Saturday, March 25, 2006

Madness, Indeed

It's taken me this long to talk about it because it was so disturbing. I am referring to the unsettling display of schadenfreude by my husband, in the aftermath of the LSU/Duke "upset." The play-by-play, the color commentary, the camerawork, and, indeed, the officiating for the entire game had been all about Duke. If you watched, you know this. If you didn't, just trust me. Whenever things went Duke's way, well, that was God's Plan. When LSU managed to get in there and do something, it was a fluke; it was Duke "letting" it happen; Duke was having "a bad night." My point is, the coverage of this game? Kinda one-sided.

So when the game was over, LSU having won in an upset, it was like the network just couldn't reconcile itself to the fact. The cameras stayed on Duke players, fans, and their coach--the one with the name spelled something like "krcvczkrzwskyz" and pronounced something like "Johnson." The camera was particularly transfixed on J. J. Reddick*, who was openly weeping. And this is what I heard from my normally loving, emotionally generous and empathetic husband:

"Awww. Is J. J. Reddick crying? Poor baby." He pauses momentarily, and when he resumes, I swear he sounds just a little bit like Gollum.

"I wish someone would save those tears in a jar, and mail them to me, so I could taste them. I bet they taste sweet."

At least he didn't say, "Precioussssss."

*Star player for Duke, called by Sports Illustrated "the most-reviled man in college basketball," but said by those who know him to actually be a nice sort of guy.


  1. I was hootin' and hollerin' for LSU! GO TIGERS!!!

  2. "I wish someone would save those tears in a jar, and mail them to me, so I could taste them. I bet they taste sweet."

    It might sound like Gollum, but it reads like Hannibal Lecter.

    And yet, I find myself agreeing with Alex.

  3. Guess you and Alex haven't watched too any Redsox Yankees games if this kind of reportage surprises you. EVERY game with the Yankess assumes they will win. The umpires are so unfair and make such bad calls because the Yankees always win. Except they don't always win and they play like cheaters and they absolutely are the most horrible sore losers in the world and WE HATE THEM.

    I'm not a Duke fan, either, but I hate basketball so I don't much care who wins as long as the Women's games are represented.

  4. Oh Belinda, he's a GUY! What do we ultimately expect? Actually don't ask me tonight- mine Hubby, who is usually (95% of the time) Dr Jekyl, has turned into Mr Hyde today. It is so unsettling! His 94 year old Dad is here for the weekend- it is their joint birthday, I, of course, am laying on a party and his "appreciative" response involves morphing into some snotty seven year old who imitates every passive aggressive move his Dad makes and reduces me to tears of total frustration, also because, how can I get mad at a 94 year old?
    I need me some nurturing! And there is none around here this weekend.
    Bella's pictures are amazing! Really. Is it that uncluttered child eye? Or having no pre-conceived ideas thrust on her from the culture yet?
    And, tell me about life with a black standard poodle sometime. Our perfect Frankie is 9 and a half years old. He is fine so far but I am thinking ahead. So far the only criteria are big and black. Why why why can't they live forever?
    I will shut up now- take care!
    Grammacello, who is performing in a ten part cello-only piece in a couple of weeks!

  5. Florida is in the Elite Eight!

    Sorry. I couldn't help myself.

  6. I've read studies about Schadenfruede and sports fans.. it's real.

    I'm guilty of it! LOL

  7. Go George Mason! I have never heard of Mason until now. Isn't that GREAT!

  8. I thought I knew, but Alex assures me that I was thinking of JAMES Mason. No relation.

  9. Haha, Yay George Mason!!

    Everyone's brackets are COMPLETELY f'd up....

    If someone picked THAT one, they totally deserves buckets of money.

  10. Sorry, I hate Duke with a passion. So I'm on your husband's side on this one.

    I don't hate J.J. Reddick. Actually, the Dukester I hate the most was from a way's back... Christian Laettner. Bastard.

  11. Hilarious! Men take their sports so seriously, it is funny to me : )

  12. The LSU fight song was playing at Melissa's house...she is the LSU fan...NOT Rob! When of her friends that went to LSU rings her cell phone she has it programmed to play their fight during a game she keeps making that darn thing ring!

  13. George Mason is EVIL--they eliminated UNC. As for Reddick--he's scary with those 3 pointers but Duke really faded right there at the end of the season. They should have been unstoppable. When UNC beat them, at Duke, late in the season, Chapel Hill (UNC hometown) went into a frenzy!

    I work with two guys that went to LSU and they were walking on air that next day, Belinda. I'm sorry that your husband had a bad night with that game.

  14. One word (or is it three?): GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY!!!!!!!!!!! Not only is it a local team of a fan, but it's a great Cinderella story! So heartwarming!

  15. Dave...Alex had a fiiiiine time watching Duke lose, and that's what was so scary! He lurved it!

    And yep, I love a Cinderella story (seriously--I even watched the MOVIE, "Cinderella Story." All the way through.)

    Alex's bracket was busted when GMU won, but he didn't mind.