Saturday, June 17, 2006

Reprieve For Now, And Pleasant Things

First things first: Thank you all for your unbelievably kindhearted sentiments for my old friend, and for not thinking he's "just an animal." Bloodwork on Montrachet showed nothing amiss except for a very high white-cell count, which, along with the jaundice and dehydration, would indicate one mutha of a kidney infection. Today he seemed to feel better, so I'm putting off any final decisions for now. Doc left us with some munitions to fight this current challenge, namely electrolytes, antibiotics, and a gallon of a vile-smelling, supercharged vitamin and mineral supplement, to be added to his food twice daily.I really more-than-halfway expected him to be gone when I woke up this morning, so I'm not taking this slight uptick for granted, and I'm watching for any signs of pain or discomfort closely. He only ate about half of the mash I made him tonight, but that could very well be because of the aforementioned vile-smelling vitamin/iron supplement that's mixed into it. I'm thinking of just shooting that stuff down his throat so that he'll eat all of his food. Doc says that 'Chet very likely has a heavy buildup of scar tissue from years of ulcerative damage to his stomach and colon, and that due to that and his age, he may be unable to absorb the nutrients he needs from the food he's eating (which, really, has been a considerable amount). So there still may soon come a day when I have to put him down before his body starves itself to death--I won't let him go out like that.

So, on to the goodness, which mostly came by new grooming supplies in; new clipper blades, Kool-Lube (easy, Mocha and Erin, it's strictly a coolant to keep your clippers from running too hot), etc. Wheee! And actually, since I didn't feel like being upright, Alex was the first person to use them. Poor Reggie. He may never be the same. He

Oh, and I got the blessed BCPs, which will hopefully exert some hormonal control over my whacko body and damp down the pain to a level which CAN be controlled by narcotics. That would be good, especially with Zack's wedding coming up in a week, and the travelling and toddler-wrangling that will entail. I have an appointment Wednesday with a reproductive endocrinologist here in Arkansas, who actually does the E.V.E. surgery like I had in New Orleans in 2000, AND he's in my HMO network. Apparently, word HAS gotten out in the last few years, so take heart, endo sufferers!

Also, in the mail (and providing me with a shipping box to recycle and send out someone's forgotten goods), bounty of glorious bounties, brand-spanking-new, custom-made-by-Melissa BELLYBANDS!!For the uninitiated, a TMI warning. When you raise showdogs, they must remain "intact" for at least the duration of their show careers, and of course longer than that if you intend to breed them. And a stud dog in the presence of intact bitches, especially one who has, erm, gotten some action, can become a real pain, even if housebroken, about "marking" his territory--inside and out. And being that even the most hardcore of dog lovers is not usually fond of having droplets of stinky boy-dog piddle scattered hither and yon upon their furniture, several enterprising souls have come up with various incarnations of the "belly-band." It's like a doggie-cummerbund with a purpose, which I'm sure you can figure out. Of course, I loved all the designs that Melissa came up with, but as you can well understand, our favorite of all is this one:
Also? Today? New Southern Living, y'all. I don't suppose I have ever been so down in the dumps that the arrival of a fresh, new Southern Living magazine didn't cheer me right up, at least a little. If you don't know this magazine, for the love of leapin' lizards, subscribe immediately. I am an admitted magazine junkie, but if I could only have one for the rest of my life, this is it, Baby, even over Rolling Stone. Travel! Gardening! Decorating! And OH, the FOOD!!! I don't care where you live. Get this magazine. It makes Better Homes And Gardens look like Crack-Houses And Abandoned Quarries. Seriously.

And finally, to cap off the day, Jermain Taylor has retained his title, after his bout with Winky Wright. 'Twas a draw, true enough, but that'll do for now. He remains, and will always be, our champion. The fight on HBO was a family affair at Chez Ninja (you will ignore the imposing stack of as-yet-unpacked boxes in the living room)."Go, J.T.! Go, J.T.! Go, J.T.!"

OH. And. My Mother-In-Law sent chocolate cake. Ha-HA! (And also gifts for Bella, including a bud vase of fresh-cut flowers, which Bella has insisted on carrying with her every waking minute, from room to room and table to table.)


  1. Good LORD Belinda! Y'all have the biggest TV EVER! They're like.. Life Sized! Holy moley I can never let my husband visit your blog, ever. EV.ER.

    I refuse to approach the belly bands, nope not going there, nor will I discuss the boxer who has the word (yes I know its his name) WINKY in larger than life letters on the front of his pants.

    However, I AM very happy to hear that Montrachet is feeling better this morning, and that it isn't hopeless. It was so obvious how much you were hurting about him last night.

    I'm also super happy to hear that you've gotten meds to help you feel better, and that the saviour-of-a-surgery will be in your network. See, good things, very good things, which you deserve in huge helpings.

    I'm also amused that that gorgeous big-eyed beauty of yours is so 'into' boxing. It reminds me of the Sunday afternoon hours when my hubby and Terra watch the race together. It used to be football... when she was a year or so old you could yell "TOUCHDOWN!" and her little arms would shoot up in the air like she was the ref... Yes, well, now when her little arms shoot anywhere, it tends to be into the arms-crossed-on-her-chest throwing-a-fit position. Pffft.

    Anyway, glad you've gotten good things today!

  2. If you will allow a TV like that in your house, I don't see why you won't allow that awesome refrigerator from Home Depot...

  3. Such hopeful news about Montrachet! And I'm glad to hear there are other happy things happening in your life, however small they may seem.

  4. Belinda so pleased to hear that Montrachet is feeling better today and that you have some meds that should help him.

    I'm sure Grayson does not appreciate the fact that you let Bella watch boxing!!

  5. I'm so glad that Montrachet is better today! The "Crack-Houses and Abandoned Quarries" statement CRACKED ME UP!

    GO JT GO!!

  6. Glad Montrachet is better! The belly bands are life savers even if you have neutered dogs...especially if you have neutered RESCUE dogs who may or may not have been housebroken in their former lives and will sometimes "forget" themselves in excitement over having company and might possibly pee on your mother-in-law's suitcase much to your embarassment. All Hail the belly bands!

  7. I really want to comment on how adorable JT is (and, ummm...he's the one you have a crush on, right?) but that darn lube comment is making me piss my pants.

    Not really.

    That would be gross.

    But, funny nonetheless. Kisses, you crazy gal.

  8. Okay, I'm probably missing something here, but in my current state of sleep-deprivation, that would not surprise me.

    The bellybands, the design you like...I can't exactly make out what it's supposed to be, and why then would you like it so much?

    Sorry if this is like having to explain the punchline of a joke, but call me thick-headed, it wouldn't be the first time.

    Glad to hear Montrachet is doing a little better. Will think happy thoughts.

  9. Okay, after another 15 minutes of squinting, peering intensely, moving the glasses up and down the nose, more aquinting and peering....I was able to determine. of the favorite. bellyband....


    Never mind.

    (please disregard any and all denseness in and about the previous two comments, it's what living in PA does to a person)

  10. Ninja Poodle Puddle Prevention Bands! Too cute.

    I hope everything else is looking up for Chet. Poor boy. He is my thoughts ('nother Arab horse owner here)

  11. I subscribe to 3 food magazines & just may check this one out. If you say it's good, and you're from the south, it must be damned good!
    I'm glad you're feeling good enough to write.

  12. Ok, I had to actually READ the lube comment outloud to the Kaiser. Normally, he would roll his eyes and go "uh-huh" but this time...he actually laughed outloud with me.

    Which must mean Belinda is some sort of magician. Because the Kaiser never laughs at my blogger stuff.

    All hail Belinda.

  13. I am ADDICTED to Southern Living. Best. Recipes. Ever.

    My favorite thing is that if you're a subscriber, you have access to every single recipe they've ever published online! That alone is worth the cost of the subscription!