Monday, May 01, 2006

Soap Notes and Turtle-Fest

OK, so it took me a month to get done. Everything takes me a month to get done, so no big surprise. Here's the list of soap packages--let me know if you're not on it and you ought to be:

Lisa B.
Marilyn H.
Mildred B.
Jessica M.
Linda K.
Donna S.
Judy B.
Kathy T.
Jo-Ann G.
Leslie G.
Bonnie H.
Susan L.
Dott W.
Erin S.
Kathleen W.
Kim R.
Gladys C.
Daniel W.
Melanie S.
Elizabeth E.
Gloria S.
Jen B.
Andrea P.
Marjorie T.
Mildred B.
Michelle V.
Contest Winner K.?
Kelly S.
Bob B.

Tomorrow I will list, or link to, the varieties of soaps that went out and give an idea what's in them, since these went unlabelled, but for a hand-written name.

And after the "flood" this weekend, we have startling turtle news to report. You remember that I recently introduced the turtle known as "Number Two." Since then, Alex picked up another one, of a different variety, on the busy highway, and put it in the Turtle Sanctuary beside our house. During the storms, this is what the Turtle Sanctuary looked like:I actually sent Alex out to beat the hostas, looking for Number Two when the water got high.We never found her or (thanks to a helpful reader, we are now able to gender-classify our turtles) or the one Alex rescued, but we did find THESE surprises!Number Three and Number Four! Still no sign of a Number One. But when the waters receeded, Numbers Three and Four were back in hiding, and Number Two magically appeared again. AND, Alex came in from feeding horses tonight and said, "Hey, guess what I saw in the barn? There were two turtles humping!" He interrupted them, hopefully not at a crucial moment, and placed them in the Turtle Sanctuary, and noted that one of them bears yet another number--it could be a '5' or a '6', and the other is unmarked, but is not the one that was picked up off the highway. SO. Now there are at least six turtles in the Turtle Sanctuary, that we know of.

And have I mentioned the tadpoles? About two weeks ago, bazillions of tadpoles appeared in the koi pond. Bella is beside herself, and we're debating the wisdom of capturing some for the purpose of observing their tadpole-to-frog transformation. Any thoughts, Internets? We think they are green tree frogs, leopard frogs, or a combination. The Froggie Serenade out here after dark each night is DEAFENING, and we have yet to see one single frog.


  1. Sounds like you have quite a handful.

    Good pictures. You've got me yearning for a turtle.


  2. Ian thinks you should call them Michaelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo and... wait for it... EVIL Michaelangelo. Then we read on and realized that you had six, and our great turtle naming scheme sort of fell apart. Guess you'll have to stick with the numbers.

    What a lovely Turtle Sanctuary. Now if only they continue to make love and not war, you'll be knee high in turtles. Impulse turtles!

  3. is he going #1 back there? Cuz, that's what it looks like. Remember shake it more than once and he's playing with it.

  4. Now you have Ninja Turtles and they are all numbered for you:o) Wonder why they numbered them, to tell who is who?

    Oh, could you please send some of your rain our way, we are dry and and onfire alert here.

  5. I LOVE turtles! You guys are awesome for saving them. They are a sign of longevity!

    My husband is out back building a koi pond RIGHT NOW. I hope it turns out half as well as yours. It's lervely.

    Rock on turtle saviors...

  6. OK, the practical side of me is concerned with so much water up against your house. I'm guessing this area is normally dry when it's not storming? You can see the area to the right of the railroad ties is higher and this area will flood with each storm.

    Are you on a crawl space or slab? I bet you've got tons of water if on a crawl and this can be adding to your allergies!

    Or is that your Koi pond right up next to your house?

    You need to get that area sloped away from your house so the water drains, you may be faced with huge structural damage if you don't.

  7. I remember saving my milk carton from lunch, and taking tadpoles home on the school bus when I was in first or second grade. We had them in the goldfish bowl! It's a neat process, and they can rejoin their species mates after the transformation.

  8. Well evidently, not only do you have ninja poodles you are well on your way to having a ninja turtle farm too. Turtles always creeped me out for some reason.

  9. Damn. I thought I was so witty and original thinking of "Ninja Turtles"! Turns out, I'm in good company.

    You have the coolest yard. I'm not a fan of the critters on our farm - they crawl and bite and hiss. Yuck.

  10. Still jealous! And, no, I don't think we have native turtles here.. I might be wrong, but I really don't think so! If they WERE native, then we wouldn't have to pay $100 for them!

  11. I am SO EXCITED to get mah soap! Thanks honey!

    And, I so LOVE the turtle sanctuary! How very wonderful for Bella (and you, guys, too -- hee!). Your property is so beautiful. I bet you sit outside sometimes and its beauty overwhelms you. You done good, guys!

  12. jessica--I'll sit outside (or inside, for that matter) and ENJOY it when the other place is SOLD! ;-)

    cece--If I ever come visit, I'll smuggle a turtle or two. No, I won't. It'd be just my luck to start the Great British Columbian Salmonella Epidemic of the 21st Century.

    chantal--what's funny is that *I* did not once think of "ninja turtles!" And yes, Alex killed a big ol' watersnake by the koi pond just the other day. We felt bad after we identified it, but snakes are plentiful and it looked enough like a cottonmouth to justify shooting first and asking questions later, IMO.

    britt--whenever you visit, I promise to secure all turtles.

    theresa, thanks for the input! We'll have to give it a try!

    judy--in the foreground, is the koi pond, which is lined so no water touches the house. Behind that, the ground does slope toward the landscaping (away from the house), but that was a CRAZY unusually heavy amount of rain in a short amount of time! It was gone by the next day, the standing water, but yuck. I noticed later that there is a drain built in underneath the patio behind the house, and water was gushing out of there long after the rain stopped!

    zelda, I bet your koi pond will be prettier, because it will be new, with a nice, spiffy liner, no years worth of algae buildup, etc. I can't wait to see it! I wish you were close enough I could give you some fish. I have PLENTY.

    kim--doing my best "rain vibe" for you!

    tony--actually, he's minding his crazy wife, who is standing behind the camera, screaming, "Hold your pants legs up out of the water!" Bless his heart. But I didn't want to do another laundry that night!

    erin--we're just fascinated by the way they appear and reappear. Apparently, the Turtle Sanctuary is just Home Base, and they roam about at will.

    nikkirae, come on over! You can have as many turtles as you can carry!

  13. Cool on the turtles. I wonder how far the numbers go?

    As for the tadpoles, that sounds like a great home science project for Bella.

  14. Turtle sancuary? Sounds more like a Turtle Dating Service (at best). A cynic might accuse you of running turtle brothel! Well, good for those turtles. They need love too, right? Right.

  15. Heck yeah we had alot of rain last week in Arkansas. ..but so many of us didn't stop to think of all the drowning turtles.

  16. Doug, at Waking Ambrose, suggested I visit you.
    We've been collecting turtles too! They are all over the place.
    I enjoyed reading a few of your posts.
    Fun stuff here!