Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Overheard In North Little Rock

At Haverty's Furniture store:

Man: "Oh, that's a really small town...does it even have enough people to count as a town?"

Woman: "Oh, gosh--there can't be more than a hundred people, including the animals."


  1. LOL I think counting the animals is perfectly logical, Belinda. They're often the best neighbors anyway.

  2. Oh, but I am not allowed to make fun of Arkansas?

    This is sooo no fair! LOL

  3. lol. but do they let the animals vote in elections? or run for office?

    i remember that not too long ago in Rabbit Hash KY they elected a dog as mayor-- but i don't think that the animals were permitted to vote. the humans did that all by themselves.

  4. Wow, even the farms are underpopulated. Cryin' shame!

  5. I wonder what town they were talking about, maybe mine...

  6. Look!! It's a live video feed of a bald eagle nest. It's the coolest thing ever!



  7. It sounds corny, but there's a nugget of truth in what our respondent says...

  8. And...Dan gets my brain...scary for him! I just loved how she said "people including animals." I was thinking, "what about the ones that are just jerks?"

    And for Mr. Fab--no, you are not. And since she was talking about having just moved here, she was just as likely from your neck of the woods as mine!

    One of the things I love about my husband is that he continually refers to the dogs and horses as "people" in conversation, without realizing it. As in, "Delta, I *know* you're the one who took that loaf of bread off the counter, because you were the only person in here last night."

  9. My grandparents lived in Woodruff County, AR and when you'd get to the road where their house was located there was a sign for the community where they lived: "Grays, Pop. 25". I swore they counted my grandmother's barn cats in that 25.