Saturday, April 15, 2006

Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program

I know those of you who have been reading me as W.H. Auden all week and thinking "what the...?" are breathing a sigh of relief. Because we all know that MY actual life is sooooo much more interesting and fulfilling than a world-class, Pulitzer-Prize-winning poet's. I mean, come ON, right?

So, first of all, under the heading of, "I Feel Pretty; Oh So Pretty..." my daughter, while sitting on the toilet, makes THIS proclamation:

"Mommy! Poop is BROWN. Just like your HAIR!"

Yaay. Just what I needed, Sweetie. Thanks.

And in the KAPGAR ROCKS MORE THAN CHOCOLATE category, we have this item, which to sum up, for you indolent sloths who never click the hyperlinks (you know who you are, pathetic wastrels), culminates in the fact that KEVIN GOT ME THIS!
It's an autographed--no, wait--a PERSONALLY INSCRIBED, autographed FIRST EDITION copy of Christopher Moore's new book, "A Dirty Job." Go click on my Barnes & Noble Sale icon in the sidebar and order your own, but it won't be this earth-shatteringly awesome, I'm afraid. But still darn good reading.

All righty, then! I'm off to photograph myself pouring salt-water through my head, as I have so often promised to do here.

Here's wishing everyone a blessed and peaceful Easter...whether you like it or not, really. Because this whole Lost Blogging thing? Got me kinda worn out and cranky. So if I bless you, you stay blessed, darn you. Understand?

P.S. Kevin is THE MAN. Please visit his most excellent site, and leave him a comment telling him how manly and awe-inspiring his bad self is. Thank you.


  1. Glad to have YOU back! And I've never heard of that guy before!

  2. Oh, don't say that. It makes me sad. Now I have to send you poetry, too. Geez, I'm gonna go broke buying volumes of Auden to send to deprived people!

  3. Oooo...I am so envious! An autographed first edition! And I love Christopher Moore!

  4. I've been so intrigued by your entries on your figure, now I need to by some Auden! Wonderful job and also, I'm so jealous of your signed Moore book! I love him! :)

  5. I've heard of him. But I'm not familiar with his work, and I never would have guessed it.

    You have poop in your hair? Eww..

    Wait, maybe I better go back and read more carefully...

  6. LOL@West Side Story reference

    Poop is brown? hmmm...

  7. dixie--I know; I squealed like an idiot when I saw that post of his! BOOKS ARE SO GREAT!

    groovebunny--I'm so glad I found your blog through this contest. And now I can't stop saying, "My beat is correct." Anytime Alex argues with me from now on, I shall just look him in the eye and say, "My beat is correct."

    Mr. Fab, trust me when I say, knowing what little I know of you (which is, in some respects, too much), that as poets go, this one's for you. Get to know him. And I wouldn't be surprised much at all if I did have poop in my hair. Heck, there are at least three species it could have come from.

    n8iv--now I'm thinking you should see a doctor. ;-)

  8. I ask only one thing... that you NOT get any of your poop hair on this book. That would be bad. And smelly. And other stuff like that.

    You're welcome, BTW.

  9. i am so jealous - signed, personalized Christopher moore. *drool*. I love him so.

    i'm so thrilled you did W.H. Auden as your lost blogger. I know very little of his life, but I do love the poems of his I've read. Thanks for that!