Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Spring Is Bustin' Out All Over

And I have the pictures, and the sinus drainage, to prove it. The great news is that yesterday brought a marked (pronounce that 'mark-ed,' inside your head, please) improvement in the whole gettin' off the Effexor train saga. NO nausea, much less vertigo and dizziness, no weird things in my peripheral vision, and only a mild headache. So maybe that horrible day the day before was really the breaking point.

Imagine my surprise when I emerged today, blinking like a mole, out into the bright sunshine of an early spring day in Arkansas and found things like these--click the pictures to enlarge them (bonus points to anyone identifying plants and trees, because I don't know what most of them are):

The above two are shrubs--forsythia? And...something?

I'm thinking...gardenia. Yes? No?

Even those totally dead-looking plants in the koi pond are sprouting fresh green shoots. Anybody know what these water-plants are?

The lovely trees, and there are several along the terraced garden behind the patio, are looking pretty much like my familiar favorite Bradford pears...it's the right time of year for those to be blooming, too.

And speaking of koi, I offer proof--PROOF undeniable, of the Big Mama Koi* that never seems to be visible when other people to whom I have spoken of her existence are present:

See her? Lurking, lurking, I tell you, among the...the whatever-that-plant-is.

There. Caught her, finally, out in the open.

This is what she would look like if someone would just finally invent fish-food that caused them to glow in the dark.

And this is where she goes to hide. I don't know what's under there. Doesn't look like there's room for much, unless... there are hidden caverns full of magical koi and little tiny mermaids underneath my yucca plants! Anyway, most of the fish are about 1/3 her size, maybe 4-5 inches long including their pretty red-and-black tails. See them here, underneath the reflections of the trees? I love them.

*Alex, who should really go post to his own dadgum blog instead of back-seat blogging me, points out that Big Mama Koi is, in all liklihood, male. I just don't care. Big Mama she shall remain, until I see...well, whatever fish have that would prove their manhood. I'll have to look that up.

Also? On this proud day, I am the NUMBER ONE Canadian Google return for "size 38d boobs." Welcome, disappointed Canadian porn-surfers! Take that, Dave Barry! In the number TWO "size 38d boobs" spot on Canadian Google!


  1. Those pictures are seriously beautiful, but oh man, I'm here in Sacramento, California, and the frickin' sneezing has already begun. Accchooooooo to yer pics! Beautiful as they may be! I feel like there are tiny men frolicking amongst my noise hairs, and no matter how many times I squeeze my nose, blow my nose, and/or pick the hell outta my noise, they elude my grasp, slippery little bastards. And, ACCCHOOOO! Dammit!

  2. Ahhhh... spring. What is this spring that you speak of???

    Love the garden - and the koi! But no, I do not know how to take care of them. You might want to see my friend Mojotek (in my links under Mojo), he has a whole bunch of them and could help you out!

    LOVE the new header, too, LOL

  3. Yes, they are lovely pictures, but do you also have pictures of the sinus drainage? That is what I was led to believe in the opening statement.

    Congratulations to one or more of your boobs for making the canadian big time!

  4. simply lovely - I think this new home suits you. can't wait to see more pics as summer comes.

  5. Terraced Gardens eh? How very Pride and Predjudice of you!!!! Beautiful pics, I am sure you will enjoy the pond a lot. Mom loves hers minus when the snakes come and eat her fish.

  6. Pretty - can you post more photos of your new house?

    I'm glad the worst of the coming off the Efflexor is over - will you feel better without it?

  7. What lovely flowers! The gardenia is definitely a gardenia (I think!).
    Glad you are feeling more yourself!

  8. If your sinuses need a break come on up here--we've got something like 18 more weeks of winter left. *sigh*

    And I dig the Koi Polloi. So very zen.

  9. lol I love the 38d boob thing! That's hilarious! I think you are right about the gardenia...but the rest I have no clue about. The only reason I know the gardenia (does it smell really good?) is because we had gardenia bushes at my wedding. They made the reception area smell really great!

  10. Wow....trully Wow! What an awesome post, written so well with beautiful pictures to enhance it. I can't wait for spring to hit us here in WNY. I can just smell your gardenia. So interesting to hear your experience coming off the effexor as well. I've been on it for over two years now, tried to go off a year ago and couldn't . I need to see if there are any updates on options for me. The vertigo was the worst. Great blog. I'll definetely be back.

  11. Oh - I wanted to let you know about the whole vertigo thing... if you're still experiencing it, ask your doctor for a rx for meclazine - it's what got me up and off the couch. I still have it occasionally, but the meclazine really does help with the dizzy, world going wild, swimming in an ocean kind of sensation. Pictures are awesome!

  12. Gorgeous! I'm so jealous. It's still snowing here and it'll be June before we see anything like those blossoms.... gaaa. Gives me hope though.

  13. I'm am jealous of your Candian conquest. I think I shall go blog about my boobs.

    ...as if today's undie photo wasn't enough.

    I want Koi too.

    I'd name it Didgit.

  14. Yes, that is a Gardenia. Mine is getting ready to bloom and I love their scent. My Mums and Amaryllis are blooming also (I have added some photos of them at my flickr site). I love spring and when all the flowers are blooming. Down here everywhere you look the Azaleas are beautiful right now.

    I like your Koi pond. We had a vet fish vet that worked for us for a couple years (yes, operated on them and everything). Do you know what they pay for those big Koi? I would not pay that kind of money for a fish. I do not have good luck with fish (my cat eats them), so I just do without.

    What a thing to be #1 for:o)

  15. QofS--OH MY GOSH. There is one other big fish, half the size of Big Mama, a paler orange with black spots. That fish is henceforth Didgit forevermore. For The Count!! DIDGIT!! (I'm assuming the 'g' is soft?)

    I am also the American Google Smackdown Champion (and second-place) for "aluminum underpants". With quotes, if you want to check.

    marian--but we're already sneezing, and will continue until next December! We had, maybe 5 days that felt like actual winter. I am living in fear of what this summer will bring in the way of oppressive heat and soul-crushing humidity. And mosquitos.

    Spider--thanks, I actually have some Meclizine, and it hadn't occurred to me to TAKE it. DUH moment.

    maryanne, thanks! I enjoyed my visit to your space, as well!

    melissa--install a stat counter on your blog, follow the "referrals," and glory in the weirdness of the way people find you.

    stef--Koi Polloi!!! I am so appropriating that phrase for use from here to perpetuity! Let's see...the orange ones shall be the Koi Polloi, and the red ones, oh, I don't know...they'll have to be the Scritti Politti or something.

    leslie--coming soon! We'll be working more on Bella's room (it's a challenge) this week, and I'm going to get some of the pea-soup color off the hearthroom walls! And judging by how I'm feeling each day, I'd say that I'll do great being Effexor-free. Thanks for asking.

    britt--does that make Alex my Mr. Darcy? Somehow, I can't picture it. He will now read this and inform me that he has "refinement and sophistication coming out of his..." well, orifices.

    VG--thanks, I'm settling in, and Spring is making me happier every day!

    Mr. Fab--the search was for "boobs", plural, so I'm assuming they've both made the big-time. And I couldn't figure out quite how to photograph the drainage down the back of my throat, but I PROMISE you this: Blogged photos of me using my Neti pot. Soon.

    laurie--I will check him out, thanks! And spring is what we have for about 2 weeks before a brutal cold snap, followed by 2 more weeks of spring and then SURFACE OF THE SUN HEAT until November.

    jessica--believe it or not, according to the CDC, Little Rock, Arkansas is the "most allergic" (or however you express that we have the most stuff that triggers allergies) spot in the entire US of A, so I feel your pain!!!

  16. Kim--wait a minute--am I missing an opportunity at some serious money? Will my small koi not grow up to be big koi eventually? And seriously--operate on a FISH? For reals?

  17. I saw your pictures and instantly my sinuses clogged up. I hate spring.

    Dman allergies.

    Of course, then you hit 38D boobs and I cleared right up.

    Boobs are the magic cure.

  18. Congratulations on the notoriety of your boobs (we Canadians obviously have good taste in cleavage) and the signs of spring! We have blossoms, too -- and nasty cold, wet rain today. :(

  19. I love this post--truly. And I am more than a little jealous of the koi pond...


    I only knew the forsythia.

    Because I am a botanist on the side...

  20. I believe your small Koi will grow large as long as they remain healthy. The price depends on size and coloration. Most of these fish are over the $100,000 range.

    She had clients that would travel to Japan and purchase a Koi. They would then pay for 2 seats on the return trip, one for them and one for the cooler with the Koi.

    There is a liquid anesthetic that is pulsated over the gills and they can operate on them. It is very interesting and she would lecture all over the world on fish care.

  21. I want a koi pond. However, the temperatures here in Illinois in the winter don't really lend themselves to a legit koi pond. More like a pond of koicicles.

  22. I truly want to comment on the flora and fauna and fabulous fotography (sticking with the F theme here) and yet I'm stuck ONCE AGAIN on boobs. And google. I think I'll call myself wasting another evening on googling boobs. When are they just gonna satisfy the porn crowd and give them booble.com?

  23. B,

    Try some Rescue Remedy...you can find it at any natural food store. You might even want to try a liver detox/cleanse. All these SSRI's...etc. are metabolized by our livers. Drink lots of water, take a good multi-vitamin with some Omega 3 fatty acids and be good to yourself:) Don't let that Effexor have such a negative power over you. Kick it in the ass, girl!

    Love the spring in bloom photos...and the koi, too! Spring is such a lovely season.

  24. LOL... I never thought to check my own self on google. BRB

  25. Beautiful pond! I'm envious!

  26. Hey! Wait! I am canadian and a 38D! Stop stealing my glory you Belinda you!

    Beautiful spring you've got going on there. And the fish? So pretty. We want a pond, but the prospect of putting it in - too much. We do have broody hens though.

  27. Booble.com! I love it. Yup, I have to say that the boobs caught my eye, too. Sad but true...

    I love your photos of the spring flowers, oh, how I wish spring was here. We should start melting in about another 2-3 weeks, and the trees will bud out mid May.

    Also, I had NO idea Koi were worth so much. At the hot springs in Telluride, CO (near my grandparents' house) they had this huge pool with lots of humongous Koi. I've always liked them. Your new house sounds amazing!

  28. kevin--appparently, as long as the water doesn't freeze *solid*, they do fine. You just don't SEE them, so you THINK they're dead. When our ice storm hit, there was a sheet of ice a good inch thick on that pond. There's also a rule about having a log, or plants, or something in the water that reaches through the ice. You see how good I am at this.

    Dan! Dan is back, peoples! Let there be much rejoicing, and mayhem in the streets, I love him so. I offered privately to just have a virtual boobfest whenever he went into hiding, but he confessed to being a good "faker" so I guess we won't be doing that. But if you'd like, ladies, stop over by Dan's place and flash him quickly.

    andrea--your rain is here! the very next day! The temp hasn't dropped tremendously, but it is much cooler, which is good, because the downstairs AC unit is not functioning. Thank God for the Homeowner's Warranty.

    melora, I missed thanking you for your lovely words yesterday. I think that you may be the politest blogger on the whole world-wide interweb.

    zeldafitz liked something *I* wrote! Now I'm all self-conscious, and from here on out it's gonna suck for a while, like if you were playing street hoops and Michael Jordan came by and said, "Hey, good game," and you'd then be unable to dribble except from your mouth, and your freethrows would all be "granny style."

    "...because I am a botanist on the side." She KILLS me.

    kim, you have got to be kidding me. Not about the fish surgery, although, WHAT THE HECK? Who even TEACHES that? I'm in vet school, I want to specialize, and I chooooooooose...FISH! Who'd a thunk it? But seriously, a $100 Grand goldfish? You gotta be kidding me.

    mochaaaaa--you are seriously ON to something with Booble.com. You should suggest it to them, and make them buy the idea. Then our searches would not be tainted, school filters would not be so lame, and you would be rich and could take us allllll to Mazatlan!

    Dunnster, I actually have RR in the house, and hadn't thought to use it. Delta gets it during thunderstorms. And there are three giant bottles of Udo's Oil in the fridge right now! Oh! I've outed us as semi-granolas!

    n8iv--seriously? You've never done a vanity Google? It's great fun. And if you also Google your email addresses and handles (like this one), you will find some interesting stuff. But for the true weirdness, check back on a stat-counter for the origins of your site's visitors. That's how I found the Google searches on my blog.

    jon--I can take zero credit for the pond or any of the flora. It all conveyed with the house!

    jess--apparently you're not TALKING about your boobs enough, or showing pictures of them in a Bad Monkey t-shirt. Which you should definitely have.

    erin s--the new place is definitely interesting, a little more every day. And you know the most beautiful summer of my life, scenery-wise,was spent in Alaska. Good golly, that place is something. PLEASE don't let W. get his hands on it and make it into a giant Exxon station. (And I loved voyeuring at your wedding and honeymoon pics! You've been married as long as we have!)