Saturday, May 20, 2006

Taaahhrd, I Am

We did have a big, big day today. Worked 8 hours non-stop at the old house, and learned, primarily, that moving is best done when you are young and childless. We are neither, and now we hurt and ache and need to enter a state of hypersleep to recover. Fortunately Mom was able to come by about halfway through and get Bella and whisk her away for an afternoon of fun and frolicking with cousin Grayson, who was celebrating his 9th birthday. Happy Birthday, Grayson! (*sniff*)

We got through both the "moving" moving, involving the professional movers, from yesterday, and the followup moving, wherein we went back today and cleared out what was left (all right, so there is still a closet that's stuffed to the gills, but we're not talking about that), and cleaned up, and discarded a lot of junk. So after two truckloads and a trailer-load of boxes, and more stuffed contractor garbage bags than I could count, the house is, for the most part, empty. And with the assistance of a lovely, hardworking, and very skilled professional house-cleansing woman, it is clean and smelling lightly of lemons. We managed most of this without coming to blows (although I think it was me who threatened, at one point, to stab my husband with a fork if he didn't "get out of my way," but to my credit, I didn't follow through) or filing for divorce.

Oh, and the giant dumpster...let me just say I wish I'd thought of this WAY sooner. Giant Dumpster is a Good Thing. It will be filled up alarmingly quickly, though, especially with new countertops and a bathtub going in before the house is listed, and the barn being cleared out. But OH, how good it feels to throw, say, a ratty piece of old broken furniture into the Giant Dumpster! The satisfying CLANG!
I knew we were done for today when, after I had collapsed, face-down, on my freshly-scrubbed lemony floor, I called out, weakly, for Alex. He answered, equally weakly, from somewhere behind me. I was able to barely turn my head and cut my eyes enough to view his feet, toes pointed up, indicating that he had fallen out, flat on his back, on the same lemony floor. After a few minutes, I said, "Come on, we gotta get finished up and get out of here." He answered, "OK. Just help me up." Long pause. "I can't. You help ME up." I'm not sure how long the standoff lasted, but somehow, at some point, we did both manage to regain our feet and move slooooowly about to finish up our day of hard manual labor.

We still have a TON of work to do over there, and of course, now tons more to do over HERE. Except for a few of pieces of furniture that we hadn't already moved ourselves, like my favorite odd little chair (with which my house becomes more of a home),and most of the books (yes, there are more, and this after I purged a good half of the ones I had),everything that was brought over from the other house was boxed up and put directly into the shop building. Our plan is to systematically sort through our belongings out there before bringing them into the house, and whatever we deem non-essential to be sold or donated. Then again, out of sight, out of mind...NO! We will be disciplined about this! This photo was taken by me from just outside the back door, right before I disappeared into the bedroom for the duration of the movers' visit.
We rewarded ourselves last night with a casual dinner out at Bella's favorite restaurant, the Dixie Cafe, which is where she'd been begging to go for three days, and where she ate practically nothing.And just so you know, this is the guy who sat in the booth behind Alex, facing me. I'm not sure, but he appeared to be repeatedly giving me the stink-eye, and I have no idea why.So if you are this guy, and I have offended you in some way, please allow me to apologize.

Also, Internets: Do you know what this plant is?It has sprung up suddenly and in force around the koi pond, and I don't know whether to weed it out or encourage it. Any help from the green thumbs?


  1. Oh my, and you clipped the pup after all this? You really are wonder woman!

    It cracks me up that you took a picture of the guy. Is that a confederate flag that I see on his hat? Only in a place named the Dixie Cafe...

  2. I believe the plant is a weed. Don't know the name, but they spring up and spread like wildfire around here too if not pulled. And wear gloves to pull it. It looks like a nettle. I'm looking forward to pictures of the new house once everything is put away. If you're like me that will be in a couple of....years?

  3. Dumpsters oh so rock! It's the ultimate in "you are so outta here". There is a downside though, at least there is here in Philly. Once neighbors get wind that there is a dumpster in the area, that bad boy gets filled quicker than 30,000 seat arena showing a free Rolling Stones concert.

    Maybe that guy in the Dixie Cafe thought you recognized him from a recent episode of "America's Most Wnated". And here you are posting his photo on the net. You brave woman.

  4. Just reading that makes me tired. I feel I need to warn you about your shop storage idea. I did the same thing with my garage, gradually going to unpack and upt the stuff I want to keep in the correct place. Not going to work:o) Mine is still in boxes, only a little dug through as I look for a particular item I need or the book I want to read. Good luck.

  5. It's marijuana, you lucky girl!

    Juuuuuuuuuuuust kiddin'. I don't know what it is, but it look snice. Leave it for awhile. I'll send oyu some pix of our stagnating koi pond in the making...

  6. OK, don't take this the wrong way, but my inner three-year-old so wants to marry Bella. She's such a cutie!

    No idea what that plant is.

  7. In my experience, plants that spring up all lush like that so quickly are usually weeds. I have a plot of ??? I'm watching myself. If there are no beautiful flowers by July, I'm pulling it all up.

    I'm an impatient gardener.

  8. Wow! When you were talking about a giant dumpster, you weren't kidding...

  9. I'm SOOOO very jealous of your dumpster! I could certainly use one with all the work I'm always doing around here.

    (And when I say work, I mean 'sometimes I tear things up and make a big mess')

  10. Erin, yes! It was a stylized confederate flag, though, oval-shaped with the word "Dixie" scripted across the front. So a little softer than your hardcore "rebel flag"-wear. Then again, it was an all-camouflage ensemble. And the pup has now had nails clipped, hair cut, FFT clipped, glands expressed (whee), ears cleaned, etc. It's almost like he's planning a trip!

    Julie, it reminds me a little of poke sallet, but that's not what it is. No stickers that I can see. I'd like to pull it out and replace it with petunias.

    maidink, I never thought of that! I doubt we'll have that problem out in the country. I hope you're wrong about AMW.

    Oh, Kim, I know you're right...but I'm still pretending that THIS TIME will be different!

    zelda--we killed our koi, and we don't know why. Both big koi were dead Saturday morning, as well as about 3 of the large goldfish. There are still a couple dozen goldfish doing fine, and the tadpoles are unfazed, so we're clueless.

    karl--I can imagine you as a 3-year-old, and have no trouble believing that he's still with you!

    miss sarah--and I don't like it one bit, the busy! How do busy people do this?

    Anne, me too. I'm thinking if I pull it up I'll fill in with English ivy and petunias in season.

    Mr. Fab--I am admiring your restraint in not making a comment about a "giant dump." Good for you.

    chase--that's pretty much what I mean when I say "work," too.

  11. expressed his GLANDS....

  12. money is on weeds. It looks just like the ones popping up under my tomatoes. I've been pulling them.

    But they are a nicer weed. The leaves are nice and thick.

    I need to Bella coming to Blogher? The Count needs a playmate.

  13. Good luck on that "systematic going through of the belongings." I've been working on that for 3 years now! ; )

    Ah, the books! You're moving experience looks like ours, with the addition of The Man swearing under his breath every 15 seconds that he was not ever moving books again, ever! He alternated that with "books are for losers!", which is hysterical, since books keep him employed (he's a library manager).

    Have fun and soak in a bubble bath--you deserve it!