Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'll Be Here All Week, Folks!

I swear, she was good ALL DAY. Really. Even while I was painting. Even while I was on the phone with the too-awesome-for-words Kelly. Even while I fed horses, took care of dogs, everything! She was! If I'm saying that as if it's an unusual state of affairs, it's because lately? IT IS. I have photographic proof, and post-traumatic stress to prove it. Anyway, today she was good almost until BEDTIME. It was a record. And then; and then...well, to see the whole series of events unfold, you can check the latest pics in the flickr set. They speak for themselves.


  1. the kids, the toddlers. i love them.


  2. Ok, so don't you think that, now that we, as digital mothers, take photos of everything "bad" that they do, that we're maybe not encouraging the behaviour, just a little bit?!? No? Am I wrong?!?

  3. Bella was good, oh I'm sooo jealous! Mine was a total toot head yesterday.

  4. When you're that cute, "bad" is the new "good."

  5. I always loved being clean. ;)

  6. When you're caught doin' bad, arrange a photo-op.

    I see a career in politics for Bella.

  7. she's so flipping cute. I just wanna squeeeeeeeeeze

  8. She's the definition of sassy!

  9. Jen, yes. Yes, they are.

    Celena, extreeeeemely good point. She also said something yesterday that was so wrong (not profanity), but so funny, that I actually had to turn my back on her to scold her so she wouldn't see me laughing. Not Good. Be afraid. Be very afraid. I've seen the look in ZKB's eyes.

    kari, but she's so cuuuuuuute!! Drives ya nuts, dunnit?

    zelda, I know. We're totally doomed.

    dan...what went wrong? ;-)

    sue, there are even more indicators than that. I fear. I fear.

    QOS, how soon should you stop, with the squeezing? ;-)

    dixie, you're making me think of that old SNL Phil Hartman sketch: "SASSSAAAAAYYYYY!"

  10. Don't make me try too hard to live up to that expectation. Boy howdy, that's a lot to ask.

    Bella Baby is cute in that way that makes my uterus ache (oof) and my cheeks hurt. Oh, and my neck have a pain but in the way where I'm tilting my head sideways and cooing at the screen.

    Keep Bella away from the crazy lady with the pained uterus, cheeks, neck and head. Oy.

  11. LOVED the photo!

    The flicker photo of her being held by her grandma is one of the photos that she looks so much like you. When you can't see her daddy's eyes and her daddy's forehead, then you see lots of mommy in her.

    I'm guessing YOUR mother sees lots of YOU in Bella's behaviors!