Thursday, March 02, 2006

How To Make A Mint In Pharmaceuticals

Two Words: Effexor Methadone.

I expect Wyeth to put it out anytime now; the Effexor antidote. First the drug that works great but is agony to discontinue, keeping people on it longer so they have to buy more. Then, when that scam is getting too much attention, BAM! Introduce "Effexoff," the drug that helps you get off Effexor without LOSING YOUR MIND.

Just a theory.


  1. Gosh, I'm so sorry to hear about all of this - does your doctor say these sideaffects are normal for getting off the drug?

    If you do create this effixoff, you'll be set for life, cause drugs in this country cost an arm and a leg!

    Sending you positive thoughts.

  2. VG--not really, but everyone who's ever discontinued it does! The boards at are full of Effexor withdrawal stories. Thanks for the thoughts--I'm off to see the doc right now!

  3. Long time lurker, first time commenter.

    I took my last dose of Effexor this past Sunday and the withdrawal is HORRIBLE! I feel like I've been drunk for four days. That was okay for the first few hours, but now it's annoying. I'm dizzy, lightheaded, and my stomach aches. I almost caused three accidents on my way to work one morning this week and I only have a 6 mile commute. If you live in Atlanta, you may want to look out for me on the road! I am only driving to and from work and that scares me to death to be doing that. I almost fell down the spiral staircase in my office, I'm walking into walls, etc. How long is this supposed to last?