Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hellcat Update

As I mentioned yesterday, Alex successfully trapped a cat on the back porch of the old house. That it was the wrong cat was unexpected, and a little funny for us, but not for the cat we caught, who has since been returned and released, and as I understand it, took off like his tail was lit for parts unknown. Can't say as I blame him. Maybe Alex will tell you all about it, if he ever posts anything on his own site ever, ever again.

So we're going to re-bait the trap again tonight hoping for our own sweet Buddy, the semi-feral but very nice barn cat. And when I say "we," I of course mean "Alex." I think I'll send a picture along with him next time, so he can check it against the contents of the trap. A refresher--this is Buddy, sweetly meowing at me:
And this is what Alex brought home last night. He is NOT meowing sweetly at me; he's thinking just how much he is going to enjoy eating my liver when he finally figures out how to get loose from his mackerelicious prison cell:Seriously--does that look not convey, "I gon' cut you!" in felinese?


  1. Yes, kitty in cage looks a might bit miffed. Not an animal to cuddle.

    Is it my imagination or in the first picture, does kitty have his paw raised ready to strike?

    Word verification: firuca

    I like that word. I think I'll keep it. I'll figure a definition later.

  2. Good eye--I had actually JUST missed a huge leap at cage, strike and hiss, because it startled me so that I only clicked the shutter as I fell backward!

    I think Firuca was the "good twin" of Verucca Salt of Willy Wonka fame. Hee, hee.

  3. Oh wow, that is one MEAN looking cat!

  4. ::snicker:: Oh yeeesss, that is a p*ssed kitty! I've dealt with similar ones volunteering at the Humane Society.
    Shelter Manager:"Missy, put him in a cage for me while I do the paperwork."
    ::background "Exorcist type noises" coming from Trapped Cat::
    Moi:"You want me to TOUCH it!? That facial expression positively screams "I'ma shank you, bizatch!" Can't we just drop some kibble and a couple roofies through the bars for now?"
    I have scars for my loyalty to the place. But they're fading nicely. ;o)

  5. That is the face of a ferel cat who is petrified. He's just defending himself against the mean man who put him in a trap. I'm glad you let him go. He doesn't look like Buddy at all. Buddy has a much more triangular face. But I must say, for a ferel cat, he is quite the chubster. You must be breeding some juicy mice out there in Arkansas.

    Speaking of which, Worthless Pet killed a mouse sometime last last night and left it UNDER the rug in the front hall. Mary, our cleaning lady, found it this presend and almost had heart failure. We had to wait for the Boy to come home from school to dispose of it, because we're girls and we don't do stuff like that!

  6. Yep. He gonna mess you up!

    My twin has a blog? Why have you kept this from me? :)

  7. Feral cat, feral cat... what are they feeding you?
    Feral cat, feral cat... it's not your fault!

  8. Celena--He was pretty scared, being trapped and all, but yeah; he was scary, too.

    melissa--if he had been trapped HERE, at the new place, we probably would have done a "neuter and release" thing (IF he was a "he" and IF he was intact), but I'm with you; he'd have been trasnported directly to the vet and doped up big-time before I dealt with him. That's an interesting thought--I never considered how vets handle wild "trap and release" cats on a regular basis.

    margalit--to give us a break, it's a lot easier to tell them apart side by side. When Alex got him over here, I had to really look hard. The first thing I thought was that this cat had more yellow tones to his coat, where Buddy is all dirty-grey looking. And the chubbier look, and although this one was in the trap, he appeared to have shorter legs than Buddy. Seriously: I've known Buddy for 10 years--not on a curled up in your lap purring basis (my nose is getting itchy just thinking about that), but a daily "Hey, how're you today? Want some food?" basis, and it took me a good 5 minutes to decide this wasn't him. Of course, there was the hissing and spitting, but I didn't know how much the trauma of being trapped might upset even the nicest cat, and we'd never done anything to tick Buddy off before, so who knew how he'd act in that position? We may have to trap some ferals HERE, too, and I am not looking forward to it. We haven't seen them much since the dogs moved in, though, so maybe that's a problem solved.

    WP probably went back looking for the treat he'd saved under the rug, and was very disappointed.

    dave--we fed him an entire can of disgusting Jack mackerel. And you know what, now that you mention it? He DID stink. Buddy doesn't stink. I want Buddy back.

  9. Oh no..now there's two Melissa's? How will you ever distinguish us?

  10. melissa--don't worry. *I* can tell!

  11. Yeah, we call that cat-experssion "anvil head" here in the matic household--mostly because it looks like an anvil is sitting squarely between the kitty's ears. If he's feral, he's dealt with worse than being in a trap--probably he was more embarassed than anything!

  12. Oh, man. Just when the neighbors constantly barking dogs were starting to make me warm to the idea of "cats," you post this picture.


  13. Yes, he wants to cut you. I love it when people come in and say "I caught this cat in a trap, can you examine him?". Sure, let me put on the gloves, get out the catch pole and load the syringe, we'll be right in.

    My sister and I have had to get some wild ones out. We try to hang on to one end while my dad grabs the rear and gives them a shot, then they are such nice kitties to work with after that:o)

    Thankfully, that does not happen too often. Most of the mean cats we deal with are just plain nasty and spoiled rotten.

  14. Kim...I would be useless in that situation. I would be Marlin Perkins to your Jim. "While Kim wrestles the rabid puma, I will observe from behind this lead shield, with my binoculars..."

    Pat--you'd love Buddy. Just kind of minds his own, and asks about your day. I want to find him!

    stefanie--you are killing me with the apropos words and phrases today. "Anvil Head" indeed!

  15. Watch the dogs and small children, that cat will be back to settle a blood debt. He has been shamed among his kind and must redeem himself.

  16. That thing looks like one pissed off lynx. At least in the first picture with him pawing at the cage.

  17. WOW, now that looks like evil on four paws! Makes me feel a little better about our crazy cat tale yesterday - which I've yet to post.

    It took me a day to finally ger over here and read this but I did. LOL.