Friday, May 12, 2006


SpyMajorWin (3)
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Our very first homebred CHAMPION! Meaning that this is the first of our "babies" to finish his championship.

Pictured here, you have "Spy," who is now officially known as Champion Impulse Shhhh I'm In Disguise. Spy is owned by Joy T. in Alabama, and was shown exclusively by professional handler, Miyuki Ueno, who finished him in high style as a puppy. Spy is the litter-brother of our own J.T., who hasn't even been shown yet! We'd better get on the ball!

Spy is a son of our Hope (CH Renaissance Hopeful Impulse) and Melissa D.'s Mason (CH Myriad Moonstruck NA OAJ). Melissa has the third puppy from that litter, a girl named Danica (Impulse Hot Wheels), who also is still waiting to be shown. Now we are inspired to get our own youngsters out and show them!

Click the photo to see the entire picture. (Louis Sosa Photo)

Oh, and a word of relationship advice, guys, if I may, or "How NOT To Earn Husband Points."

We had lunch yesterday with Alex's mom--remember how I was just recently talking about how great a mother-in-law she is? Well, she surprised me today by giving ME a Mother's Day gift: a lovely ivory negligee', just beautiful.

On the way back from lunch, I jokingly said to Alex, "Gosh, this is so pretty...I'll have to shave my legs tonight and wear it." (He had been commenting on my, um, failure to keep up with this chore for the last week or so.) His reply?

"You gonna contract it out, or try to do it yourself?"

Ha. Ha, ha. Watch your back, Sweetheart.


  1. Contract out the killing?


  2. Congratulations on the Champion - he's beautiful. He finished as a puppy, too. Good job! I can't wait. ;-)

    Darn funny about the legs. I can totally understand, as there isn't all that much incentive to shave up here in the winter! I laughed so hard at the "contract it out" part, though - that Alex, he's quite the comedian!

  3. Spy is beautiful, Belinda. Good luck with the other two.

    Alex is too funny:o)

  4. Oh, that picture ALMOST makes me want a poodle. But I just canNOT be competing with a dog on the time spent on hair. Nu-uh. No way.

    Can I please have Alex? PLEASE? I think I love that man. Besides, you did put a crease in his head with a blunt object after that comment, right?

  5. Congrats on Ch Spy!

    As far as the leg hair goes, next time just french-braid it and see if he likes it that way.

  6. You mean you didnt hit him? You are a better person then I!

  7. Congrats on your FIRST (of many more to come) champion, Belinda. He's quite a handsome fella.

  8. Congratulations, that's awesome!

    And Alex continues to be my hero...

  9. Whoa.. that Alex is cruising for a bruising!

  10. OK, I haven't the slightest clue what all of that dog show competition jargon is about. I'm very stupid that way. The only thing I know about that stuff is from the movie "Best in Show." (Which totally rocks.)

  11. Congrats on the win! Or rather vicarious win! Many more to come hopefully. Your husband sounds like a riot.

  12. That first champion must feel GREAT!!! Congratulations to all involved.

    Contracting out the legs = pain, right? Tell him you'll get waxed if he will!

  13. Congratulations! That's an incredible dog!

  14. Ninja Poodles! Spy Poodles!! You are giving them waaay too many ideas. I won't be able to let my 3 read your blog anymore...they are already up to their curly little topknots in nefarious schemes, and they don't need any encouragement. I can hear them now, "But Mom, Belinda lets her poodles fight with sticks! Why can't we?!"

    Beautiful Spy--congrats on the championship and here's to many more!

  15. Thanks all. He's actually "our" fourth champion, but he's the first one that we actually bred ourselves, and that's a heartfelt distinction, believe me! The only thing I can think of that would be better is if one day we are able to show one of our own *ourselves* to its championship, without ever having to use a professional handler! We can dream, anyway!