Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Yesterday: The Arkansas/British Columbia Connections

First, we woke up bright and early, in order to get Jacy prepared and off to the airport. She was less than pleased to wake up at such an unholy hour, when she had been snoozing happily on Daddy's head just moments before.But we went ahead and got her bags packed, in the form of her airline kennel, complete with a supply of food, health papers, an old pillow covered in a well-worn t-shirt of Alex's for emotional comfort, and food and water in Dora The Explorer cups. That's right.And then we were off. This may look like a ferocious roar, but it's actually just a big ol' bored, sleepy yawn en route to the airport. Interestingly, Jacy is Canadian-bred and born, so in going to live with Cece, she's kind of coming full-circle.And in short minutes, we were there; the Delta Cargo Terminal.Where we were helped by this nice Delta Pets First representative, who actually talked baby-talk to Jacy and told her how pretty she was.On the scale, getting checked in, Jacy was so stressed by the ordeal, that she, um...had a snack. Yeah. Real upset.The helpful attendant got her all "official" and ready to go...note all the other pups travelling this same day! Our girl was the only one not whining.We kissed her goodbye, told her we loved her, exhorted her to please be as good for her new family as she has beeen for us, and tearfully left the terminal. As we pulled out of the parking lot, it finally hit home for Bella, although we had discussed it at length, that Jacy was not coming home with us. This went over badly. We reminded her that she still had her puppy Glory, and assured her that Jacy's new family would love her all the time and that if ever they didn't, or couldn't care for her, they would send her right back home to us.We decided, on the way home, that this might be a good time to give Bella a long-promised reward for consistent "big-girl" behavior over the last few months, and stopped by PetsMart to pick out her very own goldfish.We got them home and set them up in their new tank in Bella's room without incident. Meet "Carl" and "Gil." Carl is the one on the left, who I halfway suspect is actually female. But I didn't name them, Bella did, and she's entitled. They narrowly escaped being named "Nemo" and "Nemo."And THEN, continuing the B.C.-Arkansas connection, we received a long-awaited package from another lovely Canadian blogger, artist Andrea Pratt. And what a package! It contained the painting that has already become the cornerstone of my hearthroom, titled "Impossible Vacation 2."These pictures do NOT do it justice, as the flash washed out the vivid color--here is a shot that Andrea took with her much better camera prior to shipping:I kind of hate to show the flanking photographs before they are framed and properly hung, but THEY are the work of Canadian photographer Stacey Bates.You can get a better view of the print (I got two of the same print, for effect) on her website here. It's titled "Bring It On Home To Me," and is the first image on the left, on the next-to-last row on that page. The pair of prints will be framed and hung on either side of the painting, and I just love the whole effect. Wall sconces that aren't wall sconces! HA! Also tucked into my package from Andrea, were two books that I'm SURE I will love, not only because they are about horses and horsepeople, but because one says right on the cover, "You will LOVE this book!"--Rita Mae Brown. Hey, if it's good enough for Rita Mae, it's good enough for me! AND, also from Andrea, was this delightful small painting of my own beloved Misha.There's a better image here. It's a precious painting, about 10"x12", and coincidentally, Andrea is beginning a concerted endeavor in this arena of small original paintings, called "Small Art," a great idea which makes original artwork affordable and accessible for all of us. I'll be adding a button in my sidebar for her sometime this week so you can keep tabs on her "small" works. My advice: if you see something that catches your fancy, GRAB it quickly, because it will NOT last. Andrea is gaining in popularity by the day, and her prices are sure to go up accordingly. This is your chance to bypass the gallery fees and buy directly from the artist. I LOVE the idea, and wish that more artists would do something like this! Thanks a million, Andrea!

And that's about all for now, but I have TONS more, now that I can upload pictures. So keep checking back! And don't forget it's BLOGIVERSARY this week!

Goodbye and Godspeed, dear Jacy. We love you, and we'll miss you, but we know you'll be well-loved in your new home.


  1. Oh man, i feel all weepy.

    Beautiful artwork. Wow!

  2. I LOVE THAT PIC of Bella looking at the fish!

    And yes, we will take good care of dear Jacy. And Bella can look at pictures of her on my blog anytime (once I get a post up, that is!)

  3. jess, I think we are just the weepy sort, you and I! And yes, aren't Canadian artists talented?? ;-)

    cece, I know you will be a great poodle-mom...little does anyone know of my wicked plan to pepper the earth with Ninja poodles and then TAKE OVER!!! *ahem*. And yeah, Bella picked out her own fish, much to the chagrin of the fish-lady at the store. "Dere he goes! Over here! Dat one! Oh, dere he goes again!"

  4. I can imagine how hard it was to give up one of you puppies! About the cost of prescriptions...the last time I was at the neurologist I was told about a "new" treatment for migraines...only catch was that my insurance company wouldn't pay for it since it was not originally designed to treat migraines...as you know most migraine meds were NOT designed for migraines...anyway...it was going to cost $1800.00 PER MONTH! Yeah right! I want these headaches gone in the worst way but there is no guarantee that it would work and you know you have to give the meds several months before you can tell... I guess I will keep my headaches!!

  5. Bye bye! :-(

    Like the new fish though!

  6. Donna, none of those "triptan" family of drugs works for me, anyway...did you see the post from Anne, about Topomax for migraine? I never heard of that! And mood-stabilizing drugs? NONE of them were made for that. They're all anti-seizure medications.

    dave2--I'm assuming she had a good trip largely because of the good vibes you were sending as she and cece's family passed through your state, no doubt chanting, "SayWA?" at every opportunity.

  7. I can't wait to see more pictures of the puppies, especially Huggy!

    I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I had a fish named Nemo... and a Gil and a Fin (Phinneus). Oh, geez, that doesn't bode well for my naming ability, does it?

    I hate struggling with meds. My husband started taking Topomax a few weeks ago, and the side effects are horrid. He has no short term memory at all - he calls it the Dory effect (umm, yeah, we don't have kids, but that doesn't mean we don't love us some animated movies in this house...). But I've heard that it's great for migraines. If you can remember to take it, which seems to be his biggest obstacle right now.

  8. Oh, Erin, I will be taking more pictures! I even emailed a handler I know in WA who is very nice, asking if I could pass along her info to you as a possible "ringsider." Hee. What vicarious fun I shall have!

    Topomax and Zyprexa both just KILLED Alex's bowels. They were Not Good for him. We never have tried Lamictal yet, but have been on the Depakote since Day One. Isn't it cute the way I say "we?"

    And a lot of these things screw with your short-term memory. Alex recently planned a luncheon for NINE at OUR HOUSE...without telling me! Fortunately, it didn't happen for other reasons, but when I found out about it 36 hours ahead of time from someone else, I nearly had a heart attack!

  9. I love this whole poodle connection. It is very cool. See, I'm not even trying to be funny.

    It's heartwarming.

    I must be going through some sort of change...

  10. The goldfish story is too cute, you must scrapebook that for Bella - nemo and nemo, hee hee.

  11. I just caught up with the saga at CeCe's end and am totally enchanted by the whole story. I love a happy dog story. And Jacy is a total angel. I love the photo of sad Bella.

    So glad you got the paintings okay. (The suckers cost me $50 to send so they'd better be okay!) I know you don't have much time to read (who does?) but these are compulsively readable and it's so rare to find a book that talks about both people and horse people with humour, intelligence and knowledge (and though the author lives in Chicago she's ~ wait for it ~ *another* Canadian).

    Your page is loading but *really* slowly. I've learned not to be so impatient that I push it until the whole system hangs. *sigh* Still learning patience at my age...

  12. I'm glad that Jacy made it safe and sound. I had the hardest time when I flew one of my puppies to Missouri. I cried all the way home from the airport. I think I get a little attached to them:o)

    Pretty fish and Bella is good at naming. My mom bought all four of my nieces a bunny earlier this year, they are Lovey, Scooby Doo, and Shaggy(because Scooby Doo was already taken) and I can't remember the other name.

    That is a neat painting. I really like the one she did of Misha, I saw it on her blog a while ago. I would love to get something like that done of Toby.

    Your blog is loading really slow these past 2 days. I think it started about the time your posted your last clues for your mystery person.

  13. Bella is so adorable. I LOVE the goldfish story and agree it should be scrapbooked for her... she'll dig it.

    Carl and Gil! I love those names. When I was younger, I had 2 hamsters... much to my parents dismay, I named the Dondi and Captain.


  14. Great story Belinda.
    I just got my "small art" from Andrea in the mail today. What fun. I can feel this is going to be a bit addicting.

  15. What a cutie your little girl is. Wonderful painting, too.

  16. That painting makes me want to take my shoes off. That's one talented Canadian.

    And happy, Blogiversary!

  17. Happy blogiversary. Love the puppy.

  18. Belinda, that is a fabulous painting! I could use that in my office.

    Your little one did better than I would have. I hated parting with pets when I was young. I have not had a dog in a long time and really would like one. My family had a white poodle like this called Jack. Jack was cool, but he would faint. Always found that strange. He was like an over heated Southern woman.

  19. Nemo and Nemo!
    Bella is precious!

    That Arab horse painting, woooooo!

  20. I'm not sure which is better, Bella's face leaving Jacy, or Jacy's face on Cece's blog wearing the sweater!

    I like the fishes too - just don't show MY kids, or I will be adding fish to the poodle, cat and 2 rats.


  21. I can't believe how big Bella is getting. I've been reading your blog for maybe 6 months, or a little more. She's gone from a baby to a toddler. Such a precious little girl.
    I read the comments about Topamax. I was on it for 6 months & was hospitalized in August, I'm sure it was part of the cause. I'd gotten to where I couldn't even finish a sentence & had forgotten the most basic of words. It should be a banned drug.