Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Painted Into A Corner, Part Two

Hearthroom Corner After
Originally uploaded by ninjapoodles.
Part The Second: After. With "Flowerpot" on the fireplace wall, and "Hopsack" on the other. The Flowerpot reaches all the way along that long wall and around the kitchen. This will be our dining area, and if we have guests, we can rearrange some furniture in this large room, putting the table in the center, in front of the fireplace, and adding up to 4 leaves. We have no plans of doing this.

Oh, and see that picture on the wall, there? It's one of my favorites. It's a limited edition, signed print of a cotton field and some workers and a cart...I love it. Here's where you come in, Internets. See the next post.


  1. I like it! A LOT!! But "firepace" instead of "fireplace" TWICE? Is there a reason?

  2. I think "firepace" goes with "fowerpot".

    I really like the Flowerpot and Hopsack together, very nice contrast. Much better than the pea soup.

  3. You did a wonderful job!! It's perfect!

  4. Nice color combo! I like it! You should check out some of my older Flickr sets and see what we did to our spare bedroom. Actually, that may not be on Flickr, that may be on my old photo site, which I should seriously consider moving to Flickr.

  5. I love the colors, nicely done! It makes your floors look incrediable too!

  6. AAUUUUGH! All right, I have to fix that! For some reason, when I prop the laptop up on my knees to type (instead of having it lie flat), the 'K' and 'L' keys are not as responsive.

    But usually I catch it, and give them a good whack!! Kim and Celena...on my list. ;-)