Monday, April 03, 2006

Memo To My Daughter

Bella, please stop, every single morning, as soon as you wake up, asking me in all earnestness for "a chocolate popsicle." I love you, and you're darn cute, but Fudgesicles for breakfast? Not gonna happen.

(Soap note--orders have stacked up alarmingly quickly, and I need to do a serious bar count to make sure I have enough. Will do that tonight. So if you're thinking about it, go on and get your order in quickly, because I think I'm going to have to cut off due to running out of inventory! Details here.)


  1. Fudgecicle for breakfast sounds healthy enough to me!

  2. Ok.Ok. I'm not lying...but the Count has done the same thing since his birthday a few weeks ago when I allowed him to have one early in the day. And he totally calls them the "chocolate popsicles" too.

    I'm telling you, we gotta get these kids together.

  3. I so totally eat popsicles for breakfast! They're perfect breakfast food as you are running out the door while late for work. I prefer banana, but fudge is just fine too. Last Friday I had a MANGO popsicle for breakfast, which was a touch of the exotic for me.

    Mmmm... soap... now I want me an oatmeal cookie soap with a fruit smoothie swirl on top!

    Of course, that means I have to start using soap first! :-)

  4. parker is always asking for ice cream, chips, cookies, chocolate etc. for breakfast and, of course, being two totally doesn't get that he can't have it.

  5. You're such a mean mommy, denying her like that!

  6. Recently when one of my kids was sick the doctor suggested he eat popsicles.

    Now often he will say, "I think I don't feel good... do we have any popsicles?"

    Um, NO WE DON'T! Good going Doctor!

  7. But Italian Ices are still OK, right?

  8. awh, the popsicles! at least it wasn't cotton candy?
    anyway, i ordered some soap a couple days ago, did i get under the wire?

  9. *sigh

    When will you mean mommies learn? You're SUPPOSED to give it to her and tell her DADDY SAID NO so you're the favorite. How hard is that? It's a win-win.

    Maybe not the rotting teeth part, or the overload on sugar, or the.... man. I didn't really sell my point, did I?

    Well now I have to order the soap! I didn't realize it would sell so fast.
    p.s. hmmm...recognition word: fdgcle (fudgesicle maybe?)

  10. Hey, Whitney said it best, "I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way." I think Bella may just be on to something and you should heed her sage advice.

    Eat a popsicle for breakfast!!!

  11. Evil, just pure evil.

    Will you let that adorable child have a choccy pop? Land sakes, woman.

    Mine wants chocolate pudding for breakfast. Thank goodness she also likes spoon sized shredded wheat. I just tell her the pudding is broken. For now, she believes me.

  12. oooh. Fudge-cicle. I'm going to go have one now.

    Lunch be damned!

  13. Hmmm. Choco-pops for breakfast? Nah, not for me, not enough milkfat. Chocolate ice cream, maybe. Bella's just adorable!

    Hope my order made it in time to get some soaps. I've been excited about it for days.

  14. Mine wants chocolate pudding. Then, if that doesn't work she tell me her tummy hurts and she needs a popcicle to make it feel better. Kiernan and Bella should NEVER ever under any circumstances meet in person! ;)

  15. kari--I kid you not. I got up from the computer after reading your comment, and Bella said, "I don't feel good today, Mommy." I said, "You don't?" and she said, "No. I don't feel good." I asked, "What can we do? I don't feel good either!" And she had totally set me up, and answered with, "I think a cookie would make me feel better." We should schedule a playdate sometime just to watch and listen to what they'd come up with.

    erin--Fudgsicles for breakfast! And you still look like you do! *grumble, grumble.* Yeah, I counted, I'm still good on the soap. I have somewhere between 500-600 bars, and have sold around 300? I tend to make enormous batches, because I figure if I'm going to all that trouble...some people make batches of like 9 bars. I would pull my hair out. 9 bars is what I want to keep for MYSELF!

    dan--you realize you're taking nutritional cues from a 3-year-old?

    maidink--Bella may be to old for it, but I'm definitely going to try that "broken" thing on her!

    kevin--I would, but I'd still be hungry!

    mochaaaaah--yeah, get you a little taste, and then wait patiently for the new batch of caffeinated, gourmet-coffee-scented soap to cure. Bwahahahaaaaa.

    susan, you're good with the soap, Baby!

    Mr. Fab--since we hardly get those guys with the Italian ice vendor carts down our street, at least not past the goat-farm, I'd say yes, they're OK.

    P.I.M. Oh, no! I hadn't thought of that! We did go through that with allergies last year, when her medicine would make her feel soooooo much better, and from then on everything from hiccups on up required "medicine."

    cece--yup. Mean like you! ;-)

    jess, but you know what is still my favorite EVER Parker quote about what he wants to eat.

    dave2--I have several variations of oatmeal soap, and several fruit ones. I actually thought of you when I packed up the box of Yuzu soap the other day, thinking you might be the only person I know who knows what Yuzu is. It is among my all-time favorite scents.

    Queen--either that, or keep them far, far apart! ;-)

    melissa--that is because you still have your 20-something metabolism. Rock it while it lasts!!

  16. I vote that sometimes the angelic Miss Bella gets to have a backwards meal & that means she gets fudgesicles for breakfast! All those in favor, say Ay!