Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dumps Like A Truck Truck Truck

On our way to pick up Bella from preschool yesterday, Alex and I were stopped at the stop sign at the end of our street, facing the Intersection of Death. As we watched for any opening in the traffic whizzing by in each direction, I was stricken by the sight of a veritable caravan of dump trucks (with a few other trucks and cars mixed in) coming up the hill from our left. Obviously, this line of traffic was travelling a little more slowly than the rest, being as dumptrucks are awfully heavy and not big on the zippy handling.

It escaped me for a moment that nowadays vehicles are being designed with daytime running lights as standard equipment, and what registered in my mind was that this lengthy queue of (mostly) dumptrucks coming sloooooowly up the hill toward us all had their lights on. Now, nobody puts two and two together quite like yours truly, so I, of course, asked my husband, "What is this, some kind of dump-truck funeral procession?"

Alex: "What?"

Me: "Well, there could have been some sort of terrible quarry accident."

Alex: *stares*

Me: "And, you know...maybe they're going to bury their own, with their own dumptrucks!"

Alex: "What are you TALKING about?"

Me: "All these dumptrucks! Going so slowly, all in a line, with their lights on! It looks like a dumptruck funeral procession!"

Alex: "They have to go slow because that's about all the speed they can muster on these steep hills, and those are their daytime running lights. *snorts derisively*

Me: "Yeah, well, my take was funnier. Heh. 'Dumptruck Funeral.' Heh. I know comedy."


Me: "Well, except that somebody would have to be dead."

Alex: "That would make it a tragedy."

Me: (grasping at straws of self-respect and preservation of intellect) "No, that would be black humor."

Alex: "Comedie Noir."

And yes, I could tell from the smugness in his voice that he was using the French spelling in his head. Which, in real life, he probably doesn't even know.

OKAY--how about THIS? The funeral was for an actual dumptruck! An anthropomorphized dumptruck? Like, a Tonka? I mean, they all gotta go wheels-up sometime, right? Oh, come ON! That's Gary LARSON funny! Oh, shut up. You know you're gonna laugh as soon as I'm not looking.


  1. i just asssssumed it was for a dead dumptruck. alex is just slow.

  2. See? DUMPTRUCK FUNERAL! HILARIOUS! And he thinks he's all superior, renting movies with Russian subtitles and stuff.

  3. Hee hee.. you used the word "queue".

  4. Nice. I'll never be able to look at a dump truck convoy quite the same again.

  5. You have a wonderful sense of humor :)

  6. You gave me a good laugh to start my day, thanks.

  7. Heheh!!

    *I* would have laughed! And I probably would have turned my headlights on to mourn the poor Tonka!

  8. Your take was certainly more enjoyable.

  9. Well, I thought it was funny!!

  10. Men just don't give us credit for having a sense of humor, do they? James rarely laughs at my jokes but I've noticed he repeats them to his friends.

  11. The upside down dumptruck pic was a nice touch.

  12. It got me giggling!

    Don't worry, Belinda. Geniuses like you and I are never appreciated in our own time.

  13. Y'all, Y was here. And on the day of a lame post. I have to go cry now. And I bet she can TOTALLY do the dance from the "Thong Song."

  14. You know.. my little brother Alex (coinkidink, eh?) actually did bury 2 TONKA trucks. Back in the day when they were supposed to last forever, he them out!

  15. This post was SO not lame, it was funny! Although when you said dumptruck procession I pictured that scene from "Die Hard With a Vengeance" with all the trucks going into the tunnel with the stolen gold. So maybe that was it! Any gold missing in your town?

  16. Only YOU [points finger] can prevent Dumptruck tragedies.

    (incidentally, if I ever have a rock band, it's gonna be called that.)

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