Friday, July 28, 2006

Where I Wish I Was

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Seriously. Right there, between them. I'd fit right in, I'd be wearing earth-tones, and I'd be the best audience ever. And if--er, WHEN I started acting goofy, JenB would make it OK.


OK, no, I'm not gonna die. In fact, if I'm honest with myself, I have to admit that it's very, very good that I'm safe at home. Because, for instance, that pictured stroll down the promenade with Women-Who-Are-Nearly-Goddesses? I couldn't do it. I've been so violently sick today, and in so much pain, that this event would have been a misery for me, and I'd have missed most of it. So I'd have had the joy of going through exactly what I'm going through now, only feeling MORE miserable because of the wasted airfare and hotel cost. *sigh*

Oh, and I want Mrs. Kennedy's outfit. I'm hoping someone got pictures of the whole thing.

And I would have kissed JenB's whole face by now, multiple times, no doubt.

Anyway, I have to force myself to stop looking at the BlogHer pictures for a while, or I'll just descend into total sadness and despair. thing that does make me laugh is that, no matter whose flickr set you're looking at, there is bound to be at least one, and probably more, pictures of Mocha in it. I'm imagining her bat-like hearing homing in on the whine of a digital camera's auto-focus, then tossing her hair, and just *materializing* her beautiful self in front of the camera. I can just imagine coming home and unloading my 1G memory stick, and asking, "When did I take SO MANY pictures of Kelly?"

And Mocha? She made me bullets. I love her.

Ladies, I SO wish I were there with you. I am sad.


  1. Hi Belinda! I'm taking advantage of that fact that the hotel's wireless network is actually working to stop by and say hey. I miss you, but I'm sorry you're in so much pain.

    I have taken a bazillion photos of Kelly, because how can I not? I'll upload when I get a chance! Love ya!

  2. We'll go next year, OK? I feel lame that I don't know any of these bloggers because I'm addicted to the fast-byte of the art and photo blog, but I loved JenB's when I read it. I really should learn to slow down and take some time... Next year you'll be healthier and I'll be richer and all will be well with the world!

  3. we miss you too. kelly and i have had several moments of missing the poodle lover. and dude, she is GORGEOUS. wow. she seriously looks delicious. i need to get her photo. i haven't taken many and i sort of broke my flash. bygones.

    anyhow. chin up, i love you.


  4. I have been following a couple people that are there and it sounds like they are having a blast. Maybe one year I will make it there also and meet you, too (or at a PCA).

  5. I dunno. Looks horribly intimidating to me. :D

  6. Mike - We would eat you alive, dude. CHOMP!

    Belinda - Are you finding pictures of a lot of blogging ladies you know? I'm only finding a few of people I can identify and if I have to wait until Monday or Tuesday? Well, I'm impatient.

  7. coolbeans--try Mary Tsao's (Mom Writes) flickr set. I've found more pics there than anywhere so far.

    Search "blogher" on flickr--NOT "blogher 06". Then select "most recent" for the display, and you will get a buttload of pics. Most of them have not been labeled yet, but I'm guessing they'll do that later.

    Next year in Jerusalem, right? Or Chicago, or wherever.

  8. Belinda - Thanks! I've found some before they show up on that search. I think some are uploading first and then going back and tagging? I don't know but I feel like I'm being sneaky!

    We are totally going to Chicago. I will pack you in my suitcase.

  9. precious little time
    jayne acting up
    can't even capitalize
    but i love you

    sooooooo much

    and you were missed. big time.

    we wrote some haiku and will have to share it. i don't think anyone tasted nearly as good from my licking as i imagine you taste.

  10. Dude, Mocha is awesome, how come no one told me? Sheesh. WE WILL SEE YOU NEXT YEAR. OR ELSE.

  11. Wow, did I miss you. So many times throughout the weekend when I was wishing I had some beautiful poodly goddess next to me sipping ninja mai tais or something.

    Sucked not having you there.