Saturday, March 04, 2006

Paul Davidson: To Read Him Is To Love Him

Enjoy Pauly D. now; avoid the rush! And participate, if you like, in the GBBMC (Grassroots Blogger Book Marketing Campaign...what? You didn't know that?), to promote Pauly's next book, to be released in May. This also happens to be shaping up into a fun, thought-provoking writing exercise planned for a solid week in April. Are you listening, zeldafitz? You want to do this. The rules are explained on Kevin's site, in this post, and I'll be sporting this spiffy badge in my sidebar for the next several weeks just to keep the information available and the "game" on your minds:Who is Paul Davidson? Well, until last year, I didn't know, either. And believe it or not, I only discovered him after he left a comment here. (How he stumbled across me, I cannot IMAGINE.) And not fully even then, because to comment here, he used a Blogger I.D. that didn't go anywhere--dead end. It wasn't until I saw him pop up in the comments on Dave's blog that I put two and two together. When Dave realized that this "Pauly D." was "the" Paul Davidson, he seemed close to peeing on himself (and he may have, for all I know--I'll leave it to him to reveal that intimate detail, or not), so I figured I'd best book it on over to Pauly D.'s place and check him out.

People, I have NEVER LOOKED BACK. OK, I've looked back, but, you know, fondly. His blog, "Words For My Enjoyment," is just a completely unique breath of fresh air with each new post. He's smart, funny, sharp-witted, and absolutely knows how to turn a word or phrase to its best advantage. I have a feeling that if they started a World Scrabble Tour, he would totally kick butt in the Celebrity Edition on cable. AND: Pauly D. knows things.

You can presently read Paul Davidson in the following places (click images to link there):



*I think it was the connection to Wired Magazine that put Dave's bladder-control in jeopardy; it was my discovery of the pieces in Mental Floss that had me squealing like a schoolgirl at my "brush with greatness." Alex and I luuuuvs us some Mental Floss--and this month's issue has 10 pages of Pauly! (Oh, and hey, Pauly? I totally knew about the marigold-egg yolk connection already. Yaaaay for me! And also? A fresh egg from a free-range chicken not only has a more vividly colored yolk than a grocery store egg, but the yolk "stands up" taller as well. Trivia-rific!)


  1. Very cool. Thanks for the hard link to the contest, Belinda! Here's hoping others sign up as a result.

  2. Oooh, nice! I just spent too much time on Pauly's blog, reading away. Great find.

    Another site bookmarked. Thanks for the link! Am checking out the contest now.

  3. Why do you torture me so? You KNOW I've just started a new blog, take 2 classes, teach full time, and STILL try to keep up my Ninja Poodle Obsession.

    Why? Why?

  4. Belinda,

    Do me a favor and drop me another e-mail at kapgar5 [at] hotmail [dot] com so I have you e-mail saved for future contest notifications.

    I'm having trouble finding it here.

  5. How have I never heard of Mental Floss? It looks exactly like the kind of magazine I would love! I'll be heading to Barnes & Noble first thing tomorrow.

    Paul Davidson is the kind of writer I'd like to be some day.Thanks for the info!

  6. Kevin, me too! I'm going to invite a non-blogger or two to share space with me, as well, because I think they'd have some great contributions. We're talking 5 posts total, right? Monda thru Friday. What fun! can have whole Lost Weekends going through Pauly D's archives. Set an alarm, and let others know where you will be.

    mochaaaaa--you know you want to play. Come on. You have a MONTH to work on it, 5 little posts. That's IT! You know you wanna. And I'm so glad you've joined us out here in the wide wide world! Your blog is so fabulous, it deserves (and we deserve IT) to be shared with the world beyond MSN!! I think I was able to leave ONE successful comment there, out of many tries, on many successive days. Start a revolution , and bring your smart, eloquent MSN Spaces friends with you! Oh, and "Why?" I'm just mean, that's why.

    Elizabeth--it's the best little magazine nobody ever heard of. Alex and I got turned onto it through some internet source...I saw it mentioned somewhere, with a link, where they offered a "free trial issue," and that was ALL she wrote. I love their tag line, which is "feel smart." Not get smarter, not BE smart, but FEEL smart. It's just chock full of trivia on topics and people that make you feel smart for knowing those things! And it's always, always funny.

    If you're magazine buying at B&N anyway, check out another of my favorites that no one knows about, "Bookmarks" magazines. Or by a copy of "Poodle Variety." Whatever.

  7. Girl, I am listening, as always, thanks for the heads-up.