Sunday, March 05, 2006

The (Mostly) Good Weekend

Saturday was a great day, even with the crawly fuzz-brain. I am literally counting the days since the last bit of Effexor entered my body. But for some reason, Saturday was not too bad on that count.

We had to first go to the drugstore to get my Klonopin, which I've decided is an important factor in powering through the Effexor withdrawal; the other two being Vicodin and NOT MOVING YOUR HEAD OR EYEBALLS. There we experienced a first, which was, after being denied by Mean Mommy the purchase of a (KING-SIZED) Snickers bar, my sobbing daughter moved her tearful 3-year-old self to the end of the counter and asked pitifully of the teenage cashier, "Miss Girl? I want a candy barrrr *sob*, and my mommy said no *sob*, can I have one pleeeeease?" Teenage Cashier handled it very well, I thought, with a reply of, "Oh, no, Sweetie, if I did that, then I would get in trouble!" Which was good, because Alex and I were both laughing so hard we couldn't speak, and serving as perfectly useless ambassadors for the parenting community.

Then, when we were on our way to lunch, as she was still doing her woe is me act about the candy bar, I said, "Bella, we're going to lunch. Right NOW." To which she replied, "But what about meeeee?" Lord help me, I was speechless. For about a second. I hurriedly assured her, "Well, Honey, you're coming, too!" Her response? "Oh! Great!" The child thought...what? That we were going to leave her in the car while we went into a restaurant and enjoyed a leisurely meal? Wow, that kid's mind weaves patterns I rarely anticipate. So she got to pick the place, which was Chili's, so she could have pasta and broccoli. OK, then. We had a nice lunch, and only one correction of toddler ettiquette, which was calling out for the waitress in this fashion: "Hey, Woman!" Of course, this is often how her father gets my attention, so I can understand her thinking it's proper usage.

After a trip to Wal-Mart and yet another pilgrimage back to the "other house" for yet another truckload of STUFF, and a stop by the feed store and butcher's, we stopped by a little strip of shops on the rural highway on the way home. Alex sent me into a tiny convenience store for milk and sour cream.

Me: "Do you have any cash?"

Alex: "Yeah, here." (hands me a couple of once-folded bills from his wallet)

Me: "I'm getting what, now? Milk, sour cream...anything else?"

Alex: "No, that's it. Why?"

Me: "How much of each are you hoping for?"

Alex: (getting slightly impatient) "Just a gallon of milk, and a container of sour cream! WHY?"

Me: "Well, I just wondered, because you gave me $40 just now."

Alex: " What?!? (checks wallet) Gimme it back!"

At this point, I shut the door and headed inside, because of what is next to that particular convenience store--and that is a divine little coffee shop that has no right to exist and flourish the way it does in the location it's in, but thank heavens it does. It was almost closing time, and I asked hopefully and tentatively, "Do you have any scones left?" And they did! My day was getting better and better! And you know how they say it's "the little things" that matter? Well, I ordered two each of cinnamon, blueberry, and cranberry-orange scones, and the nice man said, "Since we're about to close, I'll just give you three of each." SCORE.

Then we came home and my husband grilled his ethereal steaks, although now I realize that I bought T-bones at the butcher, when they should have been ribeyes, but they were still delicious. The man is a grillmaster. Bella ate up some steak, which is nice for us, since her protein intake leaves a little to be desired, usually. And we had Choco-Tacos for dessert, because the tiny country convenience store actually had those! The best commercially-made frozen treat ever, which is for some reason very rare in these parts. Double-and-triple score!And then--and THEN--I find a totally unsolicited and generous offer in my email inbox from Sheryl at Paper Napkin, who says, "You know, I have a neat banner I could do with some of your "Flying Dogs" photos." And then, WHAM, there it was! And there it is, at the top, now! Cool, huh? Between that and the components and images that Karen has designed, and the work she will be doing in the near future here, my redesign is going to be fantastic. SCOOOORE!!

Today has been much less stellar, with more swimminess and brain-scrambling, and grouchiness in the entire family, but still nice. Now to watch the SNL episode we TiVo'd during the Oscars, and the weekend shall be complete.


  1. Oh that's just great... now I want a Choco Taco!!

    You are evil... EVIL I SAY!! :-)

  2. So, you sent me to zeldafitz (good one, btw) and I see her great design and think, "I want one!" and find out where she got it, send Troll Baby an email today, and ZING! there you've got a new banner, and are here hawking Karen and... and... WE ARE LIVING PARALLEL LIVES.

    Ima git me a choco taco to fulfill everything else about you, me, us. Life will be complete.

  3. If the most evil I do in the world is to give you and Bad Monkey a Choco-Taco jones...well, Dave, I guess I can live that.

    mocha-girl, you know what? It was the zeldafitz design that made ME email Troll Baby! Ha! And are you reading Paper Napkin yet? Sheryl is fabu, and she did the banner. Wait 'til you see the stuff Karen did, that will be added once she's back from her week of debauchery. And HEY--When I saw the ice cream case at the store, *I* said, "Ima git git git git me some Choco Taco!" I tried not to think about my lovely lady lumps at the time, cuz that's where the ice cream went, I'm sure.

  4. You know, I absolutely love every unbelievable funny post you make. I doubt I'd be so chipper if I were going through withdrawal from what sounds like a seriously evil drug.

    The new banner kicks butt, and I'll now have to visit this zeldafitz and find troll baby and I think I'm confused because I don't know if Karen IS trollbaby or not, but regardless - you did NOT get ME with the choco-taco... (Only because I have Ben & Jerry's in the freezer :P)


  5. Mmmm Choco Tacos.... *drool*

  6. Erin, coming from you, well... that is praise of the highest order. Now, can I have a candy barrrrrrr? Pleeeeeeeze?

    Melissa--are you aware of a local grocery that sells these things? Not like I need them, but...dang.

  7. Perrrty dogs you gots up there at the top!!

  8. Chocolate...taco. I'm going to be thinking about that all day. LOVE the new banner, by the way!! At least Bella said "Miss Girl..." that's so cute. (LOL on "Hey, Woman!" at Chili's!)

  9. I like your new banner, very cool!! Will have to check out Parer Napkins site.

  10. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your withdrawal from Effexor symptoms. I've been reading for a while, but it wasn't until you mentioned that you felt like you were swimming that I made the connection that I too was suffering from the same issues. I did a web search and came across "SSRI discontinuation syndrome" - you might want to read up on it. I've been to eight specialists and not one of them connected my stopping effexor with the fact that I got vertigo so badly I couldn't walk for a while... they couldn't tell me what was wrong with me.

    I did find that B vitamins, choline and lechitin supplements could help... so I'm off to the store to pick some up, again, THANK YOU.... your blog might have just saved me from so much more misery!

  11. Hey, I lurves the new banner.

    Sneaky, sneaky, child you got. I hate it when a kid does that to me. I can't say "No" to those big eyes and then I get in trouble with the parent. Sigh.

  12. Hey! I love your new banner and let me just say, Karen at Troll Baby Graphics RULES. She worked so hard and really came thru for me. And, more importantly, she's nice. She'll do ya proud.

  13. Loving the banner! And LOL at Bella's "Hey Woman", my husband calls me that too.

    Mmm, Choco Tacos! And Scones! And steak! I'm so hungry now.

  14. love the new banner. so funny.

    kids are hilarious when they take the things we say so literally. good story.

  15. Celena, those are not mine, but belong to/were bred by friends: The flying one is Stormy, a toy poodle, and the big goof with the stick is friend Barb's beloved "Yogi," a standard poodle. We have one more to sneak in when we find just the right image.

    Between this and Karen's redesign, I will be so stylin' in a couple of weeks!

    Jamie, they are divine, the Choco-Tacos. They used to sell them as dessert at Taco Bell, but no more. And all the way home in the truck: "Bella--what do we call a lady if we don't know her name?"
    "S'cuse me MA'AM."
    And what if it's a man?
    "S'cuse me SIR."
    So far she seems to think that "excuse me" is part of the honorific, but I'll take it!

    Kim, she's good with the banners. So is Karen at Troll Baby Graphics, but I was not giving her what she needed to work with for the banner. Sheryl just did one and said, "here!" and it was too cute. I think Karen will like it too, and it will work well with what she's already designed (wait 'til you see what she did with Bella).

    spider--you're welcome, but all I did was blab about whatever crosses my path, as I am wont to do. But you are right that people need to talk about this! My pdoc was clueless about the withdrawal. Clueless. Which makes me think patients don't even tell their docs! B Vitamins, yes, and in the beginning, I had awful aching legs (as do a lot of Effexor-leavers), and magnesium helped. Check out the site and discussion boards at, and be astounded at the wealth of knowledge and experience being shared by patients.

    Pat, remind me not to leave you alone with The Tiny Manipulator.

    zelda--I keep asking Karen, "Can we do this? We probably can't do that, huh?" And she just says cheerily, "The sky's the limit!" I'm astounded that people learn this stuff. I jump up and down whenever I can put an image in my sidebar AND make it a hard link. Took me 30 minutes to get that "Lost Blogs" thing over there.

    elizabeth--yeah, this was a food-centric post, wasn't it?

    ally--yup, you gotta watch what you say. And Alex is BAD about saying outlandish things and not realizing that his daughter will BELIEVE him.

  16. I adore the cool. A choco taco sounds great right about now. Yummmmmmy.

  17. We have never seen choco tacos and now we want them. Now.

    Love the new baner. It just needs one poodle throwing a ninja star, and you're all set!

    That Bella, she's a pip. Leave her behind while you go eat in a restaurant. What goes on in that child's mind? I do love that she asked for a candy bar from the clerk rather than steal one, like MY delightful daughter did. Sigh.

  18. Thanks for reminding me about Choco Tacos!!

  19. Your new banner is great!!!

    I went to dinner with my friend, Dana and her daughter, once... the waitress came and said hello to DeeDee. DeeDee (being only 4) looked at her and said, "Excuse me, you will address me as Miss Dee, or you will NOT address me at all!"

    She got it from a movie we had watched earlier that morning... we about DIED with laughter and the waitress genuflected and addressed her as "Miss Dee" the entire meal.


  20. Choco-Tacos oh so ROCK!!!!

    *maidink grabs the dinks, jumps in the saturn, and heads for the local wawa*

  21. Pretty banner! Sheryl does good work, doesn't she? I swear, that woman has more creativity in her little toe than most of us have in our whole bodies!

  22. Great new banner.
    My son is with you on the Choco-Tacos -- he asks for them every time Ed buys lotto tickets at the gas station. I'd ask for them too, but ice cream doesn't like me.
    The "hey woman" is a hoot! I expect it caught the waitresses attention, anyway.