Saturday, February 18, 2006

What The Ice Storm Bringeth

We knew we had an ice storm coming, so we prepared accordingly. We got as much work done at the "other" house as we could, and got in ample supplies for the horses before dark yesterday. And yes, we were iced in this morning. I kept having a funny feeling, and peering out the windows, looking for Magic the pony, who was due to foal 8 days ago. Kept not seeing her. I put on Alex's Carhartt jacket (good GOSH those things are warm!) over my pajama pants and t-shirt and called to Alex, "I'm suitin' up!" He asked, "Where are you going?" and I just vaguely answered, "I have a feeling..."

Sure enough, as I headed up the driveway, all the horses appeared, and made their way down toward me. But no Magic. Now I KNEW. Went into the pasture, and started a climb up the icy hill that I knew was fertile ground for one of those video clip shows where you laugh at people getting horribly injured. Got up to the very top, and finally found her, and her little surprise.It's a filly (a girl), and appears to be a black & white pinto (spotted). At least in Arabians, this mousy-brown-gray color at birth gives way to black, and with a black mother and a chestnut pinto father, I would expect black, bay, or chestnut, and this doesn't look like bay or chestnut.

Magic was very smart to find a huge pile of leaves that had "drifted" up against the fence, to make a more hospitable environment for her baby than all that hard, cold ice. But I wanted to move them somewhere even more comfy, so tucked the camera into the inside pocket of Alex's wonderful jacket, picked up the baby and headed down the icy hill, again thinking it was too bad no one had a video camera going.

Apparently, Magic missed this somehow, and flew into a panic searching for her suddenly missing baby. I called and called, but she was beside herself. So I set the baby down on the driveway, and headed for the house to enlist the help of my husband. Tiny little newborn feet clip-clopped along right behind me as I went. I stepped a few feet into the house, called Alex, and shed his jacket so he could have it, because I was way past warmed up by then. By the time he got into the room, the little toot of a baby pony had actually followed me into the house. Long story short, I turned the foal-totin' over to Alex, and we did finally get Mom and Baby reunited, and snugly bedded down in what used to be a puppymiller's "OB Ward." What was once a sad little outdoor holding cell for dogs and puppies became a perfectly down-sized "barn" for a pony and child. A good, wholesome "cleansing."More pictures are up on this flickr page.


  1. What a gorgeous little filly! How funny that she followed you into your house. I'm glad you weathered the storm just fine.

  2. why am i crying? i am crying.

    i want to cuddle that pony so badly i could DIE!

    awww. cute and wonderful. magical. :-)

  3. Awww! I love that she followed you in! I being the foal-crazed freak that I am, would have probably tried to bring baby into the house with me anyway! What's her name?

  4. Belinda, I liked it when you told me in our phone conversation earlier today that if I wondered whether anything could be cuter than a Shetland pony, the answer was "Yes. A baby Shetland pony!"

    As with all your farm babies, this one needs a special name. One related to the weather conditions Magic chose in which to deliver.

  5. That is so cute! I'm glad you got a shot of her following you into the house! How awesome is that?!

  6. I think your mom is right. She's definately a baby icicle. And the cutest thing I've ever laid eyes on. Puppies. feh! That pic of her in your front hall is priceless. I hope you're going to keep her because there is just no way you could let that adorable little filly go live someplace else. Hence the reason I'm no a breeder of any animals!

  7. She is adorable. The mini that we have was born on my birthday and I held her the same day. She was raised with a 2 yr old and would go in the house with her and follow everyone around. She loves to be with us and hangs out like a dog. Have fun with her and I like the icicle theme, but anything ice is such a cold name, maybe something more for a little girl like winter princess or snowpop. I will think of some more.

  8. Just beautiful. What a great story! Welcome little foal.

  9. Oh my goodness!! She is beautiful!

    My sister would love reading your blog. She owns horses and such, and is addicted to everything horse related!


  10. Oh, the cuteness is so intense it almost hurts.

    I agree she needs a special name, but, aside from the weather, she is special in another way: she is the first baby born on your new homestead. I think the name might reflect that--maybe Prima?

    Of course, this is, technically, Isabella's foal, which would give her naming rights, or at least final approval. Fuzzy? Spot?

  11. She's beautiful!!! Congrats to all!

  12. Okay, I have another name, Dreamsicle (that was my mom's idea). I sent her to look at the pictures, as she has a couple ponies that pull her cart.

  13. I want a pony! Can I have one? Can I, please?

  14. Horses are great.

    Why is it that I'm always most touched by the horse stories on Animal Cops?

  15. I was talking to a vet friend today and she said that spring calves are always born on the coldest, worst weather day of the week! Her husband (also a vet) has been busy delivering calves since the weather here turned from a wonderful 60 degrees back to 6 degrees. Seems this must also be true for horses.

    Glad Magic and baby are doing well. Loved the photo of the filly in the house and how the "holding cell" is now a place of happiness.

  16. What a wonderful story...made me teary as well! Congrats on a happy healthy new baby!

  17. So cute! Oh i want one! You have way too much baby animal cuteness going on over there at chez ninja!

  18. Great story and pics! Such a beautiful foal, but she needs a name!

  19. erin--that little filly was so confused at first, I think she would have imprinted on anything!

    JenB--In person? You would EXPLODE.

    Mom--you gotta come up with something...we'll have to wait and see what color she turns out to be. It could be chestnut (roan?) but I'm thinking black.

    celena--the only other equine who's been inside my house is Misha, at the old place. Just clomped right into the kitchen one day with his big ol' self when I had the door open. Love that horse.

    margalit--You've hit on the heart of the most difficult part of breeding: You can't keep 'em all!

    Kim--what is a snowpop? I like that.

    Michelle, kat, Busy Mom, WTC and Jody--thanks. The cuteness is positively lethal.

    Sue--Bella is not the most original with names. Her only suggestion thus far is "Misha." Which is, of course, kinda taken.

    Kim--Dreamsicle would be great if she turns out chestnut/white!

    Mr. Fab--Come on down, with as big a trailer as you can haul, and I will fill it up. We can't support all these horses on this property like we could at the other place!

    Dan--me, too. I think it is that they are so big and powerful, and at the same time so fragile and completely at our mercy for their good care.

    Judy--for prey animals, to give birth in a storm is pretty smart strategy, because the predators won't be out while the mom and baby are at their most vulnerable. I don't know about cows, but horses have the ability to shorten or prolong their pregnancies but a month or slightly more either way. It can be maddening, because "due dates" have little meaning!

    jess--we have way too much *animal*, period, going on here!!

    miz--we're working on it!