Friday, July 07, 2006

It Angries Up The Blood

The news does. Must. Stop. Reading. News.

If you must, be sure to also click the link to the archived story from December.


  1. This is so definately a regional problem. And a crappy one at that. Here in Boston, we have pain management clinics up the wazoo and more than enough doctors well trained in pain management. That's probably due to the 3 major medical schools in Boston, including Harvard. I've never known of anyone who couldn't get pain management meds easily as long as they weren't drug seeking.

    Additionally, the DEA is insane, but we all know that. Methanphetamine really hasn't yet hit this corner of the world (luckily) so we do have occasional oxycontin crime. It isn't unusual to read about a pharmacy that's been held up for oxycontin. How pharmacies deal with it? They don't carry the medication in smaller pharmacies, and they have signs on the doors saying so. Tends to reduce crime as long as the criminal can read. The larger pharmacies and all hospital pharmacies carry oxycontin. You might have to go a little our of your way, but you can get it.

    I don't know what to say about your particular case, Belinda. It appears to be that you're getting lousy health care because of where you live, and that stinks. When we were in CA I experienced that with my own health issues, and moved back to the place where I knew that would never happen again. Say what you want about the weather, we have GREAT healthcare available here. Insurance is another issue, but if you have coverage, you can get just about anything done here, no questions asked.

    I wish you would come and see someone here before you have life altering surgery. I know abut the expense, but there are ways to get around them.

  2. Thanks for the concern. The only lasting solution is the surgery, no matter where it's done. I know that from keeping up to date myself over the last years. But I also know what kind of surgery is required, so we're checking into those options. That's the only reason I'm not under the knife right NOW. Don't worry. I'm informed enough to get what I need, and I will. What's a shame is that most people are *not* informed, and take what they're told by doctors and insurers as gospel. I hope that by being as vocal about things as possible, I can at least inform some people.

    As for meth use, it makes perfect sense that it would be dramatically lower in Massachusetts than Arkansas, Indiana, Ohio, etc. Just follow the money...wherever the money *isn't*, that's where the meth cookers/dealers *are*. I'm pretty sure we're still at least the second poorest state in the nation (thanks, Mississippi).

    I can't see ever leaving Arkansas with any permanency. To seek medical treatment? You bet. Have done it before, more than once, and will do it again as needed, if I can. But for all the problems, I love it here. Just love it. It's too hot, it's too allergic, many things will always trail behind the rest of the nation...but it's a place that gets in your blood.

  3. Hi Belinda-
    I am thinking about you and hope you are doing a bit (lot) better.
    I ended up leaving a longish answer to your comment on my blog since I couldn't see your e-mail addie anywhere obvious.
    Hugs, Grammacello

  4. Belinda darlin'...

    Would that I could fix all your problems and get you out of all this pain, I surely would. Would that I could get you the best doctors with the best care, I surely would. Would that I could pray for you....

    That. That I can do.

  5. I read the comment thread, and felt angry and sad that "Starbuck" felt the need to pick a fight. Like you said in response, you would think that someone who understands your pain and suffering would be more supportive. You were very polite and gracious in your response to her.

    I also got educated about Endometriosis, because I mistakenly thought it was period-related, and that stopping the period would stop the pain. I'm so glad you're getting some relief from the Methadone. Take care, sweetie. We'll be meeting up at BlogHer before you know it!

  6. So I came back as I so often do to see if you had responded and was very glad to have read Elizabeth's comment because I just read the article and NOT the comments and let me say...


    I'm in awe of what words you wrote and with such passion and conviction and KINDNESS. You are absolutely incredible. And graceful. And articulate in that smack-down way that so appeals to me.

    My adoration for you grows and grows.