Saturday, March 04, 2006

Happy Zookeeper Mommy Day!

Happy Birthday, Celena!

I wish I could bring you some Hummingbird Cake and lots of other Southern goodies. I wish I could help you with your house (although, since I also wish YOU could help me with MINE, I'm not sure that counts as altruism in its purest form). Most of all, I wish you love, happiness, lemon pies and birthday snogging with ZKD followed by birthday snuggles from THE most expressive baby on the earth, ZKB.

Happy, happy, Girlie! My gift shall be arriving as soon as weather allows!


  1. Awww thank you!! You're great!! Hummingbird cake?!? sounds yummy! And, yes, I wish I could have some birthday snogging with ZKD too, but alas, he has gone fishing! *sigh*

    I can't wait for my little snugglepuppy though! The weather is getting better every day!

    Thanks again for the birthday wishes!

  2. Hey, Miss Fancy Pants! Look at you! Are you holding out on me or just forcing me to work harder to catch up? Not. Gonna. Happen.

    Wait, I could have whined that a little better:
    Naaaahhhht. Gonna. Haaaahhhppppen.

  3. Not sure why I said Happy B-day on your site...I meant to post that on Celena's site. LOL. Pregnancy brain.

  4. There are houses in Arkansas? I had always envisioned miles and miles of refrigerator cartons, bathing in the crick, and a LOT of bestiality.

    That's what they told me at AAA, anyway.

  5. I think your blog roll is bigger than mine. Now I have to have an operation...

  6. Mr. Fabulous, I think you're confusing AAA with AA again.

  7. Mr. Fabulous, I think you're confusing AAA with AA again.

  8. Nice, Mr. Fabulous!

    I, too, love Celena, and found her through your blogroll, Belinda, so thanks!