Saturday, July 29, 2006

Do Not Even Try To Follow The Twisted Tangle Of Stream-Of-Consciousness Rambling That Is A Marital Conversation In This House

Because you'll only wind up with something like the sentence that just now came out of my husband's mouth:

"So, what you're saying is, you'd like me better if I was a talking dog!"*

*Note: That is absolutely NOT what I was saying, just for the record. I mean, what would be the point of making someone a dog and then giving them the power of speech, for crying out loud?


  1. I'd just love to be a fly in the wall at your house.

    Sorry you're missing BlogHer. Even more sorry that I'm missing out on pet-sitting. :-(

    You totally should become a real estate agent. I was ready to sign the contract after reading your post below!

  2. melissa--I've, um, ahem...MET real estate agents. I prefer a job that doesn't live with me 24/7 thank you! Realtors have my utmost respect. Now, when will you be by to sign that contract?

  3. That's good that they have your respect cause I'm starting real estate school Aug 7!!

  4. You have some of the most interesting conversations in your house:o)

  5. *ponders what the converstion was a about to produce such a question*

  6. Belinda, I had to check out your site (and subsequently your husband's) after seeing you on Blogher in your Hogs' colors.

    Love both blogs...Bella is adorable. I have three small sons--any chance of an arranged marriage? We do accept livestock dowries. Or Mastercard is good too.

    I was also sulking all weekend over not getting to go to the conference. :-( Maybe next year.

    Notes to Self

  7. A very good point. I suspect that I would find our Bo much less loveable if he talked.
    Early in our marriage, my dh became deeply hurt when I told him that I would no longer love him if he happened to turn into a cockroach. I don't remember what led to this bizarre speculation, although I suspect it was something along the lines of "will you love me forever, no matter what?" There are certainly moments when I would like him better if he were a non-talking dog (not many moments, but some!).