Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Because My Mom Just Rocks, #4,789

She just dropped by, out of the blue, and left us THIS:

And then, she was gone...gone like the wind.


  1. Oh man! You are a lucky daughter. But then again we all know you're wonderful and deserve it!

  2. Holy flippin cow!! That's awesome!!! I don't need it but have been coveting that machine since I first heard of it. What an awsome mother.
    Happy cleaning!!


    I wanna Dyson! I've wanted one for a long time now.

    Have fun sucking up bowling balls!

  4. I'm jealous! What a wonderful mother you have - she (and you, of course) obviously have great taste in vacuums.

  5. I.....am......soooooooo......JEALOUS! Your blog viewing public expects a FULL review of your incredible new vacuum. I have been hinting for a Dyson, but alas so far my comments have fallen on deaf ears. Must be more obvious....hmmmmm..... like redecorating the family room with ball bearings? "But, honey, if I had a Dyson I could pick them up in a second." Yeah, maybe that would work.

  6. Quel momacita!!! Most excellent. I want a full report on how you like it. i was talked out of one and went for the Simplicity, which has been fine, but I've always felt like I missed out. Um, vacuums are a weird sort of passion, aren't they?

  7. Oh, you lucky dog! I want one!

  8. Are you sure you're mom's not just trying to tell you something? :)

  9. I'm not sure who is the teacher and who is the student here, but we, you and I dear Belinda, have blogged about things we want and then gotten them. Magically.

    Much like that dyson of yours with the creepy British-accented guy who, yes, DOES, sound like the Geico gekko.

    That was fun to say. "Geico gekko". My new mantra for the day.

  10. I have never wanted a particular vacuum, but have to say that your mom is sweet to do that for you. It is great when your mom gets you something you really want, not actually need.

  11. A Dyson, eh? Your dream has come true. I'll warn you, they are heavy little buggers.

    If it does a good job, will you exclaim the fact by saying, "Boy, this thing really sucks!"

  12. I want a Dyson so bad!! I don't need one, and I'm probably going to be moving into a house without carpet, but REALLY, I would LOVE to have one! I'm very jealous too!

  13. That is a LOT of reasons why your mom rocks. My mom rocks for no more than 5 or 6 reasons tops.

  14. jess, I'm not sure I deserve it, but if we all got what we deserved from life...*shudder*. Yikes.

    nicole--me, too, with the coveting. From the first time I heard that man's voice, on the commercial, bemoaning the state of suction in common vacuums.

    well, dave2, I've wanted a Powerbook for a long time, so ... (now to find a bowling ball)

    erin, it was a total surprise. She just stopped by and pulled it out of the back of her car. I thought she was just moving it to get to whatever it was she'd brought me. I nearly plotzed when I learned THAT was the "little something" she'd picked up for me.

    julie, YES! Full product review! And do be careful about the type of hints you leave...lots of them might be taken in entirely the wrong context.

    zelda--you're so excited that your exclamations are in multiple languages? WOW!

    kari...be nice to your mommy. Wait--I haven't been outrageously nice to mine, so that doesn't explain it...hmmm.

    dan--as usual, your powers of perception are daunting. You are, without a doubt, correct.

    mochaaaaaah...So I should blog about everything I want? Couldn't hurt, I guess. And the Geico gecko USED to sound like the Dyson guy, accent-wise. Now he has the same accent that James Marsden used as Spike in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel." Much more low-rent and accessible.

    kim, she hit the daily double, and got me something I REALLY wanted and DESPERATELY needed! Especially since "Southern Living" just informed me that I'm supposed to be vacuuming my mattress once a month. ONCE A MONTH, PEOPLE!

    maidink--new picture? Really cute! Yeah...Barry Manilow used to write a lot of commercial jingles, and says that the only one which was ever rejected was "Hoover vacuums....they really suck."

    cece--this one has settings for wood/hard surfaces, too, which is most of our house. So I am MORE than psyched about it.

    Mr. Fab--that comment...you win. I'm forwarding that one to Mom.

  15. I have one and LOVE it!!!

  16. Ummm ... can your mom, like, adopt me? I've wanted a dyson ever since my best friend got one and it inspired her husband to take over the vacuuming.

    At least that's what he says he's doing with it.

  17. That's a helluva "for no reason" gift. I'd take one.