, I may never have to come up with original material for my blog ever again! On second thought...I think I'm done with Bogus Steve. Next entry will have nothing to do with him, I promise.

My final word on the movie "Barnyard" is, as I have said before, that I will be the FIRST one to rejoice and apologize IF, in fact, the movie contains a suitable explanation for why bulls and steers appear to have udders and make reference to being "milked." I shudder to think what that explanation might be, but I'm still holding out hope for a "Full Monty" type finale in wich the udders are revealed as pasties, and dramatically ripped off.'d kinda figure that the farmer might NOTICE that his milk production was,


  1. I have no words as a response to fake Steve becoming real Steve, etc. Some serious strangenesss going on there.

    You have really started something here:o)

  2. I just read Bogus Steve's comment, and it sounds like the real Steve needs to hire a bodyguard and get a restraining order. Sane people don't wait outside someone's office for 8 hours, and what did he mean when he said "once Steve lets me back into his life"? That is some scary shit right there.

    "Full Monty" Barnyard Style-oh boy are you going to get some Google hits off of that one! HAHAHA!

  3. Perhaps you could give the real Steve a heads up that the weirdo outside is window, is seriously messed up. And he should probably keep an eye on his credit report for while...

  4. Hahaha!!

    I saw a commercial for that movie this morning and was telling Shellie all about your posts. This cracks me up!

  5. You know Belinda, you've ruined me. I can't see or hear those commercials now without screaming, "Cows are FEMALE, ya moron!"


    I may have to go into therapy now.

  6. Reading the Bogus Steve's comments I get the feeling they are just that, bogus. In fact the very first one seems to be agreeing with you in an odd sort of way. You say Steve is an idiot for putting udders on bulls then some pretends to be Steve and acts like an idiot. The whole exchange between you two made me smile; so maybe you can "feed the trolls" once in a while? :)

  7. Besides the fact I live under a bridge, and yell at the occasional goat that tries to cross it, I am, in fact, not a troll. Though I have been known to act like one when woken up too early on Christmas day.

  8. From
    "I was one of the animators on the movie. And here is the best explanation I can give. The cows in the film are a species onto themselves. Therefore there are girl cows and boy cows. In real life, all cows are female. There are bulls in the film, but they are treated as a separate species.
    Note, the boy cows don't have horns(because they are not bulls).

    Ultimately, the "boy" cows have udders, because it's just funnier, that's all."