Monday, March 13, 2006

Chase My Tenant!!

See how funny that is, when I leave out a comma in the title? A double-meaning! Ha-HAA, I am clever! But not as clever as she, so give her a click over there, and visit her site. Why, RIGHT NOW she has thrilling tales of airplane and helicopter flying AND terrifying chemical hazards!! Here is what she has to say about "her own self," as we say down here in Arkansas and Oklahoma:

"I'm Chase and I live in Oklahoma (yeah, I know). I'm 30-years-old, have a gaggle of wild beagles, and have an addiction to both coffee and sweet wines. (I can slur really quickly!) I love writing, reading, people-watching, and wasting every ounce of time I have on the internet. If you're reading, please comment - I'm a shameless attention whore."

And she totally IS! And she's a master-painter, too, and unfortunately just far enough away from me geographically so as not to be able to come and help me, and just close enough to me geographically to make the distance palpable and painful. (All you Canadians are probably looking at a map and saying to yourselves, "What? They're right slap next to each other!") So go see her, and browse back through her archives. You won't be sorry. Have I steered you wrong yet? Have I? (OK, maybe when I made fun of Mike Brown when, it turns out, he really DID warn the administration about Katrina ahead of time and they just ignored him--what a surprise--but other than that?)


  1. Funny -- there's your adorable daughter 'showing' one of your dogs, and here's a post on Chase (heading over right after this, I promise!). Why? Because this past weekend the Best in Show at Crufts (UK Westminster equivalent for those who don't know -- not you Belinda! :) was an Australian Shepherd (yay!) named CHASE who comes from the same (Canadian) breeder as my Aussie, Zappa's, best buddy.

  2. Haha!! You're fantastic! And soooo, soooo clever! ;)

    Thanks for the lovely intro! And the surprise picture. DANG I'm hot. Har har! :D


  3. Andrea, I know!! Man, a win at Crufts...I can't even imagine. Of course, I'll never have the money, so it doesn't matter, but still. To further the Westminster/Crufts comparison, Westminster is generally one of the biggest shows, if not the biggest, in this country, with an entry of around 2,500 dogs. Crufts has an average entry of over 25,000. (Cut me some slack on the statistics, cuz I'm not looking it up right now.)

    Chase, yes, you are SO hot. And I SO wished you were here today as I was perched on my toes atop my kitchen sink trying to paint the area above the cabinets. I'd have sold you out and sent you up there in a heartbeat.

  4. i love her already and i haven't even visited yet.

  5. Belinda! I'm going to lecture you now. USE A LADDER! Shame on you - you could have hurt yourself. That said, I would have stood on the sink, too. Heh.

    You shoulda emailed me - I played hooky from work today and didn't do a DAMN thing. I woulda come to help you. :)

  6. OK, here's the deal about the ladder, and why I wasn't on it (it WAS right there, I swear): In its nice, safe 'A' form, at the longest reach of my arm, my brush was still a good 10 inches from reaching the wall atop the cabinets. Also, the cabinets are the kind that are meant to have decorative doodads adorning the tops of them, so they have this delicate, ornamental "railing" all along the top. No way I could have leaned a ladder against the cabinets without damaging them.

    So, there I was, between a rock and a hard place, clinging by my toes to the edge of the sink while cranking my head sideways at a totally unnatural angle, painting that foot-wide strip of wall as quickly as I could!

    It truly was an "America's Funniest Home Videos" moment waiting to happen. I'm really hoping one coat does the trick, so I don't have to go back up there, but since it went over dark purple, I'm not holding my breath.

  7. Belinda, my darling. I shall never admonish you for not using a ladder. Nor will I get all riled up in the Puppygate 2006.

    I shall save all my angst for the fact that I have yet to have my own picture and post and lovefest devoted entirely to me, though I have found myself deeply enamored of you. No matter.

    I'll take the BlogLove elsewhere.

  8. But the key is that she is a gracious attention whore. You shower her, she showers you. Reciprocal whoring. Gotta love it.

  9. FINE Belinda...I forgive you this once. Those spaces above cabinets are kinda tricky, I admit.

    And watch out for that Kevin guy - he's trouble!! ;)

  10. mochaaaaaaa--(don't know why I can't stop doing that) Don't you see? She PAID ME. No, but seriously, in that rent thang, I only rent to people I already read, just so ya know. I am not without scruples in my selling out. I'm gonna stop doing it soon (the rent thing, not the whoring), and then it will be all just unmitigated bloggy love. And hey, is TWO spots on the blogroll not enough for you? Ingrate.

    kevin--there's another of those phrases that I have to wonder if has ever been used before. "Reciprocal whoring." And it goes deeper than that. I whored YOU because DAVE whored you. Or rather, Dave whored you, I read you, was mightily impressed and entertained, and THEN I whored you. Goober.

    Chase--today I have to take down big ol' wooden shutters. Or perhaps I shall work on another color in the room and wait until hubby gets home. Hmmmmmm.It sounds horrendous, but there are going to be 3 different colors in the hearthroom. I swear it will be pretty.

  11. OK, I'll check her out on your say so. As far as I know, you haven't lied to me yet...