Thursday, March 02, 2006


With submissions from the Showdogs List, Poodle Support Group, Pointer List, Whippet List, the pet forum, and others, I have been collecting "flying dog" photos. The general guidelines were simple: Photos of dogs "airborne," in any setting. Check it out, there are some fun photos!



  1. Me too. I can't believe the AIR that dog is getting while negotiating the weave poles! Her owner tells me that she consistently comes in around 15 seconds under course-time, which is, um, HUGE.

  2. Belinda, do you ever sleep?

    By the way, great pictures - I looked at your flickr site, and it made me want to do agility SO MUCH.

  3. I'm with Erin, I think you get less sleep than I do...

    So your over at my blog denigrating my appliance humping lifestyle (we're people TOO, ya know!) and yet here you are collecting pictures of flying dogs?

    Just wait. The day will come when I will find myself in your neck of the woods, looking up my long lost brother (you know who I'm talking about) and do you know what that will mean?

    A picture in the local newspaper of he and I enjoying a three-way with that fridge at Home Depot!

    Good times.

  4. Erin--I don't, lately. Not tonight, anyway. I imagine I'll catch up tomorrow. Agility is great fun, and I haven't done any in competition since Cappy got his NA, back when it was soooo easy to title.

    Mr. Fab. I cannot believe you just said that AS I WAS POSTING ABOUT YOU HERE. When do YOU sleep? Yes, there is some misbegotten psychic connection between our families. I fear for my future. Where is your wife? We should probably talk.

  5. I loved all the photos. I have a Jack Russell terrier who's usually airborne but she's so hyper that I can almost never get a picture of her.

  6. I have a greyhound and I swear there's nothing cooler than watching them run! Mine has been retired for 4 years, but still absolutely LOVES to run laps in the backyard (even though she has slowed quite a bit). Great photos!

  7. You should see that dog (Brown SP) retrieve a duck and hit the water. She is a brown clown, even in a show coat.