Saturday, March 11, 2006

I Love Short Things

Ninja Parking
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Short stories, short films, short people. Anyway, to find out if you have the same weird sense of humor as yours truly, go watch the 5-minute film, "A Ninja Pays Half My Rent," and take note of a.) IF you laugh, and b.)WHEN you laugh. That's important. I'm not going to give you any hints, because I want honest responses. I'm looking for my soulmates in stupidity out there.


  1. Well I didn't actually laugh, but I thought it was funny when the Ninja came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist.

  2. The syrup thing made me giggle out loud.

  3. I laughed out loud a few times - first was when they zipped the 1st roommate's bodybag. Also laughed at the towel. Haha!! But by far my favorite part was the syrup - I woke the dog up with that one. Heh.

  4. The guy grousing about how Animal Planet teaches kids to disrupt animals in their natural habitat . . . he was so indignant about it and didn't even realize that there was a deadly battle being waged in the room.

  5. Funny! I laughed when the 1st roommate's body bag was zipped up, when the syrup moved, and when the 3rd roommate was quickly accepted, with his cat. Thanks!

  6. Several laughs and one look of utter disgust.

    "Gimme something, dude!" when the roomate was hopping around with grapefruit giz in his eye. Funny. Bodybag. Funny. Ninja with towel around his waist, very funny. Pube on the soap, utter disgust look. Was the ninja playing with a "lite brite"? That's what it looked like.

    Anyway, animal planet rant...VERY funny.

    I liked it.


  7. Didn't laugh, but the funniest part for me was the very end. Thanks.

  8. Ooooh, Lizzie is tough. Do not play poker with her!

    OK, I busted out the first time when they zipped up that body bag because the roomie DIED OF GRAPEFRUIT TO THE EYE. For some reason, that got me. And I was already laughing because of his hystrionics about the grapefruit squirting his eye... and then it KILLED him.

    And yes, the syrup scene. I love ninjas.

    And the red ninja running through the room during the Animal Planet rant, "Oh, sure, just grab the snake and pull it out of the tree, that's what we teach the kids..."

    And the weak attempt at "no pets" at the end.

    But the syrup was the best.

  9. Laughed: the ninja with the light bright (sp?)

  10. I busted out laughing at the syrup, and then when the red Ninja was holding the fluffy kitty and the guy says "no pets, or whatever's good for you."

  11. I laughed when the ninja was listening to his pancake (after he passed the syrup). Gah!

  12. In case I ever need to pinch hit for Alex, it bodes well for me that you like short things.

  13. ellen--I kept asking Alex, "Is that a LITE-BRITE?"

    nora--I TOTALLY missed that part, and had to go watch it again, and laughed even harder!

    Mr. Fab--you have got to get some professional help. Because we love you.

  14. Syrup, towel, missing the deadly battle and "...or whatever's good for you..."