Saturday, June 24, 2006

Brief Mid-Weekend Update

We're back at the hotel room in Tennessee, totally crashed out and trying to recover enough for the drive home tomorrow. It has been exhausting, but everything has gone really well. Angela and Zach are now man and wife, and good gracious, but they were beautiful, calm, and sweet, the both of them. Nothing is more wonderful than a ceremony for young people so much in love and so content in each other that they just radiate happiness. I wish them all the best, and envy them their early start on what is sure to be a fantastic life together.

Bella did very well, especially considering the "hurry up and wait" element so common to weddings. She was patient, attentive, and well-mannered, and made for great pictures. What more could a mother ask for? Sometimes it was hard to believe that she's only three and a half years old...and sometimes, like the point in the ceremony at which she decided it was "time to dance," it wasn't, so much. But I'd made a previous arrangement with the bridesmaid closest to her, and swept in pretty quickly and quietly and got her offstage before she escalated to outright mutiny over the non-dancing status of the proceedings. So it was pretty low-scoring on a scale of disruptiveness, and she more than made up for it with all the goodness the rest of the day.

There was a moment, there, though, that I couldn't shake the image of Mike Myers as "Dieter" on SNL. I half-expected Bella to announce, "NOW IZ ZE TIME ON SHPROKETS VEN VE DANCE!" As it was, all she managed to get out was a not-exactly-quiet, "But I thought I could DANCE now!" on the way out to the vestibule.

I haven't uploaded or edited them yet, but I think considering that my sister and I took approximately 300 pictures between the two of us, it's safe to say we may have some new flickr stuff up soon.

The new a trial-and-error in process. I've been pretty sick from it both yesterday and today, so it may take a few days to get used to it. But I actually DROVE part of the trip here, and that was really something, for me, lately. I've also been trying to get used to the resignation of No More Children, which is really far, the thought of the relief of being DONE with this disease isn't outweighing the grief over the finality of stopping my family at the size it is...but with Alex's continuing support, and Bella's continuing delightful existence, I'm at least feeling like that's a thing that will eventually happen.

Oh, and y' family...they are wonderful, I love them, and I am blessed. I wish we were all together more often.

We head home tomorrow, and are considering a visit to the Memphis Zoo on the way, although I'm really not at all confident in my ability to take on such a thing at this point. Alex is seriously attempting to convince me to use an electric cart, and I just hate the notion. Yup, I'm just that feeble and pathetic, zipping around the zoo in my Hoverround. Woo-Hooo. We'll see.

A long and happy life, Zach and Angela. May God continue to bless you!


  1. Touch my monkey!



  2. I'm glad the wedding went well and Bella managed through. I love watching little flower girls at weddings, they are the cutest part.

    I hope the meds balance out here soon, but am glad that they are already helping you feel better.

    Have a safe trip home and fun at the zoo, if you make it. It took my mom a while to talk herself into riding one of those chairs. When she is able to go all day at the flea markets with us now and her foot and knees are not killing her when we get home, it is all worth it:o)

  3. I can't wait to see the pics of Bella in her little dress!! I bet she was sooo precious!

    I've had a blast with the puppies and horses (and the koi although they don't like to be petted much). Now you've got me having horsie fever all over again. I haven't seen Misha in so long and didn't realize how much I had MISSED him! So..I may or may NOT have spoiled them rotten with carrots. :-D And the puppies are precious! I've decided that JT's name fits him (Impulse Bad Intentions, right?)...except he needs to be nicknamed "Bad DOG!" hehe He's funny and I love him. :-) And I LOVE Delta and Reggie..they are SOOO well behaved! Rob was just amazed that all I had to do was point at their kennels and they would just march in like little obediant soldiers. Rob's also never seen me "in my element" with the horses before, so he got to see a whole 'nother side of me that he hadn't seen yet!

    Anyway, thanks for thinking of me. I loved it and will do it again anytime!

  4. I'm so glad that Bella's part in the wedding went well. As a 4 year old flower girl, I completely ruined a wedding, so the very idea of flower girls gives me palpitations. (I didn't have one at my wedding for just that reason) Hooray, Bella - I hope she got to dance at the reception!

  5. Today after a two hour marathon at the SUPER Stop-N-Shop for the world's most ridiculous grocery extravaganza, on the way out of the store, aching and exhaused, I told the G's that I was going to be using the Hoveround cards from now on. I swear it, those damn shopping carts KILL my back.

    Those scooter commercials on late at night are looking more and more attractive to me.

  6. "I've also been trying to get used to the resignation of No More Children, which is really sad..."

    Been there and dealing with that myself, if you ever need an ear to listen. (HUGS)