Friday, March 31, 2006

Here Come Da' Suds!

No, NOT beer. The lovely soapy goodness. As mentioned in this post, a world away and a lifetime ago, the grab-boxes are being made up. Here's the deal, as established before (and at which I am now looking, and thinking, "WHAT were you thinking, woman?"):

What we normally sell at $5/bar will be approximately half that, with a flat shipping fee of $5 per package (even to Canada--I'm just that full of love!) You have the choice of:

Package A: At least 5-6 assorted bars, $20 plus $5 shipping. Click button BELOW for this package, even if it is WAY below:

Package B: At least 9-10 assorted bars, $30 plus $5 shipping. Click button BELOW for this package, even if it is WAY below:

Package C: At least 18-20 assorted bars, $40 plus $5 shipping. Click button BELOW for this package, even if it is WAY below:

Package A saves you $10, Package B saves you $20, and Package C saves you $60!!

UPDATE: If you don't do PayPal, feel free to email me and I'll let you know where to send a check or money order. ninjapoodles at gmail dot com.

How can I do it? No packaging or fussy labels for individual bars, for one thing. Heck, I don't even have a printer hooked up right now. And I won't be having to fill orders, but just packing random soaps willy-nilly into boxes and shipping! Bars will be wrapped in tissue paper, with one label for the whole lot. Also, do you know how HEAVY a box of soap is, and what a pain it will be to move it all?

Anyway, there it all is, your PayPal buttons for each package size, just click and go! If you'd rather send a check, just drop me an email and let me know.


  1. I would be all over this if there was a way to smell them ahead of time. Katie's sniffer is ubersensitive to perfume-y sorts of things. I can't even buy her perfume without her trying it first.

    Let's put it this way, she has a favorite candle from Yankee Candle and loves to buy it, but has to run in, grab it, pay for it, and run back out before she gets sick from the combination of scents that she encounters in the store.

    I wish the Web had scratch and sniff.

  2. eek, I just did it. I splurged on a super good deal. Thank you for the offer. I've been wanting to get some homemade soaps lately from a local store. My body skin is sensitive to perfumes, etc. but I thought we could just use them as hand soaps and then my bathroom would smell nice. Thanks Belinda!!

  3. digi--do not eat the soap. I don't think you would once you tried it. I've had a dog or two reach for a snack when something smelled tempting (like some chocolate truffle soap I did once), but they spit it out pretty quick.

    kevin--what is katie's one Yankee Candle? If I don't have that now, I can keep it in mind for the future. There is one fragrance supplier in particular who spends a good deal of resources duplicating YC fragrances.

    Nicole--I'll keep that in mind and pick yours carefully, maybe only throw in a couple of scented ones for decoration or whatever. I have plenty of unscented, because *I* am sensitive to perfumes in skin products. I make my own lotion, too, but I'm not sure yet if I want to market that. Maybe just some whipped body butters instead.

  4. Ooh, I'm so excited. I'm sure they'll be wonderful. Thanks! I love getting presents (even if I order them for myself) in the mail.

  5. Belinda I've sent you two emails about this over the last couple of months and haven't heard anything back from you. Is AOL playing games again?

  6. I'm being swamped with email, and missing things, and possibly accidentally deleting things I shouldn't in my desperate frenzy to clean up. I'll check back through looking for your email address.

    For everyone: Alternate email address for me is ninjapoodles at gmail dot com. Stuff there is archived forever, so no chance of it getting deleted, at least...

  7. Is there a way to order without using Paypal??

  8. Hi, Belinda, thanks for your comment on my blog about soapmaking. Just wanted to let you know I've updated it with part 2 in case you're interested.

  9. YES--anyone who wants to send a check or money order, just email me for the address. ninjapoodles at gmail dot com.

    We just cleared out most of it from the other house tonight, and there is some WONDERFUL stuff I'd forgotten all about!

  10. Love your soap. Put in for a small box to be shipped to my office :)

  11. Where's the pictures? I want to *see*.

  12. The soap! There's big gaps between each package and I figured that was where the pictures went.

  13. hello again!
    just inquiring about when the soap was going out? can't wait to get it...
    they sound lovely.and glad you got andrea pratt paintings too!
    let me know when you shipped...