Monday, May 08, 2006

Um, No, But Thanks For Your Input, Honey

Filed under "That's what I get for asking," this delightful response from Highly Cultured Husband:

Me: "Hey, you know what song they're playing on XM Kids lately, that I find kind of inappropriate?"

Alex: (with no hesitation whatsoever) "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang?"

Ummm...No. No, so far there hasn't been any Ted Nugent on XM Kids. But seriously, good guess.

Also, I'm wondering how long it's going to take for some enterprising individual to have t-shirts or other merchandise done up with GWB, as Napoleon Dynamite, saying, "I caught you a delicious bass, America." It's an idea whose time has come. Take it and run--it's my gift to you. But hurry; someone already beat me to this one, after all.

Oh, and can I get a hallelujah? (smirkety-smirk-smirk)


  1. So, what was the inappropriate song?

    My 16 y/o sister's response to MI3: "Isn't he getting a little old for that?" sums it up perfectly. Hooray! Down with Crazy Cruise!

  2. I had a guy I date occasionally ask me if I wanted to see MI3 this weekend, and I said "Are you farking INSANE in the membrane? I am NOT contributing to the welfare of that scientologists maniac! Pick a different movie." I'm so with ya Belinda!

  3. Nice to see America realize that TC is off his rocker:o)

  4. Erin, now I'm embarrassed. Because I listened to it when *I* was a kid, and of course thought nothing of it. It was Melanie's "I Got A Brand-New Pair of Rollerskates (You Got A Brand New Key)" that was making my inner Mommy squirm. And it's a TERRIBLE song, to boot. And as I've said in this space before, "Tom Cruise = Ignorant Cultist." We hates his game, Preciousssss.

    jessica, right on! And I love that the movie people are putting the burden for this one square on the Oprah-jumper's shoulders. They could blow off "War of the Worlds" underperforming as some sort of fluke, but maybe this will make a statement. I hope so.

    Kim, now America has to take on for the team, and rush out to see, um..."X-Men III" to complete our point. Or something.

  5. I have not heard of this it in line with the Black Eyed Peas?

  6. I might watch MI:III just because I don't like to leave a series unended. DO I think TC is a little nuts? Definately but then again... I could say that about plenty of celebrities.

    Hey.. I can't wait to see X3. Again.. a series that I need to watch finish.

    Right now my kids don't own any Kids Mix CD's that supposedly have music for kids. I say supposedly because the ones I hear advertised and some of the ones I've heard on my niece's cds are NOT ones I want my kids to hear at all. My 8-11 year old children don't need to hear songs about boyfriend/girlfriends/breakups/kissing etc... Call me overprotective if you will... but I'd rather be that then start my kids on a path to early acceptance of unacceptable behavior. *grin*


  7. What bothered me about the Tom Cruise article you linked to was that they tried to compare MI3 to Mr and Mrs Smith's take last year, but didn't get that the reason that take was down was because it was the movie that split up the golden couple and introduced us to Bragalina.

    But I'm thrilled to see MI3 not do well. It drove me freaking NUTS to see TC on all the late night and daytime interview shows (he'll be on Ellen Friday) talking about how he's a hands-on dad, changes diapers, etc. when in fact he was GONE from right after Suri's birth (he's still insisting that's a Hebrew name, but it isn't and yes, I speak Hebrew fluently) galavanting thru Europe and NY promoting the film. Really hands on, Tom. I hate him.

  8. Oh I love the Napoleon/George W. shirt idea!! TOO FUNNY!

  9. I've heard that Absolutely Mindy show on XM Kids -- way too raunchy!

  10. Maybe there is something wrong with me because I have never censored my 10 yr olds music. We use it as a discussion platform...

  11. I'm cracking up, but I have to say I think catching that bass is the best thing George has done too.

  12. Wonder if a Bass-o-Matic would be an appropriate holiday gift for Dubya?

    I must admit that I almost ruined my keyboard when I read Alex's comment about which inappropriate song was on XM Kids, because I had a mouthful of tea!

  13. Huh. I'm going to have to start listening to XM kids. Hee.

    They could blow off "War of the Worlds" underperforming as some sort of fluke Uh, no, it was just crap, pure crap. The MI movies are incomprehensible, plotless crap...and I love action flicks.

    Will be seeing X-Men because Hugh Jackman makes me [beep-CENSORED-beep].


  14. Oh, thanks for the heads up on The Decider tee.

    I feel sorry for Tom Cruise. Clearly time for a vakay--brainwashing has been succesful!

  15. Careful Neil. I got nailed by an Ab Mindy fan. Or Mindy. Or her Mom. Either way...they will hunt you down and show you her many awards.

    Going back to hiding in my Mindy Proof cave now.

  16. Erin, PLEASE do tell this story. Awards, schmawards, the ONLY time we switch our XM Radio OFF of "XMKids" is during the torturous "Absolutely Mindy Show." Her voice, and her schtick, should be saved for use at...oh, I dunno--Gitmo? SHE. IS. AWFUL. When a 3-year-old begs, "Mommy, get that loud lady off my radio," you KNOW you have a problem. A.M. makes me gag. Kenny Curtis and the Animal Farm, on the other hand, is a *brilliant* kids' radio show.

  17. Oh, and a 10-year-old is one thing, but the risk of having a 3-year-old belting out phrases like "sweet poontang" at Sunday School is not a risk I want to take. I still remember, as a kid, being mortified when my 4-year-old sister would sing at the top of her lungs, "Do You Wann Make Love (Or Do You Just Wanna Fool Around)?"

  18. Funny hubby.
    Tom Cruise is a nutjob whose time for obsolescence has come.

  19. digi--bravo!


    pat, totally agree about WOTW. Accidentally halfway saw it on DVD when Alex brought it home against my specific instructions. Load. Of. Crap. And yeah, there's a lot I like about the X-Men movies! Like Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan doing their Martin Luther King/Malcolm X except with mutants thing.

    bugz--I could think of lots of gifts I'd like to give Dub, but I'd have to start out shopping where the Scarecrow did, if you catch my drift. And yeah...I'm really trying to get Alex to post something on his dusty, puny blog at least once a week, but he just is muleheaded!

    PIM, you are NOT the only person to have had THAT thought!

    neil--I can't get past the SCREECHINESS of her to even be aware of any raunchiness!

    margalit--yeah, the only thing that takes some of the nausea about his media blitz is seeing how it was to no avail! It's way past time for Hollywood to wise up.

    nikkirae--my contempt for TC goes way beyond "a little nuts." You wanna worship a charlatan who made up a story about mankind being created through the misadventures of evil alien overlord Xenu? Be my guest. But when you use your celebrity as a platform for that cult's wrong and dangerous ideas about mental health, well, I get a little insane myself.

    jennifer, AMEN!

    VG--it was a terrible "one hit wonder" from a 70's singer named Melanie. It had suggestive innuendo all throughout, but as a kid, I really thought it was about rollerskating.

  20. I promise to tell it soon.

    In more detail. But I got an email after we had this same discussion on BlogHer.

    Maybe I shouldn't have said "rip out vocal chords"-but still.

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