Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Because We're The Intellectual Sort

Actual bedroom conversations from my home:

(Not a clue how this one began last night):

A: "How come you didn't wanna be a librarian?"

B: "I just hated that darn Dewey Decimal System."

A. "Yeah. Dewwwwey. What a stupid name. Why'd they name it that, anyway?"

B: "Um, I'd guess it's the name of the actual Decimal System guy."

A: "Hmm. Yeah, but still, it woulda been better if he'd named it The Super-Fantastic Decimal System." (pause, then sadly) "There'd be a lot more librarians, I bet."

(And from tonight, upon witnessing the second telelvision show in as many weeks featuring a contortionist firing a bow & arrow with her feet--we have not been watching PBS lately):

B: "Is this a...a thing? I mean, is this a specific sub-genre of live entertainment that we didn't know about? Do we not go to enough circuses?"

A: "I don't know, but there oughta be more of it."

B: "Oh, so you like the female-contortionist-archery-show?"

A: (nodding enthusiastically, grinning)

B: "OK, these acts have obviously been honed in front of an audience SOMEWHERE. Where do you perfect your contortionist-archery act?"

A: "I don't know, but we need to GO THERE."

B: "Because we need to see more of it?"

A: "Because they might have contortionist cotton-candy, and a contortionist hot-dog stand..."(quiet, awestruck voice) "contortionist RING TOSS."

(And, later...)

A: "Personally, I think it's cool when those Japanese guys tie 18-wheelers to their weenies..."

You understand, this was only a little break we took from our simultaneous speed-chess/Sudoko challenge, and before we began our nightly RE-translating of Beowulf.


  1. I hope when Scott and I grow up, we become you and Alex. You guys are SO funny! You guys actually have these conversations? I mean, where does this stuff come from!?

    Maybe I watch too much PBS and not enough of whatever y'all are watching!

  2. You, Alex, and your crazy banter always makes me seriously bust a gut. Ouch!

  3. We watched "America's Got Talent" tonight too, and I was quite impressed with the contortionist-archery (archerist?) girl. I also liked the little girl who sang and yodeled, not only because she was talented, but because she was dressed APPROPRIATELY for her age! When was the last time you saw a young teen on TV wearing a blouse and jeans with her pigtails tied with ribbons? I wish I could write to her parents and thank them for letting their little girl dress like a LITTLE GIRL!
    P.S. I need to talk to you about soap.

  4. ahhh the mysterious of marriage unlocked : )

  5. I've always wanted to date a contortionist. You know, for her archery abilities.

  6. And I thought our pillow talk was strange.

  7. You know, I think it's the decimals that scare people more so that poor Dewey.

    Now there's a guy that's got a bad rap.

  8. I am never going to complain about Bret watching drag racing again ...

  9. I sure liked those conversations. I want to play cards with you guys.

  10. You should've seen the show from a week before (on repeat the hour before that one).

    There was a 7 foot tall gay angel. It was...impressive.

  11. Wow, I didn't know you could have a think tank with only two people :)