Thursday, March 16, 2006

I Have To Tell You This

My husband--the man I had assumed knew me? He came home last night and handed me a sheet of paper, and said, "Here, fill this out."

"This" was an empty bracket sheet for the NCAA basketball tournament. Like this. Seriously--he expected me to make picks, and fill out every single bracket for every game. He's known me for over 6 years. He was quite insistent, too. So it's official, he has the March Madness, which is apparently an actual sickness that can affect your brain. Just ask Ariel. HE thinks it's OK to check the due date of your first child against the dates of the tournament. Good thing he's a great guy.

Oh, the bracket sheet? I finally took it, and wrote "GONZAGA" in the center spot. Because I like the look of the word, "GONZAGA." And they won tonight, in what was apparently an upset. And they have this big ol' black-haired guy who whangs himself on the head, HARD, with the basketball...when something good happens.

This morning, Bella was her usual world-o-happiness toddler upon waking. She opened her eyes, smiled, then put her little arms around my neck and just snuggled.

Me: "I love this little girl so much."

Bella: "This little girl loves her mommy so so SO much."

Me: "You're the best girl ever."

Bella: "You're the best mom in the whole, big world."

Me: "Awww. Thank you."

Bella: "You're welcome. That makes you happy? You are happy?"

Me: "Yes. I am VERY happy. Are you happy?"

Bella: "Yes! I am!" (snuggle) "Mommy?"

Me: "Yes?"

Bella: "Daddy told me to pull his finger, and, and, I did, and he toooooted...and it was SOOOOO funny!"

It was one for the scrapbook, there for a while.

And in other news...Check back sometime this weekend for the dramatic "reveal" of the no-longer-pea-soup-green-hearth room.

And? If you wanna boost your traffic? Post and/or respond to a controversial topic involving dogs. The debate has raged on into the night; several of them, actually, and I think may have just now died a natural death a few posts down, at The Fussy Dog Spot. My advice? Scroll down and read Sue's and Caroline's comments, numbers 50 & 51, I think (the last ones, last I checked). They say everything I wish I'd said. And Sue? With the Girl Scout analogy? She's funny.

And FINALLY: When I tell you people that I have NINJA POODLES, you believe me, do you hear? Do you see the black blur in front of the baby pony, here? That, my friends, IS a Ninja Poodle, totally freaking out my camera's auto-focus. And it's just ONE of them. So there.


  1. I followed the doggy thing from Fussy to you, and then I gave up. You know me, Ms Puppy rescue foster mom. But I've never had any dog but a pure bred dog, even my rescue Irish Setters. And some day I'm getting one of those ninja poodles in the extra large size. You can count on me, baby!

    Oh, March Madness. YAWN

  2. March Madness, what is this "March Madness?" This is the third time I've heard of it now on a blog.. Time to hit google again.

  3. Ok, ok, I get it.. college football?!? Um yeah, I don't think we have that up here! I mean, yes, there's football, but COLLEGE football, with like cheerleaders and stuff.. umm. nope. not up here!

    Wow,I'm learing SO MUCH from all of you crazy Americans!

  4. I love the picture of the poodle flying by - when my dog does that, we call him Crazy Bobby, because he bounces off of everything.

    Apparently, men think it's fun to teach toddlers bodily function jokes - my husband did it with one of our friends daughters (taught her the pull my finger joke). I was SOOOOOO embarassed!

  5. i, too, pick march madness teams by which ever word i like the most.

    i almost went with gonzaga, but iona turned my head. it's probably all that Irish blood coursing through me that made me do it.

    and when does this basketball b.s. end exactly? sigh.

  6. When ever I see the "Gonzaga" I think or gorganzola cheese. To me it seems like a made up name for a school :)

    My alma matter actually made the division 3 NCAA tournament. Not that they made a big deal of it. Div 3, no one care about.

  7. I like filling out the brackets for March Madness cause I have a track record of picking more wins than hubby does and that irritates him! :-) I have Duke slated to win the whole thing this year. We'll see.

  8. We have serious March Madness here in Philly. Always do. Villanova is the team of hope this time. My beloved St Joes Hawks played awful this year; hence, no invite to the dance.

    That blur looks like half a poodle. Where's the other half?

  9. We had the game on last night too, as Kyle has apparently entered THREE March Madness pools. And on each sheet, he had picked Gonzaga to win last night.

    The big deal around here is that Air Force went to the dance. Tacy has a mini AF cheerleader uniform, so she put that on last night and danced around, alternately singing the Air Force Song and "Rich Girl" by Gwen Stefani.

    Do your Ninja Poodles come in extra small? I think the technical term is "teacup".

  10. What a way to end a cute conversation:o)

    Yep, you definitely have a ninja poodle problem at your house.

    I have left the dog debate, as I can only argue so long.

  11. Ok...I can't wait to see the room without the pea-soup color on the walls...

    You won't believe this but I have also been asked to fill out the bracket thingy...I and I will probably do better picking teams than those that supposed to know what they are doing...LOL

  12. Ug, March Madness. And it is soooo totally a "Madness" here. I'll just be glad when it's over.

  13. March Madness comes around more often than death and taxes. I have filled out those goofball "forms" for years and I am NEVER EVER even close to being right.

    However, in deference to m'hometown, I will say I was a little excited to pick up the paper this morning and see that George Washington U. scored an upset victory.

    We like "upsets," and "underdogs."

    Speaking of underdogs, Underdog's girlfriend's name was "Polly Purebred."

    (I am clearly free associating...)

  14. Well you know since I have three sports crazy sons and a sport crazy husband, I have been familiar with March Madness and the brackets for 34 yrs!

    I fill mine out going by the names and what feels good to write down. Many years I have won the poll at our house!

    For football I like to go by the helmets!

    Celena, it's college basketball, not football. Trust me, I know.

  15. Will the Ninja Poodles creep up on me and kill me in my sleep? Or are they friendly Ninja Poodles who only kill my enemies and lick my face?

  16. Margalit, We don't make 'em in the large size here, but we know where to get 'em, whether puppy or rescue. Just let me know when you're ready!

    Celena, poor dear, up too late waiting on her dishwater to cool...I love you.

    erin, we call 'em the ZOOMIES. And yeah, love the humor on the menfolk. Ha, ha.

    ally, it goes on and on into the next month! Championship game is April 3rd. And Arkansas is already out of it, so there went my interest, unless Alex convinces me to pull for some team for some sentimental reason. I do LIKE basketball, after all. Just not 24/7!

    leslie, I know!! I'm assuming it was named after someone? And you're right, they should cover the smaller divisions better. And women's sports. And give athletic-caliber scholarship money to physics majors. Right?

    melissa, Alex is going with UConn all the way. I've been listening with one ear.

    Maidink, I will root for Villanova! I like saying that, too! VILLANOVA.
    (And here is where we stop to explain to Celena that March Madness is also commonly referred to as "The Big Dance." And that poodle? That is some kind of maneuver in which he turns back upon himself at a full-tilt run, faster than a camera shutter can close.

    MGM--Air Force! I am from an Air Force town and had several friends at the Academy back in the day, including one that played basketball. (And--whispering--the term is "toy." There's no such thing as "teacup" in any breed. That's just a back-yard breeder/puppymill marketing tool.) We breed miniature poodles, which are 10-15" high at the shoulder. Above 15" is standard, and 10" and below is toy. That is realllly small! If you ever do want a toy poodle, I can point you in the right direction for a breeder or a rescue org. But YES, Ninja Poodles come in all varieties, and mine are certainly not the only ones. The term originated with a breeder-friend, and all my dogs come down from hers, so it's appropriate!

    kim, you did a fantastic job in the dog "fuss." Thanks. We are, at present, soundly outnumbered by ninjas poodles.

    donna, it is soooo pretty. Very warm and nice. And much better-quality painting, if I say it myself. I hope we get to start on the other house soon, because the extra payment is breaking our backs.

    Kari, We're out now, so that's that. And yes, of course you can get a ninja! Hee. anytime you want, email me and we'll talk. I don't have anything for a long time, but maybe I know people who do.

    zelda, GWU. OK. I'm keeping track of all these personal alliances, so I know when to be happy! (I thought it was "Pureheart")

    judy, I most definitely make football picks by uniform!

    QOS, they are wily creatures. They are your staunchest allies, and will never pose any threat to you unless you leave your credit card or car keys where they can get at them. It's also good to change your computer passwords *frequently.*

  17. My girlfriend is like your husband, Belinda. Totally into basketball. I'll watch a few games with her--mostly the ones with NC teams in them--but I just don't see the interest in the game.

    As for dogs--I've always loved poodles, Belinda. I grew up having at least 2 around. Largish miniatures or standards, never a toy or teacup. The ninja part is a bit hard to believe but I just love your header. What a great graphic!

  18. You'd have to live with a pack of them, I guess. It might be the group mentality that drives them to learn martial-arts moves and begin planning capers.

    I'm a "basketball brat," having grown up with parents who both played and one who coached, so it's a bit of a comfort to me. But I just can't stay interested in game after game after game. I need some kind of investment.

  19. I have March Madness too. Tarzan has it so bad he's got a fever. Actually, had Gonzaga lost, which they almost did, it would have been a huge upset. They were supposed to win the game they won. They're one of my favorite teams as they were a nobody & the Cinderella team a few years back.

    U C L A!

  20. Jane...I never woulda guessed!!!

  21. I just heard on the news that Gonzaga beat IU, so far so good!

  22. I'm just amazed it took your husband six years to hand you a bracket. It should do miracles for your communication, unity, date nights, etc. Of course, just choosing the Champion (it won't be Gonzaga, by the way :) is cheating. Hopefully your husband was able to let that go.

    For the record, Aidan has been enjoying some March Madness games with me already. We would have loved him just as much if he had arrived right in the middle of the Final Four. Well, almost as much. ;)

  23. Was that blur JT?

    Go Memphis Tigers!

  24. QUICK UPDATE: Must now root for George Mason University and GEORGETOWN University who will both be in the "Sweet Sixteen" round, George Mason for the first time!!

  25. bear won the superbowl pool at work which made everyone furious because it is widely known that he couldn't identify 3 football teams if he had 4 hints!