Thursday, April 27, 2006

Late-Night Catchall

Gasping for breath, here. It's proving a tough spring, mood-wise, for Alex, and that means a tough spring for all of us. We love him and support him, which we hope he knows, and try to make sure that the worst part is over as quickly as possible. He's been three weeks "down" now (not "down" depressed, but just "down" as in basically out of commission due to the unpredictability of his med tweaks and adjustments), and I know he's sick of it.

In dog adoption news: Gee, I wonder how our sweet Jacy is doing with her new family? Is she enjoying her retirement? Are they feeding her well? Is she getting along with everyone? Sheesh. Every dog should have such a life! I know I ain't had any lobster lately!

I'm down to the last packages now. Did the big ones first, so you should be receiving those about now. I just now am finishing up on the $25 packages. I will post a list in the next 24 hours or so of everyone (first names only) whose package has been shipped, and if you don't see your name there, HOLLER! Some of the list is paid orders, and some are contest winners or other freebies for reasons only you know, so check even if you didn't order. I still need addresses on some of my GBBMC winners, so if you were an Auden-namer, email me your mailing address at mishahouseATaolDOTcom.


  1. Only the best for our canine family members here! Good night!

  2. Oh, man, can I ever sympathize. We've been having a rough time med-wise, too. I really hope Alex feels better.

  3. Love the photo of Jacy and the black cat. Glad to know that she's made the transition with grace. You "brung" her up right!

  4. I've been reading CeCe's posts on Jacy and she looks to be completely spoiled.

    I'm looking forward to my soap and can't wait to try it.

    I am operating on lack of sleep after being up last night with a colicing horse.

  5. My best wishes to you and my brother. I hope everything straightens out soon. Let me know if I can help.

  6. Hope Alex gets back to his good ole self soon!

    Love the Jacy pics...She looks VERY HAPPY!

  7. Prop that Alex up. Not to belittle BP, but I bet it's not a bead on the PMS I had yesterday! :) I like that when he's on the up, you need the propping, etc. It sounds like a perfect partnership.

  8. Andrea, the PMS is bad, but no way would I trade with what Alex has been dealt. Well, if I could take it away from him, I would, but he would also take my pain on himself if he could. And you are right about the "propping." We've managed, so far, to not need propping at the same time!

    Melissa, you think she's in a good home? Heh. Alex is much better, has been nursing *me* today with another stupid headache.

    Mr. Fab, I'll give your regards to your brotha. Thanks for the well-wishes. When you stalk us, bring fresh citrus, OK?

    Kim, I hate, hate, HATE colic. Hope yours works out OK.

    Ally, it's a compliment to Jacy's breeder, too. Those first few weeks are critical, and while it kinda hurts our feelings when our dogs will leave us (to go with a handler, or off to be bred, whatever) without a backward glance, it does demonstrate a well-balanced, stable temperament. When we sent Hope to Maryland to be bred last year, the stud-dog owner said that within the first day she was acting like she'd lived there all her life!

    Erin, sympathies to you, too! I think the worst is behind us now, but you know how it is at first when you change *anything.*

    cece, keep it up! It just looks like y'all are doing great. *sniff* I showed Bella the pictures, and she keeps insisting, "I want Jacy to get out of Canada."

  9. Best wishes with you. I know what it's like to be down and out.