Friday, March 03, 2006

Gotta Love Him...I Mean, Really--It Was In The Vows, Right?

Alex's response to my relating to him the story I told you two posts down: When I get to the part where Bella says, "...three, four, FIVE hands..." he quickly says...

wait for it...

"That's all?"

Seriously. That's what he said. And yet, still he breathes, and walks the earth. If I don't love him, I can't explain this phenomenon. But everyone should probably be praying for him today, just in case.

And now that you're done laughing at my expense (you know you are, Mr. Fabulous, you appliance defiler, so shut up), please go make with the clicky-clicky for fellow Arkansan (there are so few of us blogging!)and renter of my blog, Annette. She has less than one day left here, so let's make it memorable, shall we?


  1. Defiler?

    Oh, how little you know. The love between a man and his dream refrigerator is a love more pure and beautiful than any other. It is a love that you could never understand...

    Ask your husband.

  2. You're a better woman than I am. I'd have killed him.

  3. After the birth of my first son, I was lamenting the loss of my figure... My (now ex-)husband said, "But honey, you're not fat. You're just wide."


  4. "That's all?" OMG.

    Ah, the healing power of love.

  5. Mr. Fab--his infatuation is more with power tools than appliances...unless the appliances have screen and/or speakers, and miles and miles of wire and cable.

    revenge--nah, you wouldn't. His charm, it is fatal! He immdeiately recovered with a "What? Is that all she SAID?" and then I laughed, and...well, once I laugh, it's too late. He's gotten away with it.

    WWK--*snort* "Wide?" What does that mean? You got skinny when you turned sideways, like Gumby? Too much. have one of these, too, don't you? Can't say I'd trade him for anything!

  6. Sorry, but I would have killed him right then and there.

    The last sound he would have heard on this Earth would have been the whistling of said death object be hurled at his head.

  7.! Thanks for all the visitors, they even left comments!

  8. I had never read "Mr. Fabulous", now I'm hooked. Thanks Belinda!