Thursday, March 23, 2006

Happy Birthday To Dave, And Many Happy Returns To Bad Monkey.

Today is Dave Simmer's birthday. Insofar as he regularly displays awesomeness of the highest caliber, do stop over at his place and leave a felicitous comment (or a solicitous one; you never know what he's up for) in honor of this most auspicious event. Somehow I am shocked that he is even half a year older than me, but I am not surprised at the excellent DaveToon he has offered up today as his gift to you. Really, it's a must-see if you are a Blogography fan. And if you're not, well...why do you even have a computer? Seriously! It might as well be a big, unweildy, non-Bad-Monkey-lovin' paperweight! Sheesh.

Anyway, gaze with wonder at my own personal DaveToon, a rendition of our very own Reggie, from his show days, in full drag:I love DaveToon Reggie, even if he is brown instead of blue, and has no paws (I don't know where they went in the photo, either). Simply put, Dave rocks. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAVE!


  1. Dave and I share a birthday! Well assuming that you mean today as Friday the 24th since it is past midnight.

  2. I am not familiar with thie Dave you speak of, but I will seek him out...

  3. Do you really think that shot of Liz is a gift to us so much as it is a gift to himself?

    How did you do the outline work on the pic of your ninja? I've been trying to figure out an easy way to "animate" some of the stuff I've done.

  4. Tag! You're it!

  5. I wished him a happy bday today. I never woulda thought he was the big four-oh.

    And I just got my Bad Monkey shirt on Saturday. WOOHOOOO!! :)

  6. I LOVE DaveToon Reggie! That is AWESOME!

  7. I think today's Toon was the funniest I've ever seen. I had tears in my eyes and both kids were laughing right along with me. I can't believe he's 40. I'd have guessed 19, tops. Oh, that's MENTAL age.

  8. I have been catching up with your new Flower Pot "hearth room"! Bella reminds me a LOT of her determination another word for stubborn? I love it.

  9. digi, Happy Birthday, my friend! I had no idea that TWO of my favorite bloggy people were born today. But you are *younger* than me, and so I must look at you askance now! ;-)

    Mr. Fab, have I steered you wrong yet? Seriously. Dave2 is the stuff.

    kevin, yeah, but Zombie Dave dispatching Jared? That was just a civic service. Not that I in any way endorse the death-by-zombie of Jared the Subway guy. Not at all. And if you're asking me, I don't do no computer-arty stuff. Sheryl at did the banner.

    crystal, OK, I'll be over!

    chase, in quality, the Bad Monkey shirt is the best of the blogger shirts I have. The other places should use Hanes Beefy-Ts!

    elizabeth, I KNOW! Cool, eh?

    margalit...I think he admits to a cognitive age of 12. Whatever, it works for me!

    donna, yes. We live on euphemisms.