Friday, April 07, 2006

Why I Am Scarce...And Sad

Yeah. That's Big Daddy PC, guts spilled all over the place. Seems that the motherboard has gone bad. Anybody got a spare one lying around? My laptop apparently does not have the software installed that is needed to hook it up directly to the cable modem (or something; I have no clue what I'm talking about), and without the PC and its Wireless Access Point, there's no signal to be had...I'm hoping genius hubby will rig up the laptop somehow this weekend. In any case, we can't afford to replace or repair Big Daddy right now. Between the double mortgages, income tax being due, hay/feed prices, and the fact that I just backed my truck into the flatbed trailer, damaging a rear quarter-panel and rear bumper...well, there just isn't any money.

OK, monetary whinging over. Here's a roadside photograph for any of you who might have doubted my tale of road-duck woe:And, on the upside, I did get a great haircut yesterday, and then there's always this:


  1. Belinda what a string of bad luck! No help on the computer from me, sorry.

    That looks like a chicken to me not a duck. :o)

    Bella is the spitting image of you in that picture!

  2. You are not having a good time right now, so lots of hugs coming your way. Sorry, can't help with the computer and I just did my budget and have to figure out how to get some extra dough (I think my poodles need a job to pay for their dinner and board).

    That duck needs a bath, maybe a little kid's pool with CLEAN water on the side of the road would fix your problem.

    Bella is too cute in that dress. Already getting ready for Spring or is it an Easter dress.

  3. You've been told this before I'm sure. But you're in BIG trouble with those Bella Eyes. How can you resist? Doesn't she make you want to just hand over the checkbook and say, "Oh. Here. Have this."?

  4. Ugh.. computer problems. Sorry, but I am ZERO help (that's what my computer geek spouse is for)!

    Bella, she is going to break many hearts!

  5. She is so gorgeous. My hubby is a computer geek for a MAJOR compy corp. He comes home tonight...maybe he can help you out somehow? He builds them too, we don't have a computer in this house that doesnt have all the bells and whistles that we didn't spend less than $300 for. Seriously. He is brilliant.

    Anyway, if he can help you at all, maybe talk you through something? Don't hesitate to ask.



  6. Good God that child is cute.

  7. Try and find out what you need. I have a wireless router with software, a wireless USB adapter (Netgear) and the software the goes with it, and with the two, you can put the wireless router into a neighbor's machine or hooked up into your cable or DSL modem, and then use the USB adapter on your laptop to pick up the signal from the router.

    The router is a D-link AirPlus G.

    That duck looks awfully innocent to me. We have attacking geese around here. And man, they are SO loud.


  8. Oh darn about the computer! I could probably talk you through replacing the motherboard if it comes to that; they're not all that expensive, usually. Let me know.

    The duck just looks like he's having a good time in the mud. My kind of animal!

    Bella's BEYOND cute in that photo - I assume it's her Easter dress? I'm so jealous. My parents weren't religious, and I missed out on so many rituals.

    Hope things get better for you - spring's always a hard time of year financially.

  9. erin, you're right. It feels like this every spring, with the money, and it's tough into summer. Hopefully will ease up in time for BlogHer. Thanks for the offer of computer help--I'll let you know what we find out from the diagnostic on the CPU. It just went from working fine in the morning, to not working at all that afternoon. We haven't decided on her Easter dress yet...there is another one that was ALSO a "grandmother acquisition" that is a little dressier, and has a sparkly light sweater to match.

    margalit, I am copying and pasting everything you said about the computer, because you are obviously speaking a foreign language. But thank you! I'll let you know what the verdict on it is, and then you can talk more Greek at me! And I actually feel bad for the black ducks (they really are black, not just dirty), living in that filth. I guess I could take them home to sit on the koi pond.

    misha, thank you...and so nice to see you again! I need to stop by your place for a fix of gentle, poetic writing.

    deodand--do you think we're in trouble? I do.

    CP--thank you, too, for the offer...I will definitely be updating you on what the problem is, once we find out. I just hope my hard-drive is intact, what with my 40,000 pictures, half of which are not saved to anywhere else (I KNOW).

    laurie--if it's totally dead (the computer), will you help me vent my frustrations by coming down and running it over repeatedly with your motorcycle? And will you wear pink or purple chaps?

    mochaaaaah...YES. We are in dire straits with that face. Only the way I'm wired, I'm more likely to hand over the FOOD, which can be a bad thing. Oh, you're such a good girl. Here's a cookie. Gotta try not to do that. And she REALLY has been good lately, and our days have been filled with phrases such as, "You are the best Mommy I ever HEARD OF!" Help me. The cuteness. *ack*

    kim, why can't we have unlimited dog budgets? Why, we would not abuse them in any way, right? That duck, he just looks like that, has black feathers on his back, as does his buddy. Though I'm sure they're filthy as well. I may invite them to the koi pond after all. Halle jumped in after a duck decoy today. And Alex's mom just came down to visit with an armload of pretty dresses, as she is wont to do!

    Judy, remind me not to come to your house for fried chicken. ;-) And yeah, Bella and I may not have as strong a resemblance as she and Alex, but we do share a great number of facial expressions and attitudes.

    word verification: oyveh

  10. Nothing is worse than when your computer is down. I would almost rather my "man-region" be on the blink than my computer...

  11. "man region"

    HAHA! thanks for that.

    and yes, many sympahties on all the angst.

    xoxox i loves ya

  12. That picture of Bella is soooo CUTE!!! She's precious!!

  13. After 8 months in the dark ages on dial-up, I am always sad for anyone who has no wireless access.

    Bella sure is cute though!

  14. OH
    she is the cutest little girl in the WORLD!

  15. Andrea (the sister)April 9, 2006 at 10:01 AM

    Chip (the fount of knowledge you know as #1 brother-in-law) claims that this hideous bird is indeed the rarely seen "tur-duc-en." He says this is a "redneck Thanksgiving delicacy," and is a cross between a turkey, duck, and chicken, hence the ridiculous name, of course. Perhaps you should be aiming for this fellow. Good eatin' apparently.