Thursday, March 09, 2006

Pillow Talk: Dreamstate

After about 4 straight days of essentially zero sleep, I pulled an Alex and slipped into unconsciousness shortly after dinner tonight. When I woke up, it was 11:00, and Alex was in bed next to me, watching "The X-Files."

Me: "Oh, my gosh, this dream I just had! It was so sad!"

Alex: "Don't talk directly into my face. You have sleep-breath."

Me: "Don't you want to hear about my dream? I dreamed you died!"

Alex: (sighs and pauses the TiVo and focuses his attention)

Me: "Well, you didn't die IN the dream. I mean, the dream wasn't about you dying. What it was about, is I was in some kind of workshop online, where a bunch of women were making photo-journals of anything they wanted, and my entire photo-journal was full of pictures of scenes in New Orleans and especially this beautiful, super-luxurious hotel, which does not even exist in real life..."

Alex: (interrupting) "Well, there is that 5-star hotel there..."

Me: "Not the point. It was a dream-place, not a real place."

Alex: "I'm just saying, one of the best-rated luxury hotels in the country is..."

Me: "NOT THE POINT. The point is, you were dead." (he finally hushes) "Anyway, people kept asking me why my journal was all about New Orleans and this hotel..."(I begin to tear up as I tell it. Seriously.) "And I don't want to talk about it, but I just look at all the pictures as I put the project together, and I'm so sad...and they keep asking, so I finally tell them" (pausing to wipe away the tears from my eyes) "that I collected all these pictures because this was the last place I remember being truly happy, because it was the last place my husband and I went together before he died, nigh on to a year ago today..."(small sob). "I missed you SO much in this dream, and I don't even know what killed you." (*sniff*)

Alex: (looking deeply and sincerely into my eyes) "Overdramaticism?"

Alex has the rest of the story at his place.


  1. That man deserves a night on the sofa to think about all the meanie things he said to you. Man, didn't he see you crying? Harumph! You SURE you want to quit me?

  2. I never quit you, you loon. And yes, I shall keep him, for he makes me laugh. And that, my friend, is how he stays out of BIG trouble.

  3. You know... just one time... i'd love to be a fly on the wall when you two are having these talks.

  4. I don't know why you were tearing up. You know that if anything ever happened to him, I could step right in and we wouldn't miss a beat :)

  5. I don't know why you were tearing up. You know that if anything ever happened to him, I could step right in and we wouldn't miss a beat :)

    Verification: FCKIKUIP

  6. Ah yes, the Windsor Court Hotel... what killed him would have been the bill he received at check-out. :-)

  7. How creepy.

    Dreams like that freak me out.

  8. I love when I can remember a dream enough to blog about it or tell Katie about it. Sadly, that doesn't happen nearly enough. Actually, considering some of the weird dreams I do remember, I can only imagine how bad the ones are that I forget.

  9. I seriously hope you don't do online shopping in your sleep.

    Check your credit card statement immediately. :)

  10. Really though the best part is on his blog! You guys are tripleAAA Awesome!

  11. Dan, so you think I'm not telling you the whole story? ;-)

    Mr. Fab--Would Mrs. Fab come along? And could we convince HER to be "the wife?" Because, honestly, the role makes me tired, and I have often considered getting a wife of my own.

    Dave--you may be on to something, but it wasn't the W.C., I tell you! It was an imaginary dream-hotel!

    Laurie, I have uber-dramatic tragedy dreams on a regular basis.

    kevin--I wonder if any studies have been done on gender differences in remembering dreams? I know a lot of men who say they "don't dream," or don't remember their dreams. But I don't know ANY women who say that!

    adena--I hope not, too. Have you heard the latest Ambien news, about the lawsuits and the SLEEP-DRIVING?

    jess--Alex is all puffed up now. Who knows, maybe he will post something NEXT month, too!