Friday, March 03, 2006

Y'all, It's HAMMER TIME In The Blogosphere

Can't Touch This.


  1. Hammer is now blog rolled.

    Thank you, Belinda!

  2. NFL freak! Wow, didn't know anything about his current doings. Hasn't he also been on Christian TV or something?

  3. I thought he was a minister. Or was that someone else?

  4. I dont care about professional strikes anymore. As for MCHammer, omgosh my dad, at 70 years old, had a pair of these MCHammer pants! They were so funny. When he died, one of my nephews asked for them & I'm sure still has em.

  5. MC Hammer has a blog???

    Oh, that's priceless.

    What's even more funny is that it's a free blogspot one, and not his own domain name.

    I guess that commercial was right about his 15 seconds of fame.

  6. Cool! I love the pics of him with his son. I believe he is a minister but I'm not sure...haven't seen VH-1 Behind the Music in a while. Youcanttouchthis! :)

  7. Thanks for the heads up, Belinda. I like Hammer! Good for him.

  8. Umm.. I didn't look too hard, but I think it's a joke.

  9. Yeah, I saw this one about a week ago. TOO much!

    Even funnier than the free blogspot site is the fact Hammer has Google Ads. My ads have made me $3.00 in the last 2 months - he MUST be hurtin.


  10. maidink, I'm a hopeless dork. Me, too.

    digi--yeah, I think so. He also did that terrible reality show on VH1.

    erin--again, I think so!

    jane, I would have given a mint to have seen that.

    adena, I know! But it's got all the bells and whistles, and he's moblogging, and posting videos and the whole 9 yards. More than I can do!

    jamie, is that little boy the cutest?

    elizabeth, I keep thinking of that episode of The Simpsons "Behind The Laughter" where Homer buys Hammer's house that he lost in bankruptcy.

    celena, I don't think so--they picked it up at Blogebrity.

    CMC--You never know; even the Dilbert blog has (or had last I checked) Google ads! I took mine down because they kept putting up ads for puppymillers. Can't have that.

  11. Puppymills!! Oh my gosh!

    The worst I had was, after one particular post, 5 ads all about toilet paper. Heh. You can imagine what I'd written about.

  12. Looks real enough to me, with the pics from the radio station during an on-air.

    Hey, it could be worse: how many other one-hit-wonders have ended up tabloid fodder for binging, doping, etc?