Sunday, April 02, 2006

We Really Have A Lot Of Crap

Seriously. We spent most of today over at the "other place" clearing out more of our crap to bring over here. We have a lot of crap. If there is some kind of crap you need, please contact me before you go looking to buy that crap, because in all liklihood we have JUST THE CRAP you need, and are about to donate it somewhere. Baby toys, clothes (girl's), shoes, odd pieces of furniture, small appliances, books...the list goes on and on. It's ironic that we're moving from a tiny crackerbox of a house to one nearly 3 times larger, and we're purging so much crap along the way. But we have huge storage buildings over at the other place. So...take our crap, please.

And while you're at it, could you just buy our house? I'd consider it a real solid if you did. It's a heck of a deal, great starter house for a single person or married couple wanting to get out from under the tyranny of rent, and your mortgage payment would be similar to a month's rent. 1100 SF, 2BR, 1BA, on 5 acres with an option of 5 more (additional 5 acres has a stocked pond). There are two storage buildings, one metal with heavy-duty interior wooden shelves that my handy husband built. The other storage building is a deluxe wooden one that looks like a miniature house, with two levels of storage. It's already set up to use as a "kennel" building if you like--there's a doggie door in one end, with steps, leading to an outdoor, covered, graveled exercise area (which aforementioned amazing husband also built). Nice place for your dog(s) if you know you'll be away from home for several hours and don't want Fido to have to cross his legs waiting for you to get home, and a nice alternative to going out to potty in the pouring rain. It's on a very quiet, short dead-end street in a rural part of Pulaski County, between Jacksonville and Cabot. Fenced and cross-fenced, with a 100-foot paddock attached to the 1100SF, 5-stall barn, this place is perfect for horses, with its pastures of Tifton 44 Bermuda grass. And the upper pasture has a huge area of sandy loam where the previous owner kept an extensive garden. Come on! You know you want it!!

And now for our featured FREE crap of the week, that I am about to post on craisglist, not that ANYONE in Arkansas reads craigslist. Philistines. Anyway, it's a bed and side-table. Not the mattresses, just the headboard, footboard, and frame. It's enormous, heavy, and, quite frankly, frightening. This is some serious bachelor furniture, and I hates it, Precioussss, hates it. To me, it looks like the ideal thing to have if you live in the hall of a troll-king, or perhaps a huge underground cavern, or maybe a dank castle on the moors. It has WROUGHT IRON in it. This is (naturally) a king-size bed frame, and will add a good two feet all around to the space your king-size mattress takes up. Bask in its gigantic glory:And the nightstand is included!! Wheee! Come get it! Oh, and did I mention this furniture may or may not be cursed? Ah, no biggie. It's probably not cursed for you.

And we got just about all the soap inventory moved over, and there was a lot of really wonderful stuff that I had forgotten all about! Warm Ginger! Wild Thing! Fruit Smoothie! Yuzu! Apple Cobbler! Carrot facial bars! Cucumber-Melon made of actual pureed cucumbers and melons! There's also plenty of unscented milk soaps, soaps with silk, castile soaps (1oo% olive oil), and oat & honey soaps...I'm getting excited about soaping again. Pop over here to get in on the Super-Surprise Soap Packages I'm putting together and shipping out this week! I don't know how long this stock is going to last, but I'm counting on getting you all hooked so that when I start creating again, you will be helpless and will not blink at the *regular* prices. The people who've already placed orders, and the next few who do, will be getting extra little surprises, like nylon "soap sacks", wooden soap decks, and cute little "foot fishies." Wheeee!


  1. i want soap and girls clothes 2T and above. give me a price baby.

    i miss you, by the way.

    are you really back at work full-time? when can i cawllll youuuu????

  2. You are too freakin' clever what with your adorable T-shirts and now great-smelling soaps! Tell me this -- are the soaps moisturizing as well as cleansing? How do you make them? The cucumber/melon soap sounds divine!

  3. Awwww...jen, I should be coming home 2 hours before Alex does, so that would be PRIME TIME!! ;-) And I found an AMAZING dress for Char today.

    jessica--if you can find the post titled "sudsy," it kind of gives the overview of the process. It's really fun, and I love doing it. I linked to it in a post the last day or so. And thought a lot of soapmakers call their product "moisturizing," I don't agree with that, because it is, after all, a rinse-off product. BUT I think there is a very real difference between real, handcrafted soap and commercial, detergent-based product, because with our "real" soaps, we leave in the natural glycerin that is stripped away from commercial bars and sold as a by-product. So I think the correct terminology would be "non-drying" rather than "moisturizing." You won't feel that tight, itchy feeling you get from store-bought detergent bars.

    And I would encourage anyone who wants to give soaping a try--just ask any questions you want, anytime!

  4. Wow, you sound almost giddy in that post! You're going slightly mad with the moving stress, aren't you?

  5. Hi Belinda
    I just ordered the big soap package and hey, I have an 18 month old grand daughter. Do you really have girl clothes? MY thirty something daughter and son-in-law are just six months out of grad school and paying off student loans so that would be GREAT- I could pay shipping and we could send it directly to them, perhaps.
    Let me know, in any case. Re:soap- now I have hostess gifts- little gifts for about a YEAR to people! Can't WAIT to see the soaps!
    Love, Jo-Anne (Grammacello)

  6. That is a huge bed!!

    I would buy your place in an instant, if it was located in Florida. I don't think my dad wants me to quit working for him and move:o) I am keeping my eyes open for a nice palce with acreage for me, my poodles, and my horse.

    I'm looking forward to my soaps.

  7. Belinda,
    Have you heard of freecycle? It's a twist on recycling and garage saling. You find your own community and then post all of the junk that you want to get rid of it. People come over and take it and there's no shipping and fuss on your part.
    I haven't really looked at it much or used it at all. I just thought it was a neat idea but if it's some wierd project that doesn't work, sorry. Good luck with all of that.
    I LOVE the sound of your old place. Alas, we can't buy or move that far. We did find a rental very close to what that sounds like except it's close to a busy road :(.
    Thanks in advance for the soaps. I can't wait!!!

  8. I just put a buttload of books on And I mean books I almost threw away...old text books (YEARS old), etc. In the last few days, I've made $70 off of them! :)

  9. You're amazing. Too bad people in Arkansas don't do Craig's list!! It's a cult up here. We got 3 bikes for $150. Awesome. I am a soap FANATIC. Will check out.

    I took the day off on Friday and thought of you. Please behold what I bought at the Smithsonian gift shop for my son:

    Maybe you could make a Ninja soap, eh??

  10. Got a match for the nightstand?

  11. We have freecycle here in Nashville and it is pretty popular. Good luck with the stuff purge! I love that big ole bed; I'm sure someone will take it!

  12. Ah, the fun of moving crap. Craptacular.

  13. Great -- thanks for the information -- it's fascinating how you make soap -- who knew! I just ordered a box of 6. Make sure and let us know when you make the carrot face soap and the oatmeal soap - I bet the oatmeal soap is good for sunburns!

  14. I don't know if I trust anything that Alex built. You always say he and I are too much alike, and I wouldn't trust anything I built...