Sunday, May 28, 2006

Is My Husband Still Macho...

...if he is spending the holiday today wrapped up in a blanket with a snuggly puppy, watching the "Romantic Getaway" movies on the "WE" network?


  1. Belinda, sure he is! But a blanket? It's 86 degrees here in Michigan today and we are sweltering. Aww, snuggly puppy!

  2. they probably have the AC on to 65. :-)

    he is ALL MAN (tell him i said that)

  3. You tell Mr. Poodle that his testosterone is dropping to dangerously low levels. He's *this* close to having his penis sucked up into his body cavity and becoming a va-hoo-hoo.

  4. He probably is still macho, but I have to question the blanket also. It was 98deg here and even with the AC on I couldn't get cool.

  5. HAHA!! I don't even watch that network.

    But that's cute, regardless. :)

  6. No, he is not macho anymore. His ID card is renounced. But it sounds like he wouldn't care. Now that's macho.

  7. The blanket: JenB got it. We both like it meat-locker cold in the house (plus I have this weird thing wherein I feel like I cannot breathe if the AC is not running, so it runs all the time, especially in my car), and Alex is weird in a gotta-have-a-blanket way. He could just wear CLOTHES, but, you know, that would make sense.

    And on the temporary display of his feminine side? Yeah, jumped the gun on that one. We had AMC's Memorial Day war movie marathon going by nightfall. I think I'm paying for making him watch "Bleu" Friday night. Not only a French film, but a French film with SUBTITLES. The agony.

  8. Funny, Ian loves Amelie - it's a favorite of both of ours, and it's French and subtitled. But I can't get him to watch any other foreign films. I think he's secretly afraid he'd like them!

    Snuggly puppies are the best. I've got my new sweetie on my lab as I'm writing his!

  9. I'm a blanket person myself. It's been mid-90's here in Jacksonville for the past week or so, and you won't find me sitting anywhere without a blanket ... I know, it's weird.

    As far as he watching WE ... my husband hates Lifetime and WE due to all the "evil, man bashing". so, I say if he's man enough to sit and take it ... he still ranks with macho in my book.


  10. Awww snuggly puppy!!

  11. Brotherhood of the Wolf is a good, man-friendly French film. I went to see it in the theatres and was surprised when the men wearing Budweiser shirts in the audience didn't leave as soon as they discovered it was in French. But they stayed. Enough martial arts, I suppose.
    As far as masculinity, our culture's definition can be confining. Let Mr. Poodle define his own masculinity, WE and all.

  12. Considering I would never watch WE, aka The Angry Woman Channel, I can't identify with this one.

    Now, if he did this over a kick-butt wrestling match on Spike, I would say his macho license has already been shredded.

  13. I'd say he's cold and unwilling to get up from underneath the blanket.

    But that's macho me talking.

  14. No. Just no.

    So very wrong. Ken would like to invite Alex for a fishing-shooting-scratching weekend out in the rugged countryside. No RSVP is necessary.

    Or, would he rather go to the mall?

  15. Hmmmm, ok lets see. Time to come to my defense here. I maintain 5 acres with 8 horses, approximately 10 dogs, and a sheep. I am as
    comfortable in camos as I am in coat and tie. I hunt, fish, can construct anything you wish out of wood,
    from buildings, to any type of repairs or other type of projects you could imagine. I haven’t worked out
    in the past couple of years, but when I did my bench press approached 300lbs. I still bet I could throw
    225 lbs up enough times to make Belinda weak in the knees. That’s enough for me. And truly now
    folks, isn’t it the man who is afraid to do something “not macho”, something that might make them look
    the slightest bit feminine, the man who is afraid to watch that “chick flick”, who is the man more unsure
    of his masculinity. And isn’t it those men who are afraid to look the slightest bit “sissy”, that are afraid
    to watch certain TV channels for God’s sake, that overcompensate with Hummers or some other
    ridiculousness for some “deficiency.” I drive a vehicle of necessity for a small farm, a Chevy Silverado,
    nothing flashy. Does that speak loud enough. Now, don’t we all know more of those “Hummer” men,
    than men who will snuggle their puppy, watching any movie they choose on just any channel they
    choose. I love my poodles and I love movies. Now, I will snuggle my poodle and watch any @*mn
    movie I want. Here endeth the lesson.

  16. Alex! I feel like I'm a witness to history.

    Still kinda soft, there, dude.

  17. Indeed, I hope he is a role model for MINE, who just named our coming new and TINY puppy!
    And, thanks SO MUCH for the soap, which came today.
    More on these topics at my site, Belinda.
    I would love to have you visit it!I could use some new-puppy moral support.
    Thanks again,
    Gramma-"puppy", I mean -"cello"-LOL

  18. Yeah, um, Alex? Sooooo overcompensating.

  19. I really have to chime in now, and say that, in my studied opinion (and no one has studied this man more than I have), what we have is a really nice balance of masculine/feminine qualities, and if I were to nudge it either way, it would probably be toward the feminine. Not too far, just far enough that the belching/farting/mooning/etc. urges might be dampened just a bit. You know, at least around me. But now I'm dreaming.

    And I've been reminded that the WE movie in question WAS "Romancing The Stone," which was shot in the height of Kathleen Turner's "hot babe" days. And that people got shot, and eaten by crocodiles, and stuff blew up.