Thursday, July 06, 2006

Places To Go And People To See

I finally have my wireless connection back so that I can lie in bed, medicated, and use my laptop. So I'm cleaning out recent links I've saved, many of which you'll have already seen by now, but if you've been under a rock, OR are related to me, this'll all be new to you.

Best-Kept Blog Secrets:

First, let me introduce one of my Best-Kept Blog Secrets: Poodlevania. This is one of the greatest little blogs you've never read. And despite the title, it is NOT about poodles, nor does it have poodle-heavy content. It reads more as the very interesting journal of a culinary student. You think you have a stressful job? Go to Poodlevania and read of the travails of a Southern gal on her road to epicurean excellence, including the recent sauceapalooza. It ain't easy, folks. I'll tell you what, though, I'll be first in line when the Poodlebugz Bistro opens! Well, assuming that's not actually the name of the restaurant. Because, really, that's a pretty bad restaurant name, isn't it? But the blog, she is magnifique! Go. Read her, love her, blogroll her. Thank me later.

It's the Economy, Stupid.
Two short editorials by local columnists (we have some real talent here in the Natural Sate) that particularly touched me last week--go ahead, they're bite-sized, delicious, and easily digested:

Buffet's Example, by Ernest Dumas

Stop The Hate, by Warwick Sabin

And now that the quality content is out of the way, here's the best of the inane, puzzling, and just plain stupid stuff that amused me recently. Warning: Any or all of these items might be more entertaining if you are, indeed, taking narcotics.

Customer Service Gone Bad:

Comcast Technician Asleep On My Couch, self explanatory.

Cancelling AOL, by blogger Vincent Ferrari. There may be a person or two in the world who hasn't heard this one yet.

Finally, A Real Man's Movie That HAS IT ALL:

The Ultimate Showdown

Obligatory Goofy White Kid Dancing:

But this time with trombone! I am absolutely not endorsing this clip's sponsor, which may or may not be a Spanish-language porn site (I only recognize one word in the URL). And, in case you speak Spanish and are offended, sister sent it to me.

It's Funny Because They're Not YOUR Children:

A Whitewashed Life
, origins unknown.

And Finally, Especially For My Razorback Readers:

My absolute most-favorite version of the U of A fight song EV-ERRRR. Mostly because my dad would play it over and over in his office, laughing that delightfully infectious high-pitched, breathless laugh of his. Enjoy the talent of The Inimitable Ms. Shirley Q. Liquor.


  1. As I watched these I kept thinking to myself, "remember to show these to Brady when I get home!"

  2. Lamerme el culo means "lick my ass". You know, FYI, although it's just more useless information.

  3. Oh, thanks! I feel so educated! Bleccch. ;-)

  4. Good links. I really enjoyed the piece about Warren Buffet and have been reading about him lately.

    Will have to agree that Poodlevania is a great read and I enjoy it.

  5. Thanks for the great write-up about my blog! I really appreciate everyone who reads my rambling rants. : )

  6. Rob LOVES the Shirley Q Fight Song! He had it playing on his site for months awhile back.

  7. Great article about Warren Buffet!

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